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Ibex Hunting in Turkey

Bezoar Ibex HuntsConsidered the transition between eastern Europe and Asia, the country of Turkey offers some of the most desirable and unique species for the international hunter and endless touring and historical sightseeing. Our outfitter is proud to offer all big game species in Turkey including the rare Konya sheep and Urfa gazelle, each of which can be legally hunted nowhere else on the planet. The magnificent bezoar ibex is Turkey’s primary attraction for the international hunter and arguably the most beautiful of all ibex species. Anatolian red stag and chamois as well as the best wild boar hunting the world has to offer only complements the diversity and experience for those who venture into Turkey and Taurus Mountain region.

Travel to Turkey

We recommend clients fly only on Turkish Airlines, connecting in Istanbul. Depending on specie chosen clients will be asked to fly into one of several Turkish cities in close proximity to the hunting concessions. Clients will be met upon arrival and assisted during the firearm clearance process and taken to the hunting villa or hotel by car. Driving times vary from 45 minutes to several hours to reach the respective hunting concessions. At the conclusion of the hunt clients will again be transferred back to the airport of departure where they will be assisted with firearm clearance. Citizens from the United States are required to obtain an entry VISA prior to arrival. An entry VISA may be easily obtained online in a matter of minutes from the Turkish government or upon arrival in Istanbul.

Anatolian Red Stag HuntingBezoar Ibex Hunting

Turkey is a diverse country offering a variety of desirable species, all of which we can offer, however our outfitter specializes in hunts for the bezoar ibex. Bezoar ibex can be hunted from the first of October to the end of March with the optimal time from early November onwards. The rutting period is typically from late November into late December. Hybrid Ibex can be hunted inside the same season as bezoar ibex and represent a mix between wild bezoar ibex and domestic goat yet are listed with SCI as a separate specie. Wild boar are extremely plentiful and trophy quality is exceptional as Turkey is primarily a Muslim country and most of the inhabitants do not hunt the specie. Wild boar can be hunted year round and are easily combined with most hunts. Anatolian chamois are available from October 1st to March 31st. We recommend a hunt during the November rut for this specie. Anatolian Red Deer are the largest of deer species found in Europe and are best hunted during the rut from mid September into mid October. Urfa (Anatolian) gazelle, hunted from September 1st to December 15th, are a genetically unique specie of gazelle. Konya sheep, likely the world’s most rare wild sheep, are now offered to trophy hunters in very limited numbers from October 1st through January 30th. Please call us for details.

Turkish Ibex Hunting Outfitters

Konya Sheep Hunting in TurkeyWe offer a choice of seven exclusive hunting concessions managed year-round by our outfitter who employs full time game scouts. These hunting concessions are each unique and offer a diverse choice of experiences based on expectations, pricing or physical ability. Concessions are priced based on the expected trophy size however all concessions have produced trophies up to and exceeding 50”.

Standard Concessions are the most physically demanding of the ibex hunts we offer and clients considering the hunt should be physically fit. These are also the most economical ibex hunts with an average trophy size of 40” to 44” with trophies up to 50” taken on past hunts. The terrain is very rugged, steep and also very beautiful. Elevation up to 6,000 feet should be expected and spiking out is common. There are no additional trophy fees on this hunt, the client can take the best available ibex for one flat rate.

 Mid Level Concessions are priced at either $20,500 with trophies averaging 44” to 46” or  $27,500 in concessions with trophy averages of 46” to 49”. No horn surcharges apply to mid level hunts, the client can take the best available ibex for one flat rate.

Premium Concessions

Clients who wish to harvest nothing short of the largest possible trophy should consider our premium concessions as these areas regularly produce trophies over 50” in horn length each season with a guaranteed minimum of 48”. Premium concession hunts also offer the lowest altitude and the most gentle terrain for clients who are not in the best physical condition, however every client should be able and willing to walk to some extent. Client in premium concessions will be taken to and from the areas each day by 4wd vehicles with their guides and can expect to stay at the outfitter’s private hunting villa or at a five star hotel each night. Horn surcharges for trophies over 50” apply.

