Desert Mule Deer Hunting in Coahuila Mexico - Starting at $5500 per hunter

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Crooki mule deer hunting is one of the little-known treasures of Mexican big game trophy hunting. Pursue this desert-dwelling deer for a chance at a unique trophy and the thrill of a challenging badlands hunt.

Crooki Mule Deer HuntingA Class of Their Own

Crooki mule deer, sometimes called blacktail deer, form a subspecies of mule deer that is very closely related to the Rocky Mountain variety. They are born survivors and have adapted well to living in the harshness of the desert.

Qualifying as a type of desert mule deer under SCI, the general consensus on the quality of a crooki trophy is as follows:

Good: Any buck scoring a gross of at least 150 points B&C or SCI. SCI rifle bronze medal: 151 inches.

Excellent: Any buck scoring a gross of at least 166 points B&C or SCI. SCI rifle silver medal: 165 6/8 inches.

World Class: Any buck scoring a gross of at least 180 points B&C or SCI. SCI rifle gold medal: 181 7/8 inches.

Crooki Mule Deer HuntMost bucks bear racks with 3–5 points on each side. The inside spread averages about 24 inches; however, it’s fairly common to spot bucks with inside spreads of 26, 27, or even 28 inches. Anything larger than that is likely to fall into the “World Class” category.

While crooki deer don’t normally have especially heavy antlers, the bases are often impressive, often growing to a circumference of up to five inches. The antlers are thick at this point and thin out as they grow away from the skull, forking and forming tall, slender tines.

Distinguishing Characteristics and Behavior

Crooki mule deer have brown coats in the summer and gray coats in the winter. At either time of year, these coats provide perfect camouflage, and they can easily fade from sight if they have brush to retreat into. This makes for a challenging hunt.

The hunter does have one advantage here, though: these desert deer are not nearly as accustomed to being hunted as their whitetail cousins, and tend to be more curious than cautious. Once you’ve spotted a worthy trophy, the odds of a successful stalk are in your favor.

If you do startle one of these deer, they will flee by stotting—making great repeated leaps by using all four legs in unison. It’s an astounding and memorable sight.

The Location

With this outfitter, you’ll be going crooki mule deer hunting on more than 150,000 acres of private land in the center of Coahuila’s desert badlands, near the Sierra del Burro mountains. The land consists of ranch properties with low fences that allow the deer to easily traverse the area. 

Getting There

The fastest way to reach the starting point for your hunt is to fly into Del Rio, located just on the U.S. side of the U.S./Mexico border. The outfitter will pick you up in the town, transport you across the border, and drive for a total of two hours to bring you to the ranch that will serve as your base of operations. With the beautiful desert surroundings to occupy your eyes, the trip will seem much shorter than that.

Crooki Mule Deer Hunts in MexicoThe Hunt

These are desert animals—by their nature, they’re few and far between, and they must stay constantly on the move in order to find enough food. In order to find your trophy, the outfitter will lead you on a wide-ranging hunt across vast swathes of ranchland in their high-rack truck.

You’ll travel to hills and ridges that serve as natural vantage points to glass for a worthy buck. High-quality optics (8x42mm as a minimum) are essential. There may be some hiking involved in getting to these points, and once a good buck is spotted, you may have to track your quarry on foot in order to close in for the final stalk. As a result, this hunt can be somewhat physically demanding. Be prepared for a workout and wear tough chaps and boots that will be able to handle the thorny brush that grows here.

Crooki mule deer hunting can also be a serious challenge in marksmanship: while the outfitter will usually be able to get you in position to take the shot at less than 200 yards, you may not be able to get closer than 400 yards away under some circumstances. Make sure you’re prepared to take a long-range shot.

Javalina Hunting in MexicoThe hunt lasts one week. On an average hunt you’ll spot about a dozen deer, half of which qualify as trophy-worthy bucks (mature with an inside spread of at least 24 inches and a gross score of at least 150 points).

The outfitter’s local guides know the area and the terrain better than anyone else and have been working this job for many a year. While they may not all speak English perfectly, they do know enough to communicate with you on anything essential to the hunt. You can rely on them to find your trophy deer, track it, spot it, and take care of your trophy, all while keeping you and your equipment safe on the hunt.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of crooki mule deer hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

Hunt Duration

Seven days with five full days hunting.

Hunting Methods

Ground blinds and Spot and Stalk.


$5500 per hunter. Carmen Moutain Whitetail, Texas whitetail deer and Javalina are also available per price list on this hunt.


December thru first week in February.


Comforable Ranch Housing.


Deer tag, hunting license, VISA, lodging, all meals and snacks, open bar, field care and packaging of trophy, guide, 24 hour security, USFWS trophy import forms, temporary gun import form, gun transportation permit, hassle free customs inspection, hassle free gun check in and out inspection.

Not Included

Tips, taxidermy or shipment of trophy, ammo, travel expenses to and from Eagle Pass, Texas.

License & Permits

Included in price.

Travel Specifics

Fly or Drive to Eagle Pass, Texax or fly into San Antonio where an extra transportation fee will be incured.

Additional Info

This is the best hunt for trophy free range Crooki Desert Coahuila Desert Mule deer we offer!

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