Newfoundland Moose Hunting Trophy hunts starting at $5,450

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Newfoundland Moose Hunting

Newfoundland Moose HuntingWhere else on a typical day of moose hunting can you glass and inspect multiple bulls each day? Newfoundland boasts the highest moose densities in the world, and the hunting is only getting better. Glass this foggy, boggy environment for these antlered monarchs! Our well priced fly-out moose hunts consistently offer approximately 80% success rates on mature bulls in the 40-50+ inch range. Our outfitter is a proven industry veteran, who boasts a vast number of camps in both southern and western reaches of Newfoundlands vast, remote landscape. Numerous camps enable rotation of hunting areas to maintain high trophy quality, and low hunting pressure. Countless lakes (or ‘ponds’ as the Newfies call them) allow seaplanes to access these otherwise inaccessible, game rich hunting areas. Expect to see Black bear as well as Woodland caribou during your hunt – both of which can be upgraded to your package! The desirable Newfoundland Slam includes an Eastern Canadian Moose, Woodland Caribou and a Black Bear – offered as a 12 day package in multiple hunting locations per species. An additional moose license can also be purchased on any hunt for only $2500! These packages are all inclusive from either, St John’s, Gander, or Deer Lake Newfoundland, dependant on your hunt location. Rut hunts and prime time’s fill up quickly, so let us help plan your North Atlantic hunting adventure to Newfoundland!

Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters

Newfoundland Moose HuntsStrike out early each morning to glass valleys, ridges, lake shores and wetlands for trophy bull moose. Climb the highest vantage point you can find to set up your optics, locate, judge and stalk these majestic animals in beautiful yet challenging terrain. The hunting season is from early September through to the end of October. Choose to pursue moose with a rifle, Muzzloader or archery tackle outside of the early archery season. There are few greater thrills in the big woods then calling-in and interacting with a big bull moose!

Package 1 – Ground Access Lodge Hunts starting at $3,900

This 2×1 road based hunt is launched from a new, comfortable lodge with all the amenities of home, but is surrounded by excellent moose grounds. Hunts are typically conducted from 4×4 trucks and ATV’s each day, in areas that receive little to no local hunting pressure. While trophy bulls are harvested on this hunt each year, success rates for large trophy bulls are best from our fly-in hunts. If you are looking for meat however, look no further. All moose meat is cut up, packaged, boxed and frozen for home.

newfoundland-moose-huntPackage 2 – Remote Fly-in Lodge Hunts at $5,450

This is our most popular package, with rut hunts and prime time slots in high demand. Over the years we have enjoyed success harvest rates hovering around 80+% on mature bulls measuring between 40 and 50+ inches! Fly from one of two seaplane bases direct to your personal hunting lodge, which can be made exclusive with a group of 4 hunters. These camps are well maintained, very comfortable and come complete with a fully stocked kitchen and a cook, motor boats and occasionally ATV’s for access and recovery. Six day 1×1 guided hunts offer you excellent chances at a mature trophy bull moose.

Package 3 – Trophy Fly-out hunts at $7,500

Moose Hunts In NewfoundlandThese special 1×1 hunts are the most remote and physically challenging, often with the fewest amenities. In return, these packages are in excellent locations and might offer some of the finest trophy moose hunting in Newfoundland.  Typically a walled tent camp with a generator, propane stoves for cooking and wood stoves for heat, but occasionally trophy locations may have a cabin available.  Helicopters or seaplanes are used for access, few spots are available each year and prime time slots fill quickly. Add 6 additional hunting days for only $2,000 to ensure you find the region’s biggest bull.

NOTE: These hunt costs include airport pickup and drop off, and all accommodation, transportation and meals during your hunt. Trophy preparation for the taxidermist, as well as meat care, cutting, wrapping, boxing and freezing for home is also included in every package.  Not included are taxes, tips, travel and taxidermy.

Moose Hunting in Newfoundland

newfoundland-moose-huntsNewfoundland is known for its rugged beauty, high moose densities and frequent windy, foggy or rainy weather – so plan for everything.  The landscape is dotted with lakes or “ponds”, and arranged in loose bogs, barrens and patchy black spruce and tamarack thickets. Tall ridges and ‘rock gardens’ will likely be negotiated, and count on numerous creek crossings each day. It’s a remote, challenging and rugged area, but beautiful and exciting to hunt!

Weather is the only variable we cannot control, and Newfoundland sees regular coastal fog, rain or high winds. Favorable hunting conditions are cold, clear and calm, and so weather might be the largest variables influencing the success and comfort of your hunt.

Best Moose HuntingEither hiking and glassing hills, or cruising shoreline by boat in search of moose – good waterproof footwear like Muck Boots and quality binoculars might be the most valuable pieces of equipment. Rain gear would be a close second. Weather typically deteriorates as the season progresses, and becomes increasingly colder. In September expect 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40-50 degrees at night. In October it will typically be colder at about 50-60 degrees during the day, and 30-40 degrees at night. Temperatures can fluctuate and be unpredictable however, so it’s better to be ready for anything. Packing an intelligent layered clothing system is strongly recommended. Polypropalene next-to-skin, followed by fleece or merino wool mid layers, and topped wind and waterproof gortex type outer shells are all popular choices.


