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Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting

Global Sporting Safaris is proud to offer our clients what we feel is the most professional, well organized and successful Mid-Asian Ibex hunting adventure available in the country of Kyrgyzstan. With a 100% success rate to date on mid-Asian ibex and marco polo our clients can travel with the expectation to harvest a mature trophy on this hunt. GSS clients into their 70’s have successfully taken mature billies due to the quality and quantity of ibex inside our private concession. This concession, a former National Park previously closed to hunting for 20 years prior to the 2014 season, is exclusive to Global Sporting Safaris and our clients. No other outfitter has access into this very special area nor will you find this hunt sold by any other agency. Trophies taken during the fall 2016 season averaged an incredible 45.8” in horn length with the largest taken measuring 52”. Long term averages will range from 41” to 48” with 50”+  ibex taken annually. The majority of clients who hunt here will see exceptional ibex of this size during their hunt.

The Outfitter

Fluent in English, German and Russian, our exclusive outfitting partner will ensure clients are taken care of from arrival in Bishkek to departure. Clients can trust their hunt will be well managed and 100% legal with all necessary documents provided before departure. Clients will also receive a survey at the conclusion of their hunt rating each of the major aspects of their experience from arrival and transport, quality of camp and food, quality of guides and quality of the hunting concession. Clients who have never traveled to central Asia will be greeted by friendly, hospitable people and the incredible grandeur of the Tien Shan Mountains.

What to Expect

Hunts for Mid-Asian Ibex and Marco Polo are conducted in large exclusive hunting concessions no other outfitters have access to. All past clients have been 100% successful on this hunt. Ibex will average 40” to 48” with exceptional trophies in excess of 50” available for those who are fit and selective. Marco Polo trophies average 45” to 52”. There are no surcharges or additional fees for trophies of exceptional size. A second ibex, Siberian roe deer, wolf and a variety of birds are available to add to the hunt package.  It is common for hunters to harvest their primary trophies early in the hunt, allowing extra time for additional trophies. An interpreter will be with you in the hunting camp to assist with Russian, German and English translation.

A very comfortable heated main camp accommodates up to five guests with beds and bedding, full kitchen, dining room, etc, are. Typical group sizes will be between two and four hunters at one time, however larger groups can be split into different areas to avoid congestion. Clients will depart camp to their applicable hunting camp in one of several exclusive hunting territories for their targeted species. Horses are the primary method of transportation during the hunt however hiking/climbing should be expected. Spiking out is often necessary, particularly on early season hunts as many of the ibex are at higher altitudes this time of year. Shot distances average between 200 and 400 yards. Expect one on one guiding unless requested otherwise

Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting Season

Hunts for Mid-Asian ibex may be scheduled from the 20th of August through the end of November then again during the winter months of January and February. Early season hunts from late August through October will utilize backpacking style tents later replaced with larger six-man tents for colder weather hunts in November onward so that gear may be taken inside if the weather conditions are poor. Early season hunts offer the most favorable temperatures with November hunts offering the start of the ibex rut. Snow is possible at any time during the hunting season with the risk or poor weather steadily increasing throughout the season. To date no client has lost more than a single hunting day due to poor weather however clients must be prepared for any weather conditions considering the remote location and altitudes. Winter hunts in January and February typically yield great hunting results at the risk of what could be moderate to extreme temperatures.

Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting Schedule

Expect a total of 13 days with all travel from the United States and return. Clients who departure the USA on calendar day one will arrive in Bishkek early morning on calendar day three where they will be met by the outfitter’s staff and assisted through customs before making a 10 hour vehicle transfer to base camp. Seven full hunting days with one to two guides per hunter will follow however most clients will harvest within the first few days of their hunt. One full day in base camp will be needed for preparation of the trophy hide, horns and skull. Hunters will return to Bishkek collectively as a group once everyone has returned to base camp. Post hunt hotel accommodations in Bishkek will be arranged by the outfitter. A minimum of one full business day at the end of the hunt is necessary in Bishkek so that the outfitter can prepare all export documents required for clients to take their trophies home as checked luggage. If for any reason clients do not want to take their trophies home as checked luggage they may be shipped via DHL at an additional expense.

Physical Requirements

The hunting camps is located at an average elevation of 8,250 feet. Sheep hunts average 9,000 to 11,000 feet with 10-20 miles a day on horseback. Although horses are used it is recommended to travel is as good of physical condition as possible. Hiking and climbing can be expected, particularly after a trophy animal has been spotted. Ibex are often hunted at altitudes in excess of 11,000 feet.  Diamox may be taken as a precaution to avoid high altitude sickness and is recommended for any clients who travel from low elevations. Expect to remain at altitudes of over 8,000 ft for the duration of the seven day hunt.

