New Zealand Free Range Hunting Starting at $5,300

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Free Range New Zealand Red Stag, Tahr & Chamois Hunts

Free Range New Zeland Red StagNew Zealand is arguably the world’s safest country for foreign visitors and remains one of the most beautiful hunting destinations for the international hunter. Our outfitter has more than 35 years’ experience hunting the steep Southern Alps and nine years as a professional New Zealand guide and outfitter specializing in quality free range hunting for tahr, chamois and red stag. He maintains a small, family-run operation that only books one group of hunters at a time to offer the most individualized and attentive experience possible.

Tahr Hunting

Clients should fly into Christchurch located on the eastern shores of New Zealand’s South Island. Most flights from the United States will be serviced on Air New Zealand requiring a brief connection in Auckland. We do not recommend that any clients connect in Australia via Quantas Airlines as problems with firearms are likely.

New Zealand Tahr HuntingDepending on the hunt chosen a four to six-hour drive is typically necessary to reach the applicable hunting areas. Clients will be taken by vehicle back to the Christchurch airport at the conclusion of their hunt.


Firearm importation into New Zealand is easy. We will assist with the necessary online permit through the New Zealand Police that needs to be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival. Rifle calibers from .270 to .30 calibers magnums are recommended as shot distances may be as close as 20 yards on red stag in heavy timber or may be 300 yards or more in the mountains that can involve steep shooting angles and significant cross wind. Additionally, our outfitter has a number of quality and very accurate rifles that clients may use at no cost should they choose not to import their own.

Chamois Hunting

New Zealand Free Range Chamois HuntingVehicle Accessed Wilderness Concession Hunts are commonly used specifically for red stag hunts during the peak of the roar from March into April. Vehicles will access areas and clients will camp in tents for the duration of the hunt.

Private Land Hunts are offered for red stag and tahr on 60,000 acres of private property located on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake accessed by 4wd vehicle. A cabin will serve as the primary camp unless spiking out is necessary or requested. Success rates are approximately 80% on red stag and 95% on tahr.

Day Helicopter Drop Off Hunts are a great choice for clients that have limited time or prefer the luxury of motel/hotel accommodations each night. These hunts utilize a helicopter to fly the client and guide into the hunting as early in the morning as possible. After drop off the helicopter will return to the heliport and the client and guide will have the day to hunt by foot for the applicable specie. The helicopter will again be used to transport the guide, client and any game harvested off the mountain at the end of the hunting day. Success rates on single day trips for either tahr or chamois is around 50% per each day hunted with one to two days typically needed for success.

Chamois Hunting in New ZealandWilderness Helicopter Drop Off Hunts offer one of the best wilderness hunting experiences in New Zealand. Clients and their guide will charter by helicopter will all necessary hunting and camping gear   for a preset number of days and nights. Once dropped into the wilderness clients will spike out each night in tents and will hunt each day by foot. Relocation from one camp to another is included if necessary, particularly for those hunting both tahr and chamois as these species tend to occupy different regions. Helicopter charter fees are INCLUDED in the hunt pricing. Success rates are close to 95%.

Helicopter Assisted Trophy Hunts are offered on a limited basis for clients who may not have the time or the physically ability to hunt the steep terrain often required for tahr and chamois. Clients who choose Helicopter Assisted Trophy Hunts will utilize the helicopter to locate the game they pursue, at which point the client and guide will be dropped in close proximity by the helicopter pilot. Clients will be responsible for the guide fees as well as the applicable helicopter fees based on the amount of flying time utilized. Current helicopter rates are between 1200 and 1500 NZ per hour. Success is usually 100% when locating game by helicopter. A minimum of one to two hours of flying time per specie should be expected by the client.

New Zealand Hunting Season

Tahr Hunting in New ZealandCurrently, there are no regulated hunting seasons for any big game specie in New Zealand however clients are encouraged to book their hunt during prime months for the species they wish to hunt. Red deer can be hunted from February through August however we strongly recommend clients choose dates inside the roar or rutting period. This is usually from the middle of March through late April of each year. Tahr are best hunted between March and November when their hair is at it’s longest. Chamois can be hunted year-round and have their best coloration and hair quality between April and September. Both tahr and chamois rut during the months of May and June and these months are the most popular for bookings.

What’s Included

All guiding services, all transportation during hunt including airport pick up and drop off service, trophy fee(s) for animals included in hunt package, all meals and accommodations during the hunt, initial preparation of trophies and transportation to taxidermist/expeditor and optional rifle rental are included with every packaged hunt.

Hunting in New ZealandWhat’s Not Included

International travel to Christchurch, meals and accommodations before or after scheduled hunt, trophy fees for animals not included in hunt package, helicopter flying time not included in hunt package, optional trophy shipping and expediting services and personal spending are not included.



4-day free range wilderness hunt including trophy fee for one chamois of any size and all helicopter transport flights to and from spike camp: $5,300

New Zealand Free Range HuntingTahr

5-day free range wilderness hunt including trophy fee for one tahr of any size and all helicopter transport flights to and from spike camp: $6,500

Red Stag

7-day free range red stag hunt including trophy fee for one red stag of any size: $7,000

Tahr and Chamois Combination

7-day free range hunt including trophy fees for one chamois and one tur of any size and all helicopter transport flights: $9,000

Red Stag and Chamois Combination

10-day hunt including trophy fees for one red deer and one chamois of any size and all helicopter transport: $11,800

Red Stag and Tahr Combination

New Zealand Free Range Tahr Hunting10-day wilderness hunt including trophy fees for one red deer and one tahr of any size and all helicopter transport flights: $13,000

Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois Combination

12-day wilderness hunting including trophy fees for one tahr, chamois and red stag of any size and all helicopter transport flights: $16,500

Day Drop Off Helicopter Hunts (for clients who wish to stay in a motel each night and transport by helicopter into the hunting areas each day):

Add $2,500 for single animal hunt packages and $3,500 for multi-animal hunt packages. Motel, meals and helicopter transport fees are INCLUDED.

Helicopter Assisted Trophy Hunts: Please call for pricing

Free Range New Zealand Hunt Terms of Booking

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~ Cheques and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~ Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.
~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 90 days prior to your hunt date
~ All hunts are in US dollars
~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early