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Pioneers of Professional Hunting in Namibia

Namibia Kudu huntThe safari hunting in Namibia is some of the best in Africa, and this family-run outfitter is one of the best in the country. Join them to experience everything from leopard hunting to wingshooting on 200,000 hectares of exclusive land.

The operating family has lived here for over a century and was among the first in the country to offer professional hunting services. Their sprawling castle estate contains 11,000 hectares of exceptional hunting grounds. Located just 125 miles from the capital, it’s a quick drive away from the international airport.

In addition to hunting, the outfitter offers guided tours both on the ground and in the air, as well as the option to go Gemsbuck hunting in Namibiaon a self-guided driving tour. Your adventure won’t end if you tag out early.

With exceptional accommodations, personal service, and unbeatable hunts, this outfitter provides some of the best safari hunting trips on the continent. Many of their clients become repeat customers. Whether this is your first safari or your tenth, it will be the hunt of your dreams.

A Day in Namibia

Each morning will greet you with the exquisite artwork of a savanna sunrise, the music of the African wilderness, and a generous breakfast. The day will follow with hours deep in the bush as you seek out the world’s most-wanted trophies. When the last shooting light fades, you can expect a barbecue dinner to greet you on your return to the castle.

About the Estate and Accommodations

LodgeFew things can compare to the imaginative architecture of this family estate. Built with Colonial flair, it features gorgeous, crenellated white towers and decadently appointed rooms. It is reminiscent both of European castles and Latin American estancias.

The only thing more breathtaking than the estate is the setting. Across the broad savanna, stern mountains rise in the distance. Light foliage and gentle slopes create just enough cover to make you wonder what might hide in the shadows.

The estate has a long history that you can feel as soon as you enter it. Founded by a German farmer in the early 20th century, when Namibia was called German South-West Africa, it is one of only a handful of surviving estates from that time.

Within the grounds, you’ll find a garden replete with luxurious lawn chairs, many angled to watch the setting sun and an active watering hole. In the midst of it all, a pool set in stone tile lies beneath swaying palm trees.

Nobody was surprised when this outfitter first won the prestigious Golden Award of Excellence from the Hospitality Association of Namibia in 2007. They have received the same word several times since, proving the quality of their accommodations.

Pool areaYou’ll spend your nights in one of eight lavish double rooms or one of the two family rooms. Each features an en-suite bathroom, and all packages include daily laundry service.

Other amenities include the hunters’ bar, decorated with spectacular trophies; a living room perfectly arranged for relaxing conversations; an inviting veranda; a library; and a TV room with access to a wide selection of channels from across the world.

Non-hunters will have plenty to do. Tours, nature walks, and game drives allow everyone on the trip to get a taste of the African wilds.

Meals feature a combination of European and African cooking, with local game and homemade bread playing prominent roles. You can also expect some delicious desserts.

Safari Hunting in Namibia

Nice Eland bullThe operating family has owned exceptional hunting grounds adjacent to the estate for nearly three decades. Their careful management has allowed populations of animals as rare as black rhinos and cheetahs to thrive. They also have enormous concessions, including one in the Namib Desert and another near the small village of Kalkfeld.

Each of these areas offers unique terrain and opportunities for hunters, from leopard hunting in the lush north to zebra hunting in the mountains. You can easily spend your entire trip in just one area. However, many hunters opt to visit two or even all three.

No livestock is present in any of the hunting areas. You’ll be in real wilderness, and it will feel like it.

The outfitter fields a small army of staff to make sure that every hunt goes perfectly. Besides your veteran guides, you will have trackers, drivers, and skinners to assist you with everything from getting to the hunting area to preparing your trophy.

MoSable hunting in Namibiast hunts call for spotting and stalking. Others will involve still hunting over watering holes or game trails, or, when necessary (as with leopards), over bait. All hunts are highly ethical and fair chase.

Available species include leopard, kudu, Livingstone eland, sable, roan, duiker, impala, springbuck, klipspringer, steenbok, zebra, cheetah, and a wide variety of other big and small plains game animals. You can also add wingshooting to your hunt. Contact us for a full list.

Safari Hunting near Kalkfeld

Located close to the main estate, these concessions feature dramatic plains teeming with game. You can expect to find oversized springbucks, hartebeests, and warthogs here.

Safari Hunting in Northern Namibia

In the north of the country, the grass is literally greener. You’ll see more trees and plant life, although savanna and sparse bush still dominate the countryside. Over two dozen game species make their homes in these concessions, including everything from eland to wildebeest to duiker.

Namib Desert Hunts

Some of the most physically demanding hunts take place along the edge of the Namib Desert. Even the camp moves with you, with tents transported by truck to keep you close to the best possible spots each day. Options in this area include oryx, klipspringer, ostrich, mountain zebra, and leopard hunting.

