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spain-ibex-hunt1Ibex Hunting in Spain

Arguably one of the world’s most desirable destinations for couples and travelers, Spain offers some of the finest big game and wing shooting found anywhere. As Spain has proven itself to be as rich in game as it is in culture and history, the hunting with this proven and very professional outfitter is nothing short of fantastic with virtually 100% success on nearly all species. Tourism is easily combined to any hunt and is highly recommended, particularly to those travelling with non-hunting companions. A combination hunt is a great way to experience animals that Spain is famous for, as well as the most famous regions of the country, including the beautiful and magnificent Beceite, Gredos, Sierra Nevada and Ronda ibex.

spain-ibex-hunt2What to Expect

Clients booking with this outfitter can expect a successful hunt, the highest level of service and the very best experience possible in Spain. Nearly all big game species in Spain are hunted by spot and stalk methods. You can expect to see many animals over the course of the hunt, and each hunting concession is managed exclusively for trophy quality game with only mature animals targeted for harvest. The outfitter’s guides are very experienced and accurate at trophy estimation; it is important to trust their judgment during your hunt. They are professionals and your success is their success.

Unless otherwise requested, all hunts are guided on a 1×1 guide to hunter ratio. However, it is very common for one to two additional guides to accompany each client, particularly when hunting the ibex inside exclusive guide areas with very limited permits. Although many Spaniards speak English as a second language, an interpreter will accompany each group for the duration of their hunt.

Depending on the species hunted, it may be necessary to travel to multiple regions within the country that may require six or more hours of travel time. Travel from Madrid and between hunting areas are provided through comfortable vehicles, including Range Rovers or 4Runners with 4WD jeeps primarily are used to access rugged hunting territories.


Hunts for red and fallow deer may be booked from September through the end of February. All species of ibex, chamois and barbary sheep are available from September through March. Because roe bucks rut and shed their antlers much earlier in the year than do other antlered game species, these small deer are only offered from April through August. Mouflon and wild boar are available year round.

Best Time to Hunt

Although clients can expect a successful hunt throughout the hunting calendar, those who wish to hunt during the peak of the rut should consider September for red deer and mid-November through mid-December for all species of ibex.

Traditional Monteria

A traditional Spanish driven hunt, or Monteria, is highly recommended and may be arranged for any size group for those seeking one of the most exciting hunting experiences with advanced arrangement. While hunting from stationary ground blinds, hunters will have the opportunity to harvest a number of red deer, wild boar or other species as they are “driven” or pushed through the forests with the use of hounds and houndsmen. Pricing is determined by the number of hunters participating, the dates available and the number of animals anticipated to be harvested.


Clients who wish to hunt the outfitter’s private 16,000+ acre private reserve will be treated to a five star experience with gourmet meals prepared by private chefs, including fine wines and unbeatable accommodations in one of twenty luxurious suites while being catered to by a professional staff. All rooms offer private bathrooms and views of the countryside with single and multiple beds and all the amenities one may need.

Mountain hunts use four and five star hotels located within close proximity of the various regions of the many hunting areas, depending on the species hunted.

spain-ibex-hunt5What’s Included?

Meeting at the Madrid airport and gun clearance, accommodations and meals during the course of the hunt, English interpreter, 1×1 guide service (unless other requests are made), all necessary hunting licenses and permits, all ground transportation to the various hunting areas, initial preparation of the trophies and all medal surcharges are included with the daily rates and trophy fees.

What’s Not Included?

International travel to Madrid, Spain, 21% VAT on final invoice, before and after hunt meals and accommodations, dip/pack, trophy shipping, taxidermy fees, firearm rental and telephone calls are not included.

Pricing 2016

Traditional Spanish Monterias (driven big game hunts) are available upon request and may be combined with most hunting packages. Please contact us for details.

Daily Rates for Red Deer, Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer and Wild Boar in 16,000 acre Private Reserve:

Daily rates: $590 per day
Observer fee: $290 per day

Gredos Ibex

~ Up to 69 SCI points $6,500
~ 70-74 SCI points $9,200
~ 75-79 SCI points $11,900
~ 80- 83 SCI points $14,900
~ 84-90 SCI points $17,500
* OVER 90 SCI points Gredos Ibex
~ $750 per point or fraction

Special flat rate option for Gredos ibex: $8,500 for ibex of any size, very limited availability

Beceite Ibex

~ Up to 69 SCI points $5,900
~ 70-74 SCI points $7,700
~ 75-79 SCI points $8,200
~ 80- 83 SCI points $10,900
~ 84-90 SCI points $16,400
* OVER 90 SCI points Beceite Ibex
~ $750 per point or fraction

Special flat rate option for Beceite ibex: $7,995 for Beceite ibex of any size, very limited in availability

Southeastern Ibex

Up to 69 SCI points $4,900
~ 70-74 SCI points $6,000
~ 75-79 SCI points $7,550
~ 80- 83 SCI points $9,650
*  OVER 83 SCI points Southeastern Ibex –
~ $750 per point or fraction

Rhonda Ibex
$6,900 any size

Iberian Red Deer

~ Up to 190 SCI points $1,650
~ 190 – 231 7/8 SCI points $2,750
~ 231 7/8 – 254 2/8 SCI point $3,450
~ 254 2/8 – 270 SCI points $4,200
* Over 270 Points SCI: $275 per point or fraction.

Iberian Mouflon

Fallow Deer

Roe Buck

Cantabrain Chamois

Pyrenean Chamois

Wild Boar

Barbary Sheep (Aoudad)

Balearain Boc

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