Physical Requirements

Anyone considering a hunt for mid-Asian ibex should be in reasonably good physical condition with no known pulmonary, cardiac or orthopedic leg/hip issues. Extensive horseback riding should be expected followed by hiking/climbing in steep terrain while at high altitudes. Most clients will harvest a mature trophy ibex within the first three days and clients into their seventies have successfully harvested mature ibex on this hunt. Large trophy ibex have been taken as low as 8,500 feet to as high as more than 13,000 feet. Mountain horses are not only used but relied upon in Kyrgyzstan and offer much easier access into distant regions of the hunting concession. Five to eight hours or more of riding may be required to reach the best hunting areas. Horses in Kyrgyzstan tend to be very easy to ride and extremely sure-footed, particularly when compared to horses in North America. At the time of this writing no immunizations are required for entry into Kyrgyzstan.

Travel and Trophy Export

Global Sporting Safaris strongly recommends clients fly only on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Bishkek using Chicago (ORD) or Houston (IAH) as the point of departure and arrival with New York (JFK), , Boston (BOS) Washington-Dulles (IAD), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO) and Toronto (YYZ) offering alternatives. Round trip economy fare to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (FRU) will average $1,200 with tickets as low as $850 to as high as $1,500. Currently, citizens of the United States must present a valid passport for entry in to Kyrgyzstan. American citizens, effective November 2016, must now register their stay upon arrival at the passport desk.

At the conclusion of the hunt all trophies will be prepared for clients to take them as checked luggage on the airlines when they depart Bishkek. Hides will be salted and dried, horns and skulls will be boiled clean. All necessary paperwork for legal export will be provided to the client including hunting licenses; CITES permits and veterinary certificate. Currently, Turkish Airlines charges a fee of $160 for a third piece of checked luggage for trophies when departing Bishkek or $90 for overweight baggage between 50 and 70 pounds.

Rifle Importation

Importing a rifle into Kyrgyzstan is relatively easy and Global Sporting Safaris will assist clients in collecting all necessary data including scanned copies of passports, US Customs 4457 forms as well as the firearm make, model ,caliber serial number and ammo count, three to four months prior to the start of the hunt. Each client’s weapon import permit will be processed approximately 30 days in advance and only 20-30 minutes is generally needed to clear customs upon arrival in Bishkek.

7mm magnum to .30 caliber magnum rifles are recommended with shot distances averaging 250 to 400 yards. Light to moderate wind is common and steep shooting angles should be expected. Ballistic turrets should be calibrated for 11,000 feet before arrival. Clients traveling together are advised to pack rifles separately into single gun cases and to avoid packing two rifles into one double gun case in the event that case is misplaced by the airline. Thirty rounds of ammunition is recommended.

2017 Pricing

The cost of the Kyrgyzstan Mid-Asian Ibex hunt is a total cost of $7,495.  Of the $7,495 cost, the amount of $4,495 paid in advance to Global Sporting Safaris and USD$500 is paid to the outfitter upon arrival.  A trophy fee of USD$2,500 paid to directly to the outfitter upon successful harvest or wounded and lost.  Total cost is $7,495.00.

Included in Hunt Cost

Reception at airport and all transfers in Kyrgyzstan; all meals and accommodations in the field during the hunt; weapon import permit and all necessary hunting licenses and permits including CITES for American hunters; all guiding services; basic taxidermy preparation of trophies for airline travel; and trophy fee for first ibex (paid directly to outfitter after harvest) are included in hunt cost.

Not Included in Hunt Cost

International travel to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (FRU); registration fee upon arrival at passport desk (approximately $3 USD); post hunt hotel and meal expenses in Bishkek; any additional trophies not included in hunt package and any excess baggage fees for taking trophies home as checked luggage upon departure are not included in hunt cost.

A second mid-Asian ibex may be arranged for a total cost of $3,850. Of this amount a non-refundable $1,500 must be prepaid in advance to secure the licensing for a second ibex. The balance of $2,350 is paid directly to the outfitter and this trophy fee is only paid after a second ibex is shot. There are NO surcharges for ibex of exceptional trophy size.

Asiatic wolf may be hunted at no cost if the wolf is left in Kyrgyzstan. Expect to pay a $1,500 trophy fee if the wolf is to be imported into the United States to cover the cost of the wolf CITES and all export permits. Siberian roe deer are available in limited numbers in lower areas and may also be harvested when in season for a nominal trophy fee.

Hunt Duration

Hunts are six (6) days. Please allow for 10 days in Kyrgyzstan plus 2-3 travel days. 

Hunting Methods

Spot and Stalk. Glassing.


Price: $7,495.  A second Ibex may be added to for an additional $3,850. Marco Polo Sheep: $16,995 per hunter plus $10,000 paid after harvest (including export documents).


Additional Ibex may be added to hunt for an additional $3,850.  A non-refundable fee of $1500 must be paid in advance to purchase license/permits (regardless if a 2nd Ibex is harvested) with the balance of $2,350 paid directly to the outfitter after harvest or wounded and lost.


September through late November and January through February.


Ranch-style cabin with comfortable heated rooms with single beds and bedding.


See in above desciption.

Not Included

See in above desciption.

License & Permits


Travel Specifics

Fly from Chicago to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan via Istanbul. Here you will be met by the outfitter.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Derek Amadio at 888-850-HUNT, Extension 705 or cell phone 307-277-3832.

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Mid Asian Ibex Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

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Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting

Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting

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Ibex Hunting Camp Dining Room

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Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting Terrain

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Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

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