Plains Game Hunting

Springbuck hunt in NamibiaThis outfitter emphasizes sustainable hunting and careful game and land management. And they have fantastic land to work with—from bare mountains and stony fields to grassy savannas and thorny bush. The diverse landscape and careful conservation efforts have kept populations strong and varied.

As a result, you won’t hunt depleted herds with only young animals. You can expect some truly magnificent trophy-worthy specimens. Many hunters win SCI medals.

You’ll need to devote at least six days to your plains game hunt. You will typically stalk your quarry. If necessary, the outfitter can adjust the methods used to match the hunter’s capabilities or get an opportunity on a particularly challenging species.

Leopard Hunting in Namibia

Leopard Hunting in NamibiaThe government of Namibia carefully regulates leopard hunting to keep it sustainable. The number of licenses given out each year, and for each area, depends on current populations and success rates from previous years. This outfitter consistently receives more licenses than almost any of their competitors.

They’ve also had the highest leopard hunting success rates in the country for several years running. Their daily bait management practices play a major role in this. Additionally, they have one guide who specializes in leopards. He knows the entire sport inside and out, and he will give you the best possible chance of success—and of getting a monster cat.

At dusk and dawn, you’ll wait behind a blind for your quarry to appear and present a shot. You’ll need a scope with exceptional light transmission in order to hunt in these conditions.

Namibia Leopard HuntingLeopard hunting requires a rifle with a caliber of at least 7 mm. The outfitter offers gun rentals if you can’t bring your own.

Since no animal is harder to fool than the leopard, you need to plan at least 12 days for your hunt. You must possess exceptional patience and skill in remaining still. If you have what it takes, bagging a leopard might just become the proudest moment of your hunting career.

Most leopard hunts take place in the far north.

You won’t find a better outfitter with which to go safari hunting in Namibia. From the award-winning accommodations to the medal-worthy trophies, everything stands in a class above. Call the number at the top of the page or fill out the form on the right to start planning your trip today!

Plains Game Hunts are  a minimum of 6 hunting days. Leopard is a minimum of 12 hunting days.

1x1 Hunter

Plains Game: $450 per day

2x1 Hunter

Plains Game: $380 per day


$180 per Day

1x1 Leopard

$1,000 per day.  12-Days minimum. Pre-baiting before arrival, $250/day.





Eland (Livingstone)


Kudu (Greater)


Gemsbuck (Oryx)

$650 (Special Price)

Red Hartebeest


Zebra (Burchell)


Zebra (Hartmann)


Wildebeest (Black)


Wildebeest (Blue)


Springbuck (Kalahari)






Damara Dik-Dik

$1,600 (Only available in Namibia)

Impala (Southern)


Impala (Black-faced)

$3,700 (Only available in Namibia – may not be available for export to USA)















Duiker (Common)





$4,500 (CITES Required – not available for export to USA)

Bait (Leopard)

$100 each

Jackal (Blackbacked)


Baboon (Chakma)






Honey Badger









$3 per bird

Rifle hire

$30 per day

Trip Gallery:

Aerial view of the lodge

Archery Hunting in Namibia

Lodge bedroom

Black Wildebeest hunting in Namibia

Bow hunting for Eland in Namibia

Bow hunting in Namibia

The PH is a Bow Hunter too!

Cheetah in Namibia

Namibia is known for its Cheetah

Eland hunt in Namibia

Eland Hunting in Namibia

Eland Hunts in Namibia

Gemsbuck hunting in Namibia

Giraffe hunting in Namibia

Goose hunting in Namibia

Goose Hunting

Happy Hunter

Herds of Springbuck

Impala hunting in Namibia

Kudu Hunting in Namibia

Leopard Hunting over bait in Namibia

Leopard on the bait

Leopard over bait in Namibia

Lodge Living Room

Lodge dining room

Lodge from a far

Lodge Gardens

Lodge pool area

Lodge side view


Lynx hunting in Namibia

Namibia Cheetah

Namibia Eland Hunt

Namibia Kudu hunt

Namibia Leopard Hunting

Namibia Springbuck hunt

Namibia Warthog Hunting

Namibian Elephant

Namibian Leopard Hunt

Namibian Leopard on the bait

Namibian Porcupine

Namibian Rhino

Nice Eland bull

Ostrich hunting in Namibia

Pool area

Rhino in Namibia

Sable hunting in Namibia

Skies over Namibia

Springbuck hunt in Namibia

The Dining area

The Gardens

The Lodge

Trophy Class Namibian Leopard

Two leopards in the tree

Dinner Time

Warthog hunting

Duiker Hunting in NamibiaTerms:  Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by Bitcoin. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in our Namibia Hunting Safari trips above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot.  In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.  All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 75 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early.   See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

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