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What to Expect on an Atlantic Walrus Hunt

Atlantic Walrus HuntingThis outfitter was the first to offer non-aboriginals the chance to go walrus hunting in Nunavut. Since launching their operation two decades ago, they have guided their clients to taking seven of the top 10 Atlantic walrus in the SCI records.

With the assistance of two guides, you will hunt islands and ice floes from a small motorboat. Temperatures are relatively mild and shooting light lasts for all 24 hours each day.

With these advantages and five days to hunt, the odds are strongly in your favor. The outfitter has an untarnished 100% success rate.

Walrus Hunting in NunavutOnce you spot your walrus, it’s time for the stalk. You need to get in close to ensure a quick kill. A wounded walrus might escape into the water and cost you your hunt.

Most hunters close to within 25 yards before taking their shot, and the outfitter recommends shooting from no further than 40 yards away.

The best places to hit a walrus are the neck and the brain. A well-placed shot to either should drop it immediately and make your trophy easy to retrieve. These can be tough targets, though, which is why you must get in close.

The Best Guns for Walrus Hunting

.338 and .375 caliber rifles offer the power and accuracy needed for a clean kill. If you don’t feel comfortable with the kick of those weapons, you can go as light as a .300 magnum. Anything lighter than that will probably fail to get the job done, though.

The law requires that you use expanding bullets. As to optics, the outfitter highly recommends using low-powered scopes sighted in at 25 yards. You can’t go wrong with a 1×4 variable zoom scope.

Getting There

Upon booking your hunt, the outfitter will provide you with carefully planned travel itineraries. They have worked out deals with many Canadian airlinesTrophyWalrus and can save you as much as 60% on certain flights.

Non-Canadian hunters will begin by flying into the international airports in Winnipeg, Manitoba or Ottawa, Ontario. From there, you will take domestic flights to one of several Inuit communities deep in the Arctic.

Hunting Schedules and Pricing for 2017

This year, Atlantic walrus hunts will begin in late July and end in mid-August. Depending on the exact details of the hunt, the price may vary, but it is generally $12,500 USD. Please contact us for a more precise quote.

Non-hunting observers are welcome to come along for an additional $3,750.

Local familyPayment

You must pay a 50% deposit within 10 days of booking your trip. The balance, which will appear on your invoice, must be paid at least 75 days before you depart for your trip. Payments may be made by check or credit card, but please note that credit cards incur a 3.5% administration fee.

As any Arctic hunt has certain dangers, you will have to sign a disclaimer when booking your Atlantic walrus hunting trip.

Cancellations and Delays

Nunavut Walrus HuntingAll payments are non-refundable. We encourage all of our clients to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance to protect their payments. Read more about trip cancellation insurance here or simply contact us for more information.

If you’re forced to cancel your trip, you may opt to have a replacement hunter take your spot instead. This may allow you to recoup some of your investment—or at least put a buddy in your debt!

You may also choose to delay your trip until later in the season or until the next year. If it must be pushed to the next year, it will incur a $1,000 fee.

Important Notes about Your Trophies for US & Mexican Hunters

Walrus in NunavutBoth the US and Mexico forbid the import of walrus tusks or walrus or seal skins. Residents of these countries will not be able to bring their trophies home, and other non-Canadian hunters are strongly encouraged to review their nation’s import laws prior to their hunt. If you’re unable to bring your trophy home, the outfitter can refer you to a taxidermist who makes realistic reproductions.

Atlantic walrus hunting in Nunavut gives you a chance to experience truly unique hunting conditions, Arctic culture, and a one-of-a-kind quarry amidst the glory of endless days. Contact our consultant at the top of the page or fill out the form on the right to book your trip now.

1x1 Walrus Hunt

$12,500 depending on tag availability at the time of booking. Call for current price quote.

Hunt Includes

Up to 5 days of hunting in Nunavut.
Hunt ends once you tag out.
Professional guide services.
Accommodations and meals in the tent camp.
Clients are expected to assist with chores and cooking.
Nunavut Marine Mammal Export Permit.
Tusk extraction.
Use of the motorboats during hunts and all required gas.

Does Not Include

General administration fee: $165 USD.
Booking fee for Arctic flights: $215 USD.
Price covers one itinerary change if necessary.
Arctic Wildlife Research Fund fee: $210 USD.
Head caping for $500 CAD or full skinning for $1,500 CAD.
These services must be scheduled during booking.
Hunting licenses ($5 CAD for walrus) and trophy fees imposed by the government (currently none for walrus).
Flotation survival suits, required during the hunt, are available for approximately $150 CAD for a one-week rental.
Firearms, ammunition, and a Canadian Firearms Import License ($25 CAD).
5% Goods & Services Sales Tax.
50% GST refund applies to the cost of the hunt itself.
All costs of traveling to the Inuit community in which your hunts are based.
Meals and accommodations outside of the camp.
You are required to get a room at a local hotel.
Personal items, including toiletries, sleeping bags, and clothing.


Sightseeing tours are available for additional fees.
While the outfitter focuses on walrus hunting, you may ask to add a seal hunt to your trip.

North America 29

The Atlantic Walrus is an auxiliary trophy species of the North America 29 and Super Slam of North American Big Game®.

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Walrus on the ice flowTerms:  Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by Bitcoin. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in our Atlantic Walrus Hunting trips above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot.  In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.  All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 75 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early.   See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Our Nunavut Walrus Hunts have never been better. Book your hunt soon to get the time slot you’re looking for!