Kodiak Bear Hunts

Posted on Oct 10, 2016 by Rick

Kodiak Bear Hunts

kodiak-bear-hunt-costKodiak Bear hunts are the #1 item on every bear hunter’s bucket list. These giants exist somewhere on the border between reality and legend: monstrous predators found only on a single island chain in the frozen north, they seem more like something you’d read about than something you’d actually hunt. For many hunters, matching wits with these beasts turns fantasy into reality.

Surprisingly, Kodiak bears are not the most challenging to take down. Make no mistake—they are exceptionally tough and will get away if you do anything less than hit them in the vitals with the biggest gun you can handle—but their island environment makes them easier to find than the smaller browns on the vast mainland.

The extreme competition and the limited number of tags also ensures that only the best outfitters last long here. Our recommended Kodiak bear outfitters have proven this by achieving 100% success rates for five consecutive years. If you can get to Kodiak Island with them, you’re practically guaranteed to take home one of your best trophies ever.

The main challenge is getting an opportunity to hunt there.

The Alaskan government takes conservation very seriously, and has numerous laws in place to protect both the animals and the quality of trophies for future generations of hunters. Nonresident hunters have to work with outfitters, and there are special limitations on hunt duration. You also have to draw a tag.

In order to hunt bears on Kodiak Island, hunters must have the fortune both to afford the rates charged by outfitters and to draw a tag. They also need patience: with long waitlists, it is often necessary to book a hunt one or two years in advance.

kodiak-island-bear-huntThese obstacles may be a lot to work through, but they do keep Kodiak bears plentiful, and they allow them to grow to the enormous sizes for which they are famous. The result is that you will find the big bears that you are looking for if you are willing to stick out the process. That reward certainly justifies the effort.

When you book your hunt with Global Sporting Safaris, you’ll have us there to help you through all of this.

The first advantage comes when dealing with the draw. If you do not receive a tag, you won’t have to worry about having your four-figure deposit go to waste. You’ll have the option to claim a refund or simply enter for the next season (or one further in the future).

We will also help you through the application process and make sure you don’t get lost in the paperwork. We want to make this process as simple as possible for you and give you an edge over the other hunters.

If you have other worries about Kodiak bear hunts, we have the solutions for those, too. If you’re worried about an act of God preventing you from going on your trip, trip cancellation insurance can be a lifesaver. If you are afraid you might need a literal lifesaver, there are also services that will fly in and rescue you in the field.

Kodiak bear hunts may not be the easiest hunts to book, but they certainly are among the greatest experiences Alaska has to offer. We strongly recommend making the effort to cross this item off your list. Just get in touch with Derek Amadio at 888-850-4868, Extension 705 and he’ll get you started today!

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