Hunting in England Chinese Water Deer & Muntjac Combo Hunt 1x1 $4,800

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Deer Stalking in England

Consider this exciting hunt for the unique and desirable free ranging trophy fanged & antlered deer, free ranging  in the picturesque countryside of Southern England, surrounded by quaint “olde world” villages, cities, and accommodations. Trophy free range Muntjac, Chinese Water deer, Japanese Sika, Fallow deer, and on a very limited basis Red stag, all inhabit the scrubby woodlots and ravines scattered across a mosaic of rich agricultural farmland. English Deer stalking is mainly conducted at dawn and early evening. Choose to either keep hunting during the slower midday, or relax in you comfortable hotel & restaurant/pub style accommodations in a rural setting, but close to downtown London. Sightseeing options exist with a number of popular attractions nearby.  Free range Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer are primarily conducted spot & stalk, while Japanese Sika and Fallow Deer hunts are typically done by waiting in strategic high seats being more nocturnal in nature. Estate hunts are located on the grounds of prestigious country homesteads within their well maintained private parks, some of which have been established for hundreds of years. Consider these well priced, luxurious, hassle free all-inclusive hunting packages. Enjoy numerous non-hunting activities and a quick easy commute from most major US airports.

Hunting in England

Our primary hunting areas are no more than 2 hours from London, frequently in the counties of Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire. Professional, local guides using a combination of spot & stalk, high seats or calling tactics deliver incredibly high success rates! Hunting is conducted in the early morning and late afternoons when the animals are most active. Low scrub and wood lots provide excellent habitat for the various wildlife species inhabiting the region. Physically this is not a challenging hunt but your targets are small and often on the move.  Quality scope & rifle rentals are provided, and it pays to be able to shoot from sticks or a bipod confidently up to 250 yards.  During the midday hunters have plenty of time dine, relax catch up with things at home, or go sightseeing.


A small deer, 30 lb or so and only found free ranging in either England or Nepal.  The above hunting strategies are all employed to offer our clients best odds at connecting with a medal class Muntjac buck.  Calling is an especially exciting way to hunt them!  Expect to encounter the bulk of the Muntjac in wooded areas, and overgrown fields or orchards provided there is substantial dense underbrush. Muntjac have both antlers and small tusks, which they use for fighting. Despite having no close season and technically huntable all year long, our outfitter choose to target Muntjac during the autumn and winter months when the antlers are free of velvet , firmly attached and conveniently combinable with Chinese Water Deer. Boasting high populations of both Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer, our outfitter is very confident in producing near guaranteed shooting opportunities at respectable trophy examples of both species in a hunt, especially between October to April. Opportunities to add free range Sika or Fallow deer may also exist, as well as estate & exotic hunts for flat rate trophy fee basis.

Chinese Water Deer (CWD)

A uniquely English free range hunting opportunity, our outfitter might have access to arguably the best ground for these animals within the UK.  Unlike the Muntjac, these “vampire deer” prefer the security of wide open field habitats. The legal hunting season is also the best time hunt them, and spans from November to the end of March.  Our outfitter is very selective targets old specimens, which is also good management and ensures a very sustainable hunt.  Interestingly females give birth to roughly 6-8 young but most only ever manage to raise just 1 to maturity as vermin and roads take their toll. While judging trophy males our outfitter looks for both tusks to be intact, ideally not broken tipped, and hanging below the jaw line. Often mature males will have ears and noses with slices and other battle scars across them from aggressive fighting with other males during the December rut. Anytime during Chinese Water Deer season is an excellent time to combine with Muntjac. Free range Fallow and Sika, or estate hunts and exotic can all be added to these hunts.

Free range Fallow & Japanese Sika

Fallow inhabit some of the same areas where the bulk of our Muntjac hunts are conducted, and can be taken on a flat rate trophy fee basis if desired. The best time to hunt Fallow deer is in the fall, specifically October when they are grunting on rutting stands. Expect a good representative trophy, but medal class while possible, do not come easy.  Japanese Sika exist free ranging in pockets of habitat across southern England.  One very good hunting area is an approx 2 hour drive from our primary Munjac and Water deer hunting, grounds, and again is best combinable during the fall, when the rut has them them screaming for their hinds! October is an excellent time to come pursue one or both of these species on an specialized hunt.  Or consider adding free range Fallow or Sika to a hunt Muntjac and/or Chinese Water Deer, and if so it is advisable to book an extra day or two to increase success rates for good free range trophies from. Estate trophies are also available and can be combined with any hunt with some pre-planning.

