Argentina Big Game Hunting

Red Stag Hunting Argentina

Trophy Class Red Stag Hunts in ArgentinaThis lodge is seated at the middle of the beautiful Quehue Valley of the La Pampa Province, Argentina. With the special Argentinean charm, atmosphere and landscape, the Andalen ranch, covering up to 10,000 acres, is a popular spot known globally for hunting game ranging from the Red Stag, Blackbuck Antelope, Wild Boar, Mouflon, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Water Buffalo, Feral Goat, Dorset Ram, and Feral sheep.

The lodge permits a group of 2 to 7 hunters weekly on a program of an all-inclusive hunting and other personalized getaway services, with a lot of history and hunting stories to be experienced from the culture-rich location.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting Season

Argentina Bow Hunting for Red StagRed Stag: March 1st – June 30th

**The red stag rut usually takes place between March 20th and April 20th. These weeks are in high demand by hunters from all over the world, and we do recommend that individuals specifically interested in the rut, book in advance – 8 to 12 months – to guarantee a place in the prime time hunt.**

Water Buffalo, Blackbuck Antelope, Wild Boar and Mouflon: all year round

Hunting Style – Red Stag

Argentina Trophy Red Stag HuntsHunting Red Stag is an incredible experience during the Rut/Roar.  The local vegetation and trees are think with small 20 to 60 yard openings.  Hunting the Roar is done by Sound and Stalk.  You guide will call the stags.  When they call back, you will get the wind in your face and quietly move towards the return call.  This is a very exhilarating style of hunting.  Step on a small stick that snaps or that wind swirls and the Red Stag will crash out of his hiding spots sometimes less 10 yards away from you.  It’s quite the adrenalin rush when this happens.  The guide calls again to locate the next rutting stag and your off in a different direction.  Due to the close proximity of this type of hunting, it is perfect for bow hunters who prefer the exercise over sitting in a blind over a waterhole.  This style of hunting is completely different that the Red Stag hunts in the Patagonia region of Argentina where you glass for stags over rolling hills with no tree and start your stalk from 300-400 yards away.

Hunting Style – Water Buffalo

Argentina Water Buffalo HuntingThe Argentina Water Buffalo hunts can be similar to the Cape Buffalo hunts in Africa.  You and your hunting guide will drive to areas and water holes where Water buffalo frequent.  Once fresh tracks are found, you will purse the buffalo on foot.  Sometimes you will be in the same terrain and vegetation as the Red Stag.  This is a fun and exciting hunt and a fair level of physical ability will make the hunt more enjoyable.  Once the heard is found, your guide will help you select a good bull and will get you as close as possible to take your best shot.  Spot and stalk archery hunts are possible but much more difficult than the rifle hunts.  Most archery hunts for Water buffalo are in blinds and over water of game trails.

Hunting Style – Blackbuck, Fallow Deer, Axis, Mouflon, Rams & Goats

Hunting the Argentina Blackbuck is similar to hunting the Pronghorn antelope in Wyoming.  These animals prefer wide open spaces with visibility of 200 to 400 yards or more.  Most Blackbuck are harvested with a rifle but for the dedicated bow hunter, they are truly a well-earned trophy.  Mouflon, Rams and Goats are hunted by spot and stalk and are certainly obtainable by both rifle and archery.

Estancia Andalen Lodge Accommodations

Inside Andalen LodgeThis lodge offers maximum comfort for guests with 6 double-rooms, private baths, and personalized services from the cordial staff. The lodges feature dining areas with a lounge and fireplace for relaxation, as well as first class bar services – 24 hrs. a day. The hunting ranches are world-class, with a 100% natural feel.

Also available are, excellent local cuisine and dishes, variety of local wines and champagnes from the Mendoza province. Excellent transportation & communication services, as well as guides are all available at guests’ disposal.


The basic package covers 5 hunting days and nights.

Package Price

Bow Hunting for Blackbuck in ArgentinaInquire now for your tailor-made safari.  See Seasonal daily rate and trophy fee list below.  If you would like a package price for yourself or a quote for a group, please contact Pablo Mazza in Argentina (directly through the form on the left hand side of the screen) or call him at 888-850-4868, Ext. 714 and it will ring to his cell phone at no extra long distance charge to you.  If Pablo doesn’t answer, a voice mail will be emailed to his inbox automatically. (Minimum 2 hunters)

**Orders for diet menus, personal trainer and masseuses, must be made in advance.**

Package includesTransfers between the lodge and the Santa Rosa airport, accommodation, feeding (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), transport to and from hunting sites, open bar with soft drinks, beer, and local first class Argentina wines, one hunting guide per hunter, skinning and trophy preparation.

Fallow Deer Hunts in ArgentinaPackage does not include: Hunting license, domestic flights or ground transportation from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa, personal equipment and gratuities, personal insurance, government tag and exportation fees, and shipment fees for trophies.

Getting to the Ranch

Andalen ranch is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Santa Rosa city, accessible by a short flight from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa, followed by an overnight ride. Contact us to learn how the necessary arrangements can be made for any of these.

Equipment & Gear

Trophy Water Buffalo Hunts in ArgentinaThe Red Stag hunting season falls between the Argentina is fall/winter weather, with cold mornings and evenings with temperatures around 40 degrees (F) but warm afternoons around 70 degrees (F). It rarely rains during the March/April period but hunters signing up around May should expect some rain.

Clothes: Camo hunting jacket, trousers, shooting gloves, and cap. Lightweight boots, a warm jacket or polar sweatshirt (for the cold nights).

Other equipment: Polarized sunglasses, shooting glasses (sunblock SPF 40 or higher), insect repellent, good comfortable socks, a pair of sandals and sneakers.

Miscellaneous: Photo and video cameras, chargers, extra batteries, prescribed medicines, and personal effects.

Daily Rate 1x1 (March to August)

Hunter: $400/Day
Non-Hunter: $300/Day

Daily Rate 1x1 (August to February)

Hunter: $300/Day
Non-Hunter: $300/Day

Red Stag - Bronze

Up to 271 Points SCI – Bronze:  