Anatolian Gazelle Hunting in TurkeyTrophy Shipping from Turkey

Clients should expect to have their trophies shipped from Turkey to their home country at the conclusion of the hunting season. Many of the game species in Turkey are listed under CITES and require documented paperwork for legal export/import. Taking trophies home as checked luggage may be possible depending on the specie and import restrictions of the client’s home country.

Why are we Different

Unlike virtually all other Turkish outfitters who must share hunting concessions and bid against each other annually at auction for permits, we offer our clients a choice of exclusive concessions, none of which can be accessed by any other outfitter in the country. Additionally, permits are guaranteed at the time of booking for any specie we offer. Because our concessions are exclusive our outfitter manages these concessions year-round with full time game scouts to maintain and ensure the quantity and quality of game our clients expect.

Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

Hunts for Bezoar IbexOur outfitter is proud to have maintained a success rate of virtually 100% on all hunts and species they offer. Because of their commitment to maintain this success rate clients can book their hunt and travel with the peace of mind of knowing they will be guaranteed and opportunity on a quality, mature trophy. If no opportunity is presented due to poor weather or simple bad luck our outfitter will offer the client a complementary return trip. This guarantee only applies to clients who book hunts they are physically prepared for and for clients who are willing to hunt the full duration of their schedule.

Additionally, clients who shoot and miss their trophy, regardless of the number of times, will be entitled to a return trip during the same hunting season and  under the same unused permit for only the cost of the additional guide fees.  Please note that any animal shot and wounded is considered as harvested in Turkey.

What is Included?

All transfers by vehicle including airport pickup and drop off; Professional English speaking interpreter; Meals, drinks and spirits during hunt; Accommodations during hunt at hotel or private hunting villa; Trophy fee for specie included in hunt package of any size (with exception to premium ibex concession hunts); Hunting license and specie permits; Trophy preparation after harvest including skinning of hides and boiling of skulls

What is Not Included?

Hunts for Anatolian Wild BoarRifle clearance at Istanbul airport if necessary for layovers and touring ($100 per hunter); Gratuities for professional guides and staff; Four to Five star hotel upgrades and hotel extras including international phone calls during hunt; Trophy shipping; Optional travel insurance; Before and after hunt meals and accommodations; International transportation to Adana, Turkey; Addition of non-hunting companions ($350 per day); Additional species not included in hunting package: Veterinary certificate and CITES permits ($600 for wild boar, gazelle, chamois, bezoar and hybrid ibex and $1,000 for red stag and konya sheep), and additional transportation required for combination hunts

2017 Hunt Pricing

Bezoar Ibex (7 Day Hunt)

Standard concession with 40” to 44” average: $16,500

Mid-Level concession with 44” to 46” average: $20,500

Mid-Level concession with 46” to 49” average: $27,500 any size

Premium concession with 49” to 52” average: $32,500*

*A horn surcharge of $2,500 per half inch applies to ibex over 50” in horn length taken from premium concessions.

Hybrid Ibex (3 Day Hunt)


Anatolian Chamois (7 Day Hunt)


Wild Boar (1 Day Hunt)


Urfa Gazelle (2 Day Hunt)


Anatolian Red Stag (5 Day Hunt)

Standard concession (7 to 9 kg average horn weight): $18,500

Premium concession (10+ kg  average horn weight): $24,500

Konya Sheep (4 Day Hunt)


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Bezoar Ibex Hunt in Turkey

Bezoar Ibex Hunt in Turkey

Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

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Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

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Hunt for Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

Hunting for Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

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Turkish Bezoar Ibex Hunting

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Hunt for Anatolian Wild Boar in Turkey

Hunting for Anatolian Wild Boar in Turkey

Hunting for Anatolian Wild Boar in Turkey

Hunts for Anatolian Wild Boar in Turkey

Trophy Class Anatolian Wild Boar in Turkey

Trophy Hunting for Anatolian Wild Boar in Turkey

Ibex Hunting in Turkey Terms of Bookings

Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by Bitcoin. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in our Ibex Hunting Turkey trips above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot.  In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.  All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 75 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early.   See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

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