Montana Wolf Hunting Staring at $3,700 2x1

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wolf-hunt1Montana Wolf Hunt

This outfitter now offers Montana wolf hunting expeditions. There’s no trapping involved and no fences to limit the quarry’s movements in these fair-chase hunts; they come down to skill, deception, and good old-fashioned shooting. If you’re ready to test yourself against the world’s most storied predator on an even field, this is the place to do it.

Montana Wolf Hunting Outfitters

You’ll be hunting in the corner of Montana that’s just west of the Rocky Mountains, in land dominated by dense evergreen forests growing on the sides of steep, stony ridges. If you’re only hunting wolf, be prepared for winter to make the rugged terrain even more of a challenge. The outfitter’s wolf-specific hunts take place from early in December until the 15h of March. This is when the wolves make the best trophies, as their winter coats are glossy and full.

The Montana wolf hunting season overlaps with elk and whitetail, beginning in late October and ending on March 15th, and this outfitter also offers hunts for both of those species (in addition to bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, mulies and black bear). This makes it a great target of opportunity for those who’d like to bag one without going out of their way to hunt wolf specifically. If you’re hunting elk and/or whitetails in this area, be sure to pick up a wolf tag just in case luck turns out in your favor.

wolf-hunt2The primary method of operation for wolf-only hunts is to hike over the countryside while calling with howls or predator calls. Both methods work well: the wolves will want to investigate any vagabonds wandering through their territory, and they’ll rarely pass up the opportunity to visit a wounded-deer buffet.

This outfitter is always ready to work with hunters who aren’t in the best shape or who have troubles such as a bad leg. However, their normal methods assume that you’ll be in good physical condition. If you don’t feel like you’ll be up for days of hiking through such challenging terrain, be sure to warn them when you’re planning your hunt. That way they’ll know to adjust their strategies based on your needs. Even so, the better shape you’re in, the better your chances will be. Your odds will improve dramatically for every extra mile you can cover in a day

wolf-hunt3Montana Wolf Hunting

After hunting on foot from dawn ‘til dusk, nothing’s better than crashing on a warm bed with a genuine down comforter and flannel sheets. This outfitter’s three log cabins provide just that, with two twin beds in a sleeping loft and a queen-sized master bedroom. An indoor bathroom and a kitchen equipped with all the essentials provide for all your other needs. Satellite Internet access ensures that you won’t be cut off from world, and for those who agree that cooking outdoors knows no season, there’s a gas grill waiting for you on the porch.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Montana wolf hunting experience you’d like to have. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

All hunts include lodging in our fully furnished log cabins, guided hunting each day, and lunches. The cabins have full kitchens and gas grills for your use for breakfast and dinner. Three major airports serve this area. Spokane, WA, about 3 hours away, Kalispell, MT about 2 hours away, and Missoula, MT about 4 hours away. Hunters rent a car and drive to the log homes. Breakfast and dinner groceries may be bought on the wa to Yaak, Montana. There are also a few taverns where you can get a local burger and beer. Rates do not include Montana accommodations tax or guide/staff gratuities.

Wolf Hunting in Montana

Price:  2×1 is $3,700 and 1×1 is $5,200.  A hunter can buy up to 5 tags per hunt.  There are no additional trophy fees after the first wolf.

To reserve your hunt, you will need to pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking. The rest is due 75 days before you leave for your trip. You can pay by personal or business check, Bitcoin, or Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Credit cards incur an additional 3.5% surcharge. There are no refunds, so please be sure to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

7 Nights of Lodging and 6 Hunting Days
Two (2) Hunters and One (1) Guide – 2x1 $3,100 per hunter
One (1) Hunter and One (1) Guide – 1x1 $4,700 per hunter
Wolf Tag $50 online or over the counter

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Montana wolf hunting

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wolf hunting Montana guides

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Montana Wolf Hunt Terms & Conditions of Booking

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~ Checks and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~ Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.
~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 60 days prior to your hunt date
~ All hunts are in US dollars
~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early