Coastal Black Bear Hunting in Alaska

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You won’t settle for less than the best. You want the biggest bears, the most comfortable accommodations, and the finest dining possible. You don’t just want a hunt—you want a memorable and relaxing escape. You also know a fair price when you see one and won’t pay an arm and leg for your trip. If that sounds like you, then these coastal black bear hunting cruises are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Black Bear Hunting Alaska from a Luxury Yacht

These outfitters are waiting to welcome you aboard their 70-foot luxury hunting yacht. Their licensed and experienced guides and skilled staff make it their mission to stand head and shoulders above the competition. You will be in good hands for every moment of your stay.

With the unbeatable bear population in southeastern Alaska and the ability to spot bears from the sea, there’s no need to spend your days sitting over bait and swatting at black flies. These are 100% spot-and-stalk hunts.

On an average day’s hunt, you will hop off the yacht and onto a 16-foot boat to patrol the shores in search of your trophy bruin. These hunts are especially good in the spring, when bears are plentiful on the coast. People in almost any degree of physical fitness and ability can succeed at this time of year—you rarely have to walk more than a couple hundred yards to get a good shot!

These spring hunts have had a remarkable 80% success rate for several years running. They also allow you to take in the mountainous shoreline and unforgettable Alaskan seas the entire time—an advantage you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s exactly what you’d imagine when dreaming of coastal black bear hunting in Alaska.

Considerable hiking may be required for fall hunts, so only book one if you’re in decent shape. They offer a truly unique experience, though: the chance to take a black bear over a salmon stream.

The black bear season begins earlier than the season for browns. You’ll have no competition from brown bear hunters—and the outfitters know which streams the black bears love best. It’s an intense and sometimes demanding hunt that’s completely different from the laid-back affairs of spring.

The bears have extremely high-quality skulls, with a 19.5” average. Several have reached an impressive 21”.

There are some good color-phase bears here, with cinnamon being the most common. These are sometimes the biggest bears around—one that they harvested measured an incredible eight feet!

These outfitters specialize in archery hunting. They can frequently put bowhunters within 30 yards of their quarry, and have had a 100% opportunity rate for archers for five years in a row. If you want to take a Pope & Young bear, you won’t find a better operation.

This skill at stalking lends itself to more than just bowhunting. It has also made these outfitters exceptional at guiding hunters who prefer black powder rifles or handguns.

If you hunt with a rifle, your guide will generally have you take your shot at 150 yards to lower your risk of scaring off the bear. If you can shoot true at that range, you’re practically guaranteed to come home with a bear.

Accommodations and Dining

The yacht offers the best in technology, safety and comfort. Cutting-edge electronics and satellite telephone access ensure exceptional performance and communications. Every day, you will be treated to delightful meals prepared by a four-star chef in the fully equipped galley, and you will spend your nights in your private staterooms with in-suite heads. There’s even a shipboard washing machine and dryer.

The meals are as good as the hunting. Fresh Alaskan seafood takes center stage, with the state’s famed salmon and crab stealing the limelight. Delicious side dishes and a variety of vegetables will ensure you’ll always leave the table satisfied.

While seafood is the main attraction, you will also enjoy dinners built around high-quality meats as well. You will never have to fear palate boredom.

If seafood (or anything else, for that matter) doesn’t appeal to you, whether due to allergies, eating restrictions or simple dislikes, then don’t worry. The outfitter will talk to you about your needs and preferences long before you leave for your trip and stock the galley accordingly.

The four bedroom suites offer the highest level of comfort. The luxurious queen-sized bed, convenient fold-down bunk, and private bathroom with shower provide everything you need to get a perfect night’s sleep. You truly can’t find better accommodations for black bear hunting Alaska’s shores.

Pricing for Coastal Black Bear Hunting

These coastal black bear hunting trips cost $7,500 for each hunter. Hunts last seven days.

Not Included in the Price

In addition to the price of the hunt, you will need to budget for your trip to and from Juneau, Alaska, as well as the charter flights between Juneau and the yacht. You are, of course, responsible for all meals and accommodations before and after your hunt.

Additional hunting costs include your hunting license and tags, as well as the USFS Land Use Fee. The outfitters will take care of skinning and freezing your trophy and shipping it to an expediter, as well as boning out and freezing your meat. All further shipping and processing is done at your expense.

If you’d like to keep the meat, the outfitters will be happy to take it to a good Alaskan processor for you. You can also choose to donate the meat instead. This option only costs $100.

All alcoholic beverages are extra.

Included in the Price

Virtually everything that isn’t listed in the section above is included in the listed price.

Booking Terms

In order to reserve your stateroom on the yacht, you must pay a 50% deposit. The remainder of your payment is due 75 days before the first day of your hunt. Both payments are non-refundable; travel insurance is highly recommended.

Acceptable payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal check and business check. Credit cards incur a 3.5% surcharge.

This is some of the best coastal black bear hunting Alaska has to offer. You simply can’t find a better combination of high-quality hunting and luxury at such a reasonable price.