Nunavut Musk Ox, Caribou and Grizzly Bear Hunts Starting at $13,500

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Nunavut Hunting Description

Nunavut Musk Ox HuntingExperience hunting majestic hers of Barren Ground Musk Ox, Central Barren Ground Caribou or Barren Ground Grizzly in the harsh, but breathtaking, arctic Nunavut Territory!  Our reputable has produced has produced a reliable track record of both success rates and trophy quality over the past few seasons.  Over 50% of our Musk Ox bulls qualify as B & C Record Book animals!  Musk Ox options range from Spring hunts in late April, to fair weather Fall hunts in late August/early September.  Consider combining these Fall Musk Ox hunts with Central Barren Ground Caribou.  The outfitter has recently added Spring Barren Ground Grizzly Hunts, which have proven to be unique, exciting and successful!  Opportunities for wolves exist on all hunts with the only extra cost of the tag!  Baker Laker, Nunavut is the gateway city for these hunts, with hunters only being required to get themselves to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Grizzly hunters are required to arrive in Baker Lake).  This fact alone makes these hunts with our premier outfitter that much more affordable and hassle free.

Barren Ground Musk Ox Hunts

Nunavut Muskox HuntIn the bulk of our hunting areas, the landscape is huge, flat and open, much like a moonscape.  Game is often spotted from great distances and the final approaches are on foot, employing classic spot & stalk hunting strategies.  Musk Ox may at times see you coming, but with many animals on the landscape, and the wind in y our favor, the herds tend to be comfortable enough to offer hunters an approximate 200-300 yard comfort berth.  Here rifle hunts have been very effective, and these hunts have sported a near 100% success rate.  Our Fall Musk Ox hunts take place in a nearby area with more topography and vegetation, making this option more conducive to archery hunting.

Snow is still present during the Spring Musk Ox hunts, and each hunter has his own snowmobile for the durations of the trip with which to navigate the terrain.  Fall Musk Ox hunts will use ATV’s and boats, as well as a good pair of boots to help the hunter maneuver the landscape and search for Trophy Musk Ox.

Musk Ox Hunts (Spring or Fall) are all inclusive 7 day adventures, including 5 full days of hunting.  Hunts are $13,500 p+ taxes, and include all tags and trophy fees.  Departure city is Winnipeg, MB.  Spring hunts are guided 2 x 2, while Fall hunts are guided 1 x 1.  Spring hunts begin April 18th, while Fall hunts start on August 23rd.

Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou/Musk Ox Hunt Combo

Nunavut Central Barren Ground Caribou HuntingOn our Fall Musk Ox hunts, you are sure to see Caribou, so combining the two species has become increasingly popular.  The combo option allows you to add a Caribou.  The dates for the combo is during the 2nd hunt (August 29-September 4) to ensure the Caribou antlers, while still in velvet, will have hardened.  The Combo upgrade to include Caribou is only $1,000 and certainly an excellent value at $14,500 for 5 days of 1 x 1 guiding.  This price includes tags and trophy fees for 1 Musk Ox and 1 Caribou, but is subject to 2.5% government taxes.

Central Barren Ground Caribou – Our fly-in Caribou camp is located in Southern Nunavut, immediately North of Manitoba.  It is situated on an expansive lake, that allows the guides to cover large areas by boat and on foot.  On this hunt, you may harvest up to two bulls.  As with all our Nunavut hunts, the opportunities for wolf exists, for just the cost of the tag.  Fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Grayling are also available for the cost of the license.  Hunters are required to get themselves to Thompson, Manitoba to catch the charter flight into Caribou camp.  The cost for this 7 day adventure (5 full days of hunting) is $9195 + tax (2.5%) +tags ($450 each).

Barren Ground Grizzly Hunts

Barren Ground Grizzly HuntAnother exciting Northern hunt is for the recently opened eastern sub-arctic varieties of Barren Ground Grizzly.  Average bears are beautifully pelted and range for 6-9 feet, with recent success rates hovering around the 90% mark.  These Spring hunts occur between late April and early May, while there is still sufficient snow on the ground.  Temperatures are not necessarily cold, ranging from 0-20 degrees F.  Snowmobiles are used to cover the great expanses of territory a mature Grizzly may cover.  These 10-day adventures include 8 full days of 1 x 1 hunting out of Baker Lake.  Hunters should expect to spend several nights out on the land in search of their trophy Grizzly.  Prices on this rare opportunity are $13,500 + tax (2.5%) + tags/trophy fees ($1900).  Musk Ox can be added to this hunt for only $4000 plus tax and tag/trophy fee, making this an excellent Arctic Spring Combo!  As with all these hunts, wolf can be added for the cost of the license ($170).

