Wyoming Archery Antelope Hunting starting at $1,195

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Wyoming Antelope Hunting

Wyoming is World renowned for its fantastic opportunities for pronghorn hunting. Archery hunters in particular have more opportunities than ever before with a 45-Day extended seasons prior to the rifle season.  This land owner is offering hunting access for the first time exclusively to Global Sporting Safaris.  Clients will hunt on parcels in size from 85 to 300+ acres of private and landlocked federal lands surrounded by some of the largest ranches in Natrona County, Wyoming.

Antelope Hunting in Wyoming

This landowner’s pronghorn hunting trips for bow hunters last five days. Due to the pronghorn’s flighty nature and the difficulty of closing in on them in the wide-open spaces they call home, these hunts are performed from permanent or pop-up blinds positioned over waterholes in some of the best locations of the ranch. As an unguided hunt, you’ll spend all of the hunt alone.  The land owner will show you the property and locations of the blinds. With no distractions, you’ll be able to focus entirely on picking your trophy and taking the shot.  The land owner will also give you a map to local meat processors and taxidermists if you wish.

Pronghorn Hunting Archery Season

The Pronghorn Archery hunting season usually starts August 15th and goes through the end of September giving the archery a 45 day season.  The rifle season is usually the first two weeks of October and in most years ends on the 14th.

Mule Deer Hunting Archery Season

The Wyoming Mule Deer Archery hunting season usually starts September 1st and goes through the end of September.  The rifle season is usually the first two weeks of October and in most years ends on the 14th.  To preserve the resource, we will only sell one Pronghorn/Mule deer combo hunt per year.  These hunts must take place in September as the Mule deer archery season is not open till September 1, two weeks after the start of the archery Pronghorn hunting season.

Wyoming Mule Deer HuntingTrophy Quality

The Pronghorn Antelope is this area of the state have more mass than length.  You can reasonable expect to see antelope in the high 60’s to mid-70’s with the occasional buck scoring even higher.  The second largest Wyoming state record Pronghorn (a staggering 90 incher) was harvested about 15-20 miles from where you will be hunting.  The Rocky Mountain Mule deer in this area will be in the 135 to 160 area with the possibility of 170.

Tags, Area & Wyoming Preference Points

Lars B. – Denmark. October 2016

The land you will be hunting falls under Area 25 for Pronghorn antelope and Area 22 for Mule deer.  In most cases you can draw your tag the first year as most of this area is private land with difficult public access. For the 2016 season, the Wyoming Non-resident Pronghorn tag was $272 and the Mule deer tag was $312 and both tags were subject to a $14 application fee and a $12.50 Wyoming conservation stamp.  A non-resident Archery license is required to hunt during the archery season.  The archery license is $30 to non-residents. We highly recommend you become familiar with the Wyoming State hunting regulations by visiting the following page; http://wgfcms.wyo.gov/Hunting/Hunt-Planner.  You can increase your odds of getting the antelope or deer tag by purchasing Preference Points for the following year.

The open period to buy Preference Points is July 1st through October 31st at the following site: http://wgfcms.wyo.gov/Hunting/Preference-Points.  Draw odds for Area 25 Pronghorn Antelope is around 90-95%.  You can increase your draw substantially by buying a Pronghorn Antelope Preference Point during the previous year.

The Location

Your archery antelope hunt will be based in Casper, Wyoming, where you’ll spend the nights in local motels. This is a great option for hunters who wish to bring along non-hunting companions such as spouses, children or buddies. There’s plenty for anyone to do here: enjoy the incredible fishing of the North Platte River, visit the many local museums, or hit up the downtown for some fantastic shopping. You’ll be able to hunt without worrying about hearing how bored the family’s getting.

The region is well-known for its incredible opportunity rate for pronghorns—they roam in numerous large herds, and if one herd doesn’t contain the trophy you’re looking for, the next usually will. Some of our locations border Federal land

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of pronghorn hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

Photos Reward

The landowner will send the hunter a $30 Cabela Gift Card or $50 off future booking in exchange for 3 good quality successful high resolution field photos of hunter with game.  Photos must be of good quality and show respect for the game harvested on landowner’s property.

Wyoming Archery FAQ’s

Click http://wgfcms.wyo.gov/FAQ/Archery-FAQ for the State Webpage on Archery Hunting

Archery Pronghorn Hunting in South Dakota, click below.

All live photos were taken between late August 2016 and March 2017.

2017-18 Pricing

Pronghorn Bow Hunt.  Unguided 5-Day hunt: $1,195
Pronghorn & Mule Deer Hunt.
Unguided 7-Day: $2,795*
Extra Hunt Days: $125 Per day
if available

Wyoming Nonresident Antelope Tag: $272
Wyoming Nonresident Mule Deer Tag: $312
Tag Application Fee: $14
Wyoming Nonresident Archery Permit: $30
Wyoming Conservation Stamp: $12.50
* only 1-2 per year

Included in Cost

~ Hunting access to our ranch properties
~ Permanent and/or Pop-up Hunting Blinds over water
~ Maps of hunting areas and adjoining Federal land if applicable
~ List of local area meat processors and taxidermists
~ List of recommended hotels
~ Meet & Greet at the Natrona County International Airport
~ Tour of property
~ Non-Hunting Spouse or Observer

Not Included in Cost

~ Wyoming Nonresident Antelope Tag: $272
~ Wyoming Nonresident Mule Deer Tag: $312 (if applicable)
~ Wyoming Nonresident Archery Tag: $30
~ Wyoming Tag Application Fee: $14.00
~ Wyoming Conservation Stamp: $12.50
~ Motel, Food, Transportation to and from hunting area

Season Dates Available

Archery (2017)

August 15 through 19, 2017 (1 Spot)  (SOLD)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2017)

August 23 through 27, 2017 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2017)

August 31 through September 4, 2017 (1 Spot) (Pending Sold)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2017)

September 7 through 12, 2017 (1 Spot) SOLD
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2017)

September 15 through 21, 2017 (1 Spot)  SOLD
Antelope & Mule Deer Combo $2,795

Archery (2017)

September 25 through 29, 2017 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2017)

October 2 through 6, 2016 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2018)

August 15 through 19, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2018)

August 23 through 27, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2018)

August 30 through September 4, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2018)

September 5 through 9, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

Archery (2018)

September 12-18, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn & Mule Deer Combo: $2,795

Archery (2018)

September 21 through 27, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn & Mule Deer Combo: $2,795

Archery (2018)

October 1 through 5, 2018 (1 Spot)
Pronghorn Antelope Only: $1,195

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Wyoming pronghorn Hunt Terms of Booking

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~ Checks and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~ Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be signed and returned.
~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 90 days prior to your hunt date
~ All hunts are in US dollars
~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early
~ See our Terms & Conditions for further details.