Argentina Red Stag Hunts starting at $4,500

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Argentina Red Stag Hunts

red-stag-hunting-in-argentinaThere are few hunts that rival the excitement and value of those for genuine wild, free-range red stag in Argentina. Strong numbers of game, sound management, excellent staff and service, high success rates and low pricing make this hunt one of the best options for an international hunting adventure. GSS has personally hunted here and can attest to the quality and value this hunt offers our clients.

Red Stag Hunting Season

The hunting season begins March 1st and ends June 30th, with the optimal period for roaring red stags lasting through the month of March and into early April, with peak roar generally around March 20th. Hunting beyond the roar will require the use of blinds over water holes and spot and stalk methods. Blackbuck, wild boar and buffalo can be successfully hunted at any time during the open season.

The Hunt

argentina-red-stag-huntingClients will be picked up at the lodge each day by their English-speaking guide (one-on-one guiding) an hour before sunrise and driven into the field by 4WD vehicles to start hunting before shooting light. Hunting stags during the roar is largely sound-and-stalk: listening for roaring stags and slowly stalking toward them while minding the direction of the wind and animal movements. During this period, it is common to see 10–15 or more stags per outing while hearing roars throughout the day.

Most clients will return to the lodge late morning for lunch and a nap, and will go back into the field in the afternoon for an evening hunt and return once again to the lodge after dark.

Shot distances will range from as little as 10 yards up to 50 when bow hunting and 50 to 350 yards when rifle hunting. Fire lines cut into grid sections throughout the area provide easy travel and foraging opportunities for stags, boar and buffalo and give rifle hunters the ability to shoot at much greater distances. When stalking roaring stags in heavy brush, it is common to have very close shot opportunities on shooting sticks or off hand.

red-stag-argentinaTo date, opportunity rates have been 100% (including archery hunts), with several animals wounded and lost during the 2015 season. Mature trophy stags between 5½ and 8½ years of age will average six, seven or eight points per antler (12 to 16 points in total) and score up to and over 300” SCI. A management stag may be added to any hunt package for only $500. These are assessed by the hunting guide. A typical management stag will have malformed antlers or missing points but otherwise may be just as large in beam length and width as a trophy stag. SCI silver- and gold-medal blackbuck and water buffalo are common.

Rifles chambered in .270 and .300 Win Mag for small- to medium-sized game and .338 Win Mag for buffalo are available for rent at the lodge. Clients are welcome to import their own weapons; however, a government application and import fee is required.

Free Range Red Stag Hunting

argentina-blackbuck-huntOur free-range hunts are for genuine wild animals with no deer farm transplants or genetic alterations to herds. Far too many outfitters in Argentina, New Zealand and around the world routinely buy large stags from deer farms and transplant them into low-fence areas prior to their client’s arrival, all while marketing their hunts as “free range.” This practice is illegal in many countries and deceptive to clients who seek true free-range hunting experiences. Water buffalo and wild boar share the free-range area with red deer and are frequently seen.

Estate Hunting Option

For those who seek exceptional trophies or additional species, we offer estate hunts on 2,500 heavily vegetated acres. This estate is located adjacent to the free-range property and within minutes of the hunting lodge. Estate clients will find stags scoring up to and over 400” in size, plus trophy blackbuck, axis deer, fallow deer and an occasional mouflon or four-horned sheep.

Bow Hunting

argentina-water-buffaloWe can accommodate the special needs of archery hunters with knowledgeable guides that know how to put clients within close range of trophy stags. Sound-and-stalk while raking and calling is the most popular method; however, the property has a number of blinds over waterholes that have proven very effective throughout the season.

Compound bows, longbows and recurve bows are at present time not considered as weapons and do not require weapon import permits. As a result, most archery equipment can be taken to Argentina as checked luggage. We recommend a minimum of 60-plus pounds of draw weight for red deer and 70 pounds of draw weight for buffalo, with fixed-blade broadheads.

Staff and Service

A full-service staff will take care of your every need from arrival to departure, including English-speaking guides, a bilingual host, a professional full-time chef to prepare all of your meals, a housekeeper for twice-daily room cleaning and on-request laundry service, and an on-site staff member to skin, flesh and salt all trophies.


bow-hunting-red-stag-in-argentinaHunters will fly internationally to Buenos Aires, Argentina and connect via taxi transfer from the international airport (EZE) to the domestic airport (AEP) for a connecting flight to Santa Rosa. We recommend you give yourself at least four hours between flights to leave ample time to clear customs, exit the international airport, and make the 45-minute taxi ride to the domestic airport with enough time to check in. The outfitter will pick clients up upon arrival in Santa Rosa and transfer them to the lodge by vehicle (two-hour drive). Most international flights from the United States for Buenos Aires depart in the evening, with arrival the next morning. This schedule generally allows enough time for clients to fly into Santa Rosa the same day they arrive in Buenos Aires.

What’s Included

One-on-one guiding, trophy fees for species included in hunt package, chef-prepared meals, private ensuite double-occupancy accommodations, field prep of trophies, and ground transfers from Santa Rosa are included with each package hunt.

What’s Not Included

Commercial flights to Buenos Aires and into Santa Rosa, taxi transfers in Buenos Aires (about $50), hunting license ($100), species permits ($30 to $60 per species), optional rifle rental ($200) or optional weapon import permit ($70 for firearms, no charge for archery equipment), voluntary tips to guide and staff, and trophy expediting/export papers and shipping are not included in hunt pricing.

2017 Pricing


Free Range Red Stag Hunt


Free Range Red Stag trophy plus estate Fallow deer and estate Blackbuck of any size.


Free Range Red stag trophy plus free range Water buffalo and estate Blackbuck of any size


Additional hunting days per person


Non-hunting Observer rate


Free Range Trophy Fee: Wild Boar male


Free Range Trophy Fee: Wild Boar sow


Free Range Trophy Fee: Water Buffalo trophy bull


Free Range Trophy Fee: Trophy Red Stag


Free Range Trophy Fee: Management Red Stag


Estate Trophy Fee: Axis Deer


Estate Trophy Fee: Blackbuck


Estate Trophy Fee: Fallow Stag

Starting at $3,000

Estate Trophy Fee: Red Stag

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