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Nature Blinds Tree Blind

$3,995.00 $3,795.00


Hero Tree Blind

Tired of the ineffective blinds used to hunt in Texas, Hollywood Special Effects Creator, Tim Thomason opted to do something about it and came up with a design of what would look like a real tree stump and hence be more effective for hunting. His prototype had enough space for two hunters to stand upright; he also crafted it with scent-blockers to address recognition concerns and ample insulation/venting to keep the blind cool in summer and warm in winter. He would later setup a company in Kerrville, Texas, called Nature Blinds.

Clint Fiore, Vice President of Business Development for Nature Blinds, discussing what led Thomason to makeup the design, “He hated the blinds he was tucked when they hunted deer out in Texas. He told me he became frustrated because he’d always feel the deer looking right at him while he was in the blinds.”

Thomason built the first prototype right in his basement using ABS plastic and high-density foam – similar to those used for building realistic-looking rocks at theme parks like Disneyworld. Nature Blind products are waterproof, UV resistant and handcrafted from close-cell materials, detailed to resemble a tree bark and estimated to last at least 15 years. Through the stand are multiple tinted Plexiglass windows covering a 360 degree angle, each recessed into the bark with see-through camouflage covering them to make it possible to see out but not in.

See a demonstration of the product in the promotional video above. 

Blinds go for $3,995 and sales have been phenomenal since the products’ launch claimed Fiore. “We currently have a six-week back order while one of our dealers in Alabama says he has recorded an average of one-per-day sale in the past month.”

The TreeBlind by Nature Blinds appears just like a real tree and has fast become the hottest ground blind on the market. One dealer reports; “Its less than a month now since we started selling the blinds and we have sold 25 of them already. It is a giant leap in technology, one hunters have long awaited.”

With a strong passion for hunting and background in professional set design, Tim Thomason had made hunting better after being busted one too many times himself, in poorly made blinds. He took high-tech materials familiar with those of Hollywood and theme park worlds to make a durable, lightweight, fully insulated, weatherproof, scent-proof and soundproof masterpiece that looks and feels so real a deer might rub its back on it, while you’re inside.

The Hero TreeBlind features include:

  • One-Way View Windows: You can see through from inside but can’t see in from outside.
  • Silent Window Operation: The windows are setup with a magnetic pulley system that allows opening and closing without a sound.
  • Bow or Rifle Compatible: Roomy enough to fully draw a bow, while inside the blind even with a guide or cameraman.
  • Blacked-Out Interior: Even when the windows are open, hunters are successfully hidden in the deep shadows.
  • Six Windows: Gives a 360-degree view. The upgrade is an eight-window filming version.
  • UV Safe: Material is hand painted to details and is permanently color impregnated with a 15 year UV lifespan.
  • Fully Insulated: The 4′ thick closed-cell foam-core walls renders it insulated. Therefore it is cool out in the summer and warm in winter.
  • Locking Door: Doors to keep critters and people out when needed.
  • Fully Carpeted Floor: Cozy and comfy.
  • Drainage System: Roof and windows have a minor drainage system to prevent water accumulation.
  • Integrated Stake: Blinds can be fastened to the ground through down Holes Built into the body.
  • Lightweight: Weighs 320 pounds.
  • Hidden Dome Roof: Roof strong enough even to support snow loads with ease.
  • Durable: Similar to the major theme park installations, the blinds are made to last decades.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 hunters

Hero Product Details

  • 360° viewing
  • Real bark texture surface
  • 3/4′ walls for increased sound and scent reduction
  • Fully enclosed and lockable
  • Weight: 320 lbs.
  • Exterior Height: 7.33’; Exterior Diameter: 6.4′
  • Interior Height: 6.5′; Interior Diameter: 5.6′
  • Average Winter Temp. Difference: +31°F Warmer
  • Average Summer Temp. Difference: -16°F Cooler
  • Technical Information