Exotic / Estate Hunting


Our outfitter provides a number of quality trophies in high fenced hunted area ranging in size from several hundred to several thousand acres. Many medal class trophies are taken each year and a number of unique or sought after European species are available. Species such as White Red Stag, English Red Stag, European Fallow, Japanese Sika, Manchurian Sika, Hog, Axis, Pere David & Barrasingha deer, Soay Ram, Multi Horn Ram, and European Mouflon are all available. A complete Estate trophy price list is provided below. Trophy Fee Prices vary frequently and are subject to change without notice.

The English 5

This is a very popular package that incorporates 5 of England’s quintessential naturalized deer species in a short hunt with high success rates. Hunt Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer, Japanese Sika, Fallow Deer and Red Stag!  Certain species can be hunted either free range or estate, such as Sika, Fallow and Red Stag. Chinese Water Deer & Muntjac are always hunted free range and the rest are typically estate hunts. If hunting free range, consider adding two or more extra days in seeking good representative trophies of each species.

English Accommodations

Enjoy your stay in a quality English hotel and restaurant/pub set in the countryside roughly 20 minutes from the Muntjac hunting areas, and 45 minutes from the Chinese Water Deer locations. All hunters are in single bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. All meals are provided in the restaurant and past hunters greatly enjoyed the English food and locally brewed Ales. The hotel lodgings are set alone in rural southern English countryside complete with a lovely garden to enjoy during downtime. The hotel is located just a short distance from a small local town which has offers amenities such as other pubs, restaurants, shops etc. Popular nearby sightseeing options can extend from trips to Oxford, downtown London, Woburn Abbey, Stonehenge and Bleinham Palace. All within striking distance and can be arranged or planned as post hunt side ventures.

What to Bring

Temperatures are comfortable are rarely dip below the freezing mark. Hunting clothing does not need to be camouflage or overly warm, but must be quiet. Water and wind proof garments are also advised along with waterproof boots such as Muck Boots or something similar. The hunting areas are normally muddy, and wet in the fall and winter months. A minimum of 8x power binoculars are advised, as well as a digital good camera. Rangefinders can also be indispensable. Quality scoped rifles can also be provided at no charge for the duration of your hunt. For evenings at the hotel restaurant and pub, or if sightseeing side ventures are planned, bring enough casual or otherwise non-hunting clothes.

Getting There

Fly to London Heathrow or Gatwick, ideally on a morning arrival. The outfitter or his staff will be waiting to greet you at arrivals. From there enjoy a complimentary drive to your comfortable hotel accommodations. Settle in, relax, and time permitting – suit up for the evening hunt!

Exportation and Getting Trophies Home

Our outfitter works closely with a professional taxidermist who can prepare your mount to custom specifications, or just dip and pack. The taxidermist works in conjunction with a shipping agent with many years experience shipping trophies all over the world. Your outfitter is also an official SCI measurer.

Combination Hunts

Chinese Water Deer & Muntjac

1×1 Trophy Chinese Water Deer Combo Hunt.  $4,800. Season November through April.  Hunt duration is 4 Nights and 3.5 Days.

Additional Add-on Trophies

~Additional Free-range Muntjac – $1200
~Additional Free-range Chinese Water Deer – $1680
~Additional guided hunting day – $350
~Non-hunting fee $150/day

Estate Trophy Fees

What's Included

~Round trip airport shuttle service (to and from hotel accommodations or terminal)
~Professional guiding and all transportation while hunting
~Accommodations and three meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks daily
~Opportunity and trophy fees for x1 Trophy Muntjac & x1 CWD
~Trophy preparation for taxidermist
~Hunt permits, insurance, licensing
~Blaser or Remington rifle rental

Not Included

~Round trip travel to Heathrow, London England
~Pre-post hunt hotel accommodations (if needed at approx $175/night) Hotel plus meals
~Alcoholic beverages or miscellaneous purchases while on location
~Gratuities/Stalking fees for guides and staff
~Shipping of trophies & any taxidermy work

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Hunting in England Terms of Booking

~Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~Cheques and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~GSSafaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be signed and returned.
~Final 50% payment is due no less than 90 days prior to your hunt date
~All hunts are in US dollars
~Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early