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 Caribou Hunting Packages

Central Barren Ground Caribou HuntingExperience hunting Central Barren Ground Caribou amidst the fall colors in the endless tundra. Many are unaware of the incredible caribou hunting opportunities in Manitoba Canada, northwest of Churchill – polar bear capital of the world! With few licenses issued annually, chances at Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young animals are ever present. Two bull caribou tags are available per hunter, as well as the option of adding barren ground black bear for the price of the license to this exciting week of spot & stalk hunting! Wolves can be harvested under the authority of any unused big game tag at no additional costs. Should you tag out early, lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling or snow geese and ptarmigan can all be pursued from camp! Uniquely your GSS Hunting consultant is a guide for this outfitter and is happy to assist you in booking and preparing for this hunt, and could also be your guide. This highlights trust and confidence in the quality of your experience with this reputable outfitter of over 20 years experience, with consistent success on trophy bulls at conservative 90% rates. Aside from licenses, this hunt is 6-Days 2×1 and all-inclusive for $9,995 out of Thompson Manitoba where you board the float plane bound for caribou country!

Caribou Hunting Outfitters

Canada Caribou HuntThe Qamanirjuaq (ka-min-YOO-ree-ak) herd numbers roughly half a million animals, and with only 1000 or so licenses issued annually by the Province, promotes fantastic hunting with excellent trophy potential. Hunt foot or boat based in traditional spot & stalk fashion, glassing from vantage points for trophy bulls. Expect to see 100 to 1000 caribou in a typically day, but some years when conditions are perfect thousands can be seen from all directions – something that truly ever hunter must experience! Expect to walk and glass considerable amounts of terrain each day, making quality footwear and optics the most vital pieces of equipment to consider. The majority of shots are taken between 100-200 yards and excellent opportunities exist for archery and primitive weapons hunters. Large silver wolves and black bears are typically encountered and can both be targeted with the appropriate licensing at either minimal or no cost. Inquire for details. This outfitter also offers 14 day caribou and moose combos as well as well as combo snow goose hunts on the shores of Hudson’s bay followed by a week at caribou camp. Please inquire for more details.

Caribou Hunting Trips

Temperatures for your caribou hunt tend to hover around the freezing mark. The first week of the season can be warm, green and even buggy, while mid-season brings with it vivid fall colors, colder nights and frosty mornings. The final week or two become stormier and snow can be expected anytime. From the perspective of a guide, the landscape changes from summer to winter in fast-forward.  Rolling rocky Canadian Shield, interspersed with small lakes, fingers of boggy tundra and stunted stands of spruce trees make up the landscape. Uniquely, black, polar and barren ground grizzly bears can all be encountered, as well as wolves, wolverine, moose, eagles and snowy owls. Enjoy watching tens of thousands of snow geese and Sandhill cranes migrate all day, even heard at night while admiring the northern lights after dinner or while brushing teeth before bed.


WL_Caribou1Two “mini” lodges, complete with all modern amenities are strategically situated on the shores of Shmock & Commonwealth Lakes, roughly 7 miles apart. The lakes form a natural funnel along the traditional route of the migrating caribou herds, with animals at times wandering through camp. Truly 5-Star, in the middle of a barren tundra enjoy running water, indoor showers, flushing toilets, internet, home cooked meals, cozy sleeping quarters & bedding. Enjoy the sub-arctic in complete comfort in the company of like-minded hunters from all over the world.

Caribou Hunting Canada

This all-inclusive adventure hunt begins from the docks of the sea-plane base in the town of Thompson Manitoba. Unlike Churchill, Thompson is road accessible, 7 hours drive north of Winnipeg Manitoba. Most hunters fly to Winnipeg however, followed by a commuter flight to Thompson serviced by Calm Air. Depending on your arrival in Thompson you may require overnight in a hotel, otherwise you will be taxied to the floatplane and arrive at Caribou camp after a scenic hour-long flight. Watch the boreal forest slowly transition to barren tundra as you fly the final leg north.

Getting Meat & Trophies Home

IMG_4606Several options exist. Firstly, your MB big game tags double as 30-60 day export permits, allowing hunters to accompany their hunting bounty whether flying or driving home. Extra bags are typically approx. $75 each dependant on which airline you book with, and all meat, cape or antlers must be stored in leak proof containers such as coolers or Rubbermaid totes, all available in Thompson at the local department store after your hunt. Most cost effective would be for those who drove to Thompson. Simply drive the meat & antlers home with you, but would again suggest bringing or purchasing coolers or a truck freezer. The other option includes leaving your trophies with our taxidermist in Manitoba, who can do one of two things. Either do the complete work and ship you the final product, OR, prep the antler cap and cape for export & shipping, sending it either to you or direct to your taxidermist of choice. The simplest would be if you drove to Thompson.

Caribou Hunt Pricing

$9,995:  6-Days 2×1 Guided, 2 Trophy Caribou Tags (August 31st to September 24th)

$16,500:  14-Days 2×1 Guided, Caribou & Moose Combo (September 18th to October 1st)

8-Days 2×1 hunting, Caribou / Snow Geese – Please Inquire for details

Tags & Licenses (approximate pricing)

~ Caribou (CDN$475 each)
~ Black Bear (CDN$255)
~ Fishing ($35)
~ Game Bird ($120)
~ Grey Wolf (no cost when harvested under the authority of any valid big game tag)


~ Porter greeting at airport and taxi to float plane
~ Round trip float plane transportation between Thompson to Caribou camp
~ 2×1 professional guiding
~ All accommodations and home cooked meals during hunt
~ Complimentary beer and soft drinks
~ Hunting opportunities for Black Bear, Wolf, Snow Geese, Ptarmigan
~ Fishing opportunities for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling
~ Field dressing, capeing and trophy prep for taxidermist
~ Meat preparation, wrapping and boxing for home

Not included in the cost

~ Government & Provential Goods & Services Taxes
~ Hunting Licensing
~ Shipping and handling of trophy to taxidermist
~ Tips and gratuities
~ Pre and post trip accommodations and travel

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Caribou Hunting Packages Terms of Booking 

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~ Cheques and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~ Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.
~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 60 days prior to your hunt date
~ All hunts are in US dollars
~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early