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Hunting in Poland

Free Range Roe Deer Hunting In PolandExperience hunting free-ranging Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Red Stag, Russian Boar and Mouflon in southwestern Poland with high success rates and excellent trophy quality.  Hunt for the biggest buck or stag you can find in 5 fully guided days with FLAT RATES on all trophy fees (other than Mouflon over 70 cms). No sliding scale or high, unexpected costs for harvesting an excellent trophy! All hunts are free range and fair chase, typically conducted with spot and stalk style hunting techniques but perched stands in strategic areas is also employed. Silencers or suppressors are permitted. Traditional driven hunts for Wild Boar or non-trophy cull/meat hunts can also be made available, as are moonlit night hunts. Roe deer are open from May to September, with early season and the rut being the most popular windows to hunt. Free Range Red Deer Hunting in PolandRed Stag opens in September and Fallow Deer follow in October. The roar for both peaks sometime in October with is the perfect window for a combination hunt. Mouflon is available from October into January and Russian Boar is open year round. Many hunters harvest multiple trophies as various seasons overlap allowing for a European safari style combo hunt. These competitively priced, all inclusive packages offer 5 nights’ accommodation in luxurious palaces or manor homes with excellent dining, an English speaking interpreter and a gracious staff. Complimentary airport shuttle service is available from either Poznań or Wroclaw via Warsaw. All GSS clients have so far returned very satisfied with several rebookings.

Roe Deer Hunting in Poland

Roe Buck HuntingHunt free ranging trophy Roe Deer from May to September across several excellent hunting areas in rural south western regions of Poland. The season opens in early May, and many regard this to be the best time to hunt trophy bucks. Thus hunts are conducted throughout all of May with excellent success rates and trophy quality. The weather and conditions are also mild and pleasant. Another excellent window is during the rut, with things heating up sometime in mid to late July and into mid August. This is a very exciting time of year to hunt as rutting Roe bucks respond well to calling strategies. During  either and early season or a rut hunts, it is possible to harvest 5-10 trophy Roe bucks in a typical 5 day, 1×1 guided spot and stalk type hunt.  Our all inclusive Roe deer hunting packages start at $1600 for 5 fully guided hunting days and trophy fees for x1 trophy Roe buck of unlimited size. Additional Roe Bucks of unlimited size can be added to this package for $500 each. Red Stag open in September and can be added to any Roe deer hunt for a trophy fee of $3500.

Fallow Deer Hunting in Poland

Fallow Deer Hunting in PolandOur outfitter might offer some of Poland’s best hunting areas and trophy quality when it comes to big, free range Fallow Deer.  One exclusive hunting concession spans more than 20,000 hectares where we conduct successful 1×1 spot and stalk style hunting.  Prime time slots for peak rut hunts would be throughout October during which time you can combine your hunt with Red Stag, Mouflon, Wild Boar or additional Fallow deer. Unfortunately combining Roe Deer and Fallow Deer can prove difficult since neither season overlaps the other. Our all inclusive Fallow Deer hunting packages start at $2750 for 5 fully guided 1×1 hunting days and trophy fees for x1 trophy Fallow Deer of unlimited size. Additional Fallow Deer can be added for $1500 each, and trophy Red Stag of unlimited size can be added to this package for $3500 each.

Red Deer Hunting in Poland

Red Deer Hunt in PolandHunting free ranging Red Stag during the peak rut is considered one of Europe’s best and most exciting hunts, and our outfitter has an excellent track record of both high success rates and free range trophy quality.  The rut occurs from roughly the middle of September lasting into mid-October and hunts are a combination of stands and spot and stalk style hunting.  Seasons are long in Poland, opening September and only closing January. September is a perfect time to combo with Roe Deer hunts, while October is the best window to pursue free ranging Fallow deer or Mouflon in combination with your Red stag hunt. Our all inclusive Red Stag hunting packages start at $2750 for 5 fully guided 1×1 hunting days and trophy fees for x1 trophy Red Stag up to 6 kgs. Packages for $3500 include a stag up to 7kgs, and most popular of all, our 5 day 1×1 all inclusive Gold Medal package include fees for a trophy Red Stag of unlimited size.  Additional Red Stag can be added to this package. Trophies up to 6 kgs are priced at $1450 each, while up to 7 kgs for $2500 each, and most popular of all, any stag of unlimited size for $3500 each. Add Roe Deer in September for $500 each, and trophy Fallow Deer in Oct for $1500 each.


Mouflon Hunting in PolandPoland offers some excellent opportunities for trophy Mouflon and the season runs from October to the end of the January.  All other species operate on a FLAT RATE trophy fee that has been negotiated with the outfitter, but Mouflon along fall subject to trophy fees on a sliding scale in accordance with trophy size, as is typically seen across Europe. Mouflon up to 70 cms/$2000, up to 80 cms/$5000, and $30 for ever mm over 80 cms. The base rate for a 5 day all inclusive Mouflon hunt is $1500, to which the subsequent trophy fees will be added to upon harvest. Mouflon hunts can be offered in combination with Fallow Deer, Red Stag, additional Mouflon or Driven Russian Boar hunts.  A popular package therefore is our 5 day all inclusive 1×1 gold medal Mouflon Hunt for any trophy ram up to 85 cm for $6500. Fallow Deer, Red Stag and Wild Boar can also be added to most Mouflon hunts.