Setting & Conditions

Nunavut Wolf HuntingAs stated earlier, the primary Musk Ox hunting grounds are big, open, and seemingly endless.  The flat horizon meets the sky in all directions.  Vegetation as a whole is very limited.  It’s hard to believe that wildlife could survive here, but, they in fact thrive, being constructed perfectly to withstand the elements.  Expect to see good number of Musk Ox, foxes, snowshoe hare, caribou and wolves.  Scavengers such as ravens, eagles and wolverines will also be present.  In late April, you will begin to see waterfowl and other varieties of migratory birds arriving.  Spring and fall in this area provide long days.  Temperatures on the April hunts will range from -5 to +15 Fahrenheit, and you should expect snow on the ground.  The late August hunts will see much more green and temperatures go from the low 30’s up to the mid 40’s.  With either hunt, hunters should pack with layering in mind in case of dramatic weather swings, ensuring you are ready for any situation during your hunt.

Caribou HuntingHunting Accommodations

All Musk Ox and Grizzly hunters will stay in the hotel at Baker Lake.  Enjoy all the comforts and amenities that you would not expect to have on a typical Musk Ox hunt.  Wi-Fi, running water, hot showers, satellite TV and many other comforts.  After a hot served breakfast, hunters strike out every morning from this small, quintessential Inuit town by snowmobile, ATV or boat in search of Musk Ox (and Caribou on the combo hunt).  At the end of the day, you will return to a hot meal served in the restaurant attached to the hotel.  Grizzly hunters should expect to spend several nights out on the land during their adventure.  Guides will supply arctic camping gear to provide safety and comfort for these nights on the tundra. Caribou hunters will stay in comfortable tent camps with wood floors and walls.  There is a main cabin with a common area for dining and includes indoor plumbing.  Caribou camp is complete with generator, propane heat, hot showers and satellite phones to stay in contact in case of emergencies.

Getting There

This part of hunting Nunavut is surprisingly simple. Musk Ox hunters need only to get themselves to Winnipeg.  Grizzly hunters get themselves to Baker Lake – which is serviced by regional commercial airlines.  Caribou hunters need to arrive in Thompson, Manitoba, the evening before the hunt start date.

Nunavut Musk Ox HuntingGetting Your Trophies Home

Musk Ox and Grizzly– Our outfitter will apply for the applicable export permits and have the trophies shipped to Winnipeg.  On average, the shipping of a Musk Ox hide from Baker Lake to Winnipeg will run $400 plus tax.  From there, the outfitters taxidermist will pick them up and contact the hunter for further direction.  Options may include having the work completed, crated and shipped to the hunter, or simply prepping and shipping the hide/horns to the hunters own taxidermist for completion.

Caribou – On our Caribou only hunts, your antlers (1 set will be split), capes and meat will be flown back to Thompson with the hunters.  At that point, hunters may choose to leave them in Thompson for the outfitters taxidermist to pick up, or, for those hunters driving, continue on home with your trophies.  You will be provided with an export permit in camp.


Spring or Fall Musk Ox Hunt (late April or late August)
5 days 2 x 2 (Spring) or 1 x 1 (Fall) hunting $13,500

Fall Musk Ox/Caribou Combo Hunt (x1 each)
5 days 1 x 1 hunting (late August to early September) $14,500

Fall Caribou Hunt (x2 each)
5 days 2 x 1 hunting (late August to late September) $9195

Spring Grizzly Hunt
8 days 1 x 1 hunting (April 30 to May 9) $13,500
Add on Musk Ox $4000 plus tag/tax

Tag Prices:

Musk Ox – Tag fee $550, HTO fee $450
Grizzly – Tag fee $1150, HTO fee $750
Caribou – Tag fee $300, HTO fee $150
Wolf – Tag fee $170
Wolverine – Tag fee $170 


~ Round trip airfare from Winnipeg, MB to Baker Lake, NU and return (Spring/Fall Musk Ox only)
~ Charter flight from Thompson, MB to Caribou camp and return (Caribou hunts only)
~ Spring/Fall Musk Ox and Musk Ox/Caribou combos include tags and trophy fees
~ Wolf and wolverine hunting, when permitted (tag fees apply)
~ Accommodations and meals during the hunt
~ Professional guiding and transportation during the hunt
~ Personal snowmobile rental during your hunt (when required)
~ Field prep of meat and trophies

Not Included

~ 2.5% Government Sales Tax
~ Nunavut Non Resident Hunting License ($60)
~ Tag and HTO fees, unless specified otherwise (see prices above)
~ All tag and license fees (where applicable) subject to 5% tax
~ Shipping and Handling of trophies, unless otherwise specified
~ Gratuities to guides and camp staff
~ Pre and post travel and accommodations to departure cities of Winnipeg, Thompson or Baker Lake

Nunavut Hunting Terms of Booking

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking

~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot

~ Cheques and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)

~ GSSafaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be signed and returned.

~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 90 days prior to your hunt date

~ All hunts are in US dollars

~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early