Enjoy a range of comfortable lodgings throughout your stay, which will depend on your package.

Ground Accessed Lodge Hunts are based from very comfortable main lodges, with WiFi, a cook and a full kitchen and all the amenities of home. Similar lodges  also serve hunters in transit to remote fly-out hunt destinations.

Newfoundland Moose Hunt CampFly-in Lodge Hunts are run from a number of different but comfortable cabins scatted on various lakes across the moose hunting areas. These will have electricity, kitchenettes, hot and cold running water, guest bedrooms and common areas. Some are quite prestigious and come complete with cooks, decks and big screen TV’s, while others are more humble. There are a great number of moose camps in the allocated hunting areas, and you will be placed where the outfitter feels you will have the best chances of success. Global Sporting Safaris cannot predict or dictate which camp or location you will visit during your hunt.  But as a rule, expect camps to range from cushy to rustic, and be in excellent hunting locations. Some are more remote or more recently renovated then others, but each will be warm, dry, comfortable and well stocked.

Trophy Fly-in Hunts are typically the most remote, and for the more adventuresome. Largely tent camps are employed to ensure you are in the best locations for hunt. Generators, wood stoves, propane cookers and outhouses are the norm. Occasionally some hunting areas with cabins become the best trophy hotspots, in which case this hunts regains some cushy amenities.

Getting There

Moose Hunting In NewfoundlandHunters are asked to arrive to either St John’s or Gander Newfoundland. Both arrival cities are easily accessible, serviced by major airlines. For hunters heading to certain moose camps on the western coast, Deer Lake will serve as the arrival city, associable by road or commuter flights. Lodge porters will meet you at the airport or a nearby hotel to transport you to the main lodge & sea plane base.

Should you wish to drive, year round ferry crossings to the island and are provided by Marine Atlantic, between North Sidney Nova Scotia and Port to Basques, Newfoundland.  Crossing time is approximately 6 hours. For rates and schedules, please visit:

Luggage – Please enclose rifles and archery equipment in soft cases for the seaplane travel. As well, please ensure that personal equipment is not packed in large rigid cases, but rather a soft duffle type bag.  Personal equipment cannot exceed a maximum of 60 pounds.

Moose Hunting in Newfoundland

  • 6 days 2×1 – Ground Access Lodge Hunt – September to November – $3900
  • 6 days 1×1 – Fly-in Lodge Hunt – September to November – $5450
  • 6 days 1×1 – Trophy Fly-in Lodge or Tent Hunt – September to November – $7,500
  • 12 days 1×1 – Trophy Fly-in Lodge Hunt – September to November – $9,500

Moose Combo Hunts

  • 6 days 1×1 Fly-in Lodge Hunt – Moose & Black Bear Combo – $5,950
  • 12 days 1×1 – Fly-in Lodge Hunt – Moose / Woodland Caribou / Bear – $19,900

Add to any Newfoundland moose hunt:

  • Add “Stumble-on” Black Bear for $400
  • Add Baited Black Bear hunts for $1500
  • Add second moose tag for $2,500
  • Non-hunting observers welcome: Ground Access Hunts $1200 each / Fly-In Hunts $1600 each


~ Air-port pick up & drop off at either Gander, St John’s or Deer Lake Newfoundland
~ All accommodations and home cooked meals during hunt
~ Professional guiding and transportation during your hunt
~ Hunting Licensing
~ Field dressing, capeing and trophy preparations for taxidermist
~ Meat preparation, boxing/freezing for home if desired

Not included in the cost

~ Government Taxes
~ Shipping and handling of trophy to taxidermist
~ Tips and gratuities to guides & lodge staff
~ Pre and post trip accommodations and travel
~ Shipping of Meat & Trophies
~ Air-port pick up & drop off coming in at unreasonable times.

Note: the timing of your flights and personal travel arrangements will dictate whether the outfitters complementary shuttle service will greet you at airport or hotel before and after your hunt.

Hunt Duration

Hunts are are seven nights and six days of hunting. 

Hunting Methods

Spot and Stalk

Rates - Package 1

$3900 on 2×1 add a week for $2500 extra

Rates - Package 2

$5450 on 1×1

Rates - Package 2a

$5,750 1×1 Moose & Black Bear Combo

Rates - Package 3

$7500 on 1×1 6-days or $9,500 for 12 Days.

Rates - Package 3a

$19,900 1×1 12-days Moose/Woodland Caribou/Bear

Non-Hunter Rate

Ground Based Hunt $1200

Non-Hunter Rate

Air Based Hunt $1600


September through November


Depending on the hunt, lodge, cabin or wilderness tent camps heated with wood stoves.


Hunting licenses, guides, meals, transportation to from airport and hotel, trophy and meat preparation including boxing for transport home.

Not Included

Saturday night stay in motel before the hunt, moose tag ($502), GST (6.5%), tips, airfare.

Travel Specifics

Fly to Gander, Newfoundland and outfitter will pick you up.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Adrian Skok at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 706 or 307-473-1268.

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Newfoundland Moose Hunting Terms of Booking

Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by Bitcoin. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in the Newfoundland Moose Hunts above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot.  In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.  All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 75 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early.   See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters  has never been better. Book your hunt soon to get the time slot you’re looking for!