Poland Gold Medal Slam

This is the best of Poland wrapped up into one package with the best value and lots of hunting all under one flat rate price! Consider this popular 7 day, 1×1 guided all-inclusive package including all round trip airport transfers, an English speaking interpreter (and/or guide), all meals, luxurious accommodation, guiding, next day European skull cleaning services and trophy fees for an unlimited size Red Stag, Fallow Deer and Mouflon (x1 each) all for only $9950! Choose to swap out your fallow deer for a trophy wild boar of unlimited size, or add it to this package for $1500. Extra days can also be added for $200 each.

Trophy Baited or Stalking Boar Hunts

 This is your chance to hunt for and harvest a truly giant boar from 300-500 lbs! Hunt spot & stalk to located a huge boar or consider baited hunts from an elevated high seat in key locations ranging from late fall to early spring. Baited hunts have proven most effective during the winter months when little other food is available on the landscape, and make for very exciting hunts with excellent trophy quality. This 5 day, all-inclusive package is 1×1 guided for $2850 and includes one wild boar of unlimited size. Add additional Wild boars from one of two categories. Up to 200 lbs (99kgs) and with tusks up to 180mm for $750, or boars of unlimited weight and size for $1500.

Boar  Hunting in Poland

Driven Boar Hunts in PolandOur outfitter also offers traditional driven hunts that involve groups of 12-15 hunters primarily focusing on Russian Boar which reside in good numbers. Red Stag, Fallow and Roe Deer may also be available on driven hunts, depending what seasons are open.  Experienced packs of hounds, dog handlers and beaters flush game efficiently to hunters placed in strategic locations. Hunters are engaged actively all day with a quick lunch and celebrations after a successful day afield. Poland has some excellent Russian Boar hunting, and all inclusive driven hunting packages are priced at $4300 per hunter. This includes 5 fully guided & organized days, meals, accommodations, transportation & trophy fees. This is an excellent opportunity for a larger group of hunting companions, or 1 or 2 hunters interested in participating in a tradition hunt with resident and other European hunters.  Occasionally hunters will have the opportunity to join a group on Driven hunts for 1 or 2 days, and costs are $850 per day.

European Bison Hunts

european-bisonExisting in the wild only in Poland, we are now pleased to offer European Bison hunts for a unique but limited opportunity. Hunts occur on private free range 20,000+ hectare hunting concessions in eastern Poland, approximately 4 hours northeast of Warsaw near the Belarus and Lithuanian borders. This is an very successful but largely a risk free hunt however, as hunters are only asked to book paying only basic hunt costs covering meals, accommodations and guiding at only $2500 for 5 full days. To his trophy fees for bison are added upon successful harvest. License are quite limited, and Bison trophies vary too greatly in price, and for that reason cannot be offered with Flat rate pricing. The trophy fee breakdown is as follows;

~ Non medal trophy bulls (up to 129 CIC) at $5000
~ Bronze medal trophy bulls (between 120-149 CIC) at $6100
~ Silver Medal trophy bull (between 150-169 CIC) at $10,000
~ Gold Medal trophy bull (up to 170 CIC and above) at $13,600
~ Wounded and unrecoverable European Bison at $4600

Cull Hunts

A separate all inclusive 5 day package or upgrade available to most of the hunting packages is a non-trophy cull/meat hunt for $1900. With this add-on a hunter can harvest 10-15 female Roe Deer, Red deer hinds and wild boars during their week of hunting. Please inquire as cull hunts are not always available.

Hunting in Poland

Hunting Terrain in PolandSouthwestern Poland offers very huntable and game rich terrain. The landscape is generally flat to gentry rolling rural farm country with cereal crops, canola, hay and pasture field being common. Scatted woodlots, pine plantations and larger tracts of mixed forest land are comprised of Birch, Oak, Poplar and varieties of Pine. Weather is usually fair and comfortable but will vary dependent on your quarry and the season afield. Roe buck hunts in May are similar to spring with mild mornings warming into the afternoon and conditions are just greening up. Summer hunt are warm with taller vegetation. Fall rut hunts for Red Stag and Fallow Deer are reminiscent of October in New England. Cooler weather, fall colors and expect snow on the ground towards the later part of the season such as December onwards.


Polish Hunting LodgeLodging for this hunt is best described as historic but luxurious manor homes or even palaces, or at times leased hotels. Some of the renovations have a modern twist.  All accommodations have a rich history complete with maintained gardens, courtyards, private rooms, communal dining halls and common areas. Meals are hearty and very satisfying with a hospitable staff to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The outfitter has several lodgings at his disposal and accommodations for your stay will depend on where or what you are hunting. This in turn is dictated by subsequent seasons, group size and availability.

Getting There

Hunting Lodge BedroomThe nearest airport to the majority of the hunting areas will be either Poznań or Wroclaw, both of which are situated in southwestern Poland. Airport pick-up and drop-off services are always included upon arrival to either of these destination cities. Various circumstances may include airport shuttle services from Warsaw. Both Poznań or Wroclaw however can be reached easily from Warsaw by either smaller commuter flights, high-speed trains or a vehicle rental. The outfitter will greet you and show you to your accommodations. Most hunters should plan for a travel day on either ends of their 5 day hunts, and arrivals early in the day, and departures late in the day provide you with a more time & flexible.  Firearm rentals may be available for a fee of $250 for the duration of your hunt, and non-hunting observers are also welcome at an all-inclusive rate of $200/day.

*Note: These competitive prices & flat rate trophy frees are on the premise that hunters will harvest multiple trophies on a 5-day hunt.

Roe Deer

5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy class Roe deer.  Cost: $1,600. Additional Roe deer are $500 each. Season May through September.

Fallow Deer

5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy class Fallow deer.  Cost: $2,750. Additional Fallow deer are $1,500 each. Season October through November.

Red Stag

5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy class Red deer.  Cost starting at: $2,750, $3500 or $4500 unlimited size. Additional Red deer are $1,450 to $3500 each. Season September through January.


5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy class Mouflon up to 85cms $6500.  Inquire for lower Mouflon pricing below 85cms.

Boar Baited or Stalked

5-Day Baited or Stalked Russian Boar hunt. $2,850.  Season is October through May.

Russian Boar

5-Day Traditional Driven Russian Boar hunt. $4,300 or $850/Day.  Season is September through January.

European Bison

5-Day Hunt Guided hunt is $2500 plus trophy fee.  Season is October through May.  Trophy fees range from $5000 to $13,600.  See description above for details.

Cull Hunt

5-Day non-trophy cull hunt as a package or add-on. $1,900.  Inquire for Daily rate


Non-Hunting Observer rate is $200/day.

Rifle Rental

Rifle rental with quality rifle, optics and ammunition is $250 for duration of hunt.

Hunt Includes

Roundtrip Airport Transfers to Lodging
English Speaking Interpreter
5-Star accommodations  for 5 days /5 nights
Daily gourmet meals during your hunt
Professional guiding and all transportation during your hunt
Combination hunting opportunities if seasons overlap
Russian Boar & combination hunting opportunities (if seasons overlap)
Skinning, caping and trophy preparations

Does Not Include

Rifle Rental
Shipping and handling of trophies
Gratuities to guides ($100 daily or 10% total cost of your hunt + trophy fees) & lodge staff (Approx $30 per day)
Pre and post trip accommodations and travel

Trip Gallery:

Free Range Roe Buck Hunting In Poland

Free Range Roe Buck Hunting Poland

Free Range Roe Buck Hunting

Free Range Roe Deer Hunt In Poland

Free Range Roe Deer Hunt

Free Range Roe Deer Hunting In Poland

Free Range Roe Deer Hunting Poland

Free Range Roe Deer Hunting

Poland Free Range Roe Buck Hunting

Poland Free Range Roe Deer Hunting

Poland Roe Buck Hunting

Polish Free Range Roe Buck Hunting

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Roe Deer Hunting In Poland

Roe Deer Hunting Poland

Roe Deer Hunting

Free Range Red Deer Hunting in Poland

Free Range Red Deer Hunts in Poland

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Free Range Red Stag Hunting in Poland

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Polish Red Stag

Red Deer Hunt in Poland

Red Deer Hunting in Poland

Red Deer Hunts in Poland

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Red Stag Hunt in Poland

Red Stag Hunting in Poland

Red Stag Hunts in Poland

Red Stag in Poland

Red Stag Stalking in Poland

Red Stag in the Snow

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Stalking Red Stag in Poland

Fallow Deer Hunt in Poland

Fallow Deer Hunting in Poland

Fallow Deer Hunts in Poland

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Fallow Stag Hunts in Poland

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Free Range Fallow Deer Hunting in Poland

Free Range Fallow Deer Hunts in Poland

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Boar Hunting in Poland

Break Time

Driven Boar Hunt in Poland

Driven Boar Hunting in Poland

Driven Boar Hunts in Poland

Traditional Driven Boar Hunt in Poland

Traditional Driven Boar Hunting in Poland

Traditional Driven Boar Hunts in Poland

Hunting lodge in Poland

Hunting lodge in Poland - Backyard

Hunting lodge in Poland - Evening photo

Hunting lodge in Poland - Garden Area

Hunting lodge in Poland - Hallway

Hunting lodge in Poland - Bedroom

Hunting lodge in Poland - Dining Area

Hunting in Poland Terms of Booking

Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by Bitcoin. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in our Poland Roe Deer Hunting trips above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot.  In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.  All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 90 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early.   See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Our Roe Deer hunts in Poland have never been better. Book your hunt soon to get the time slot you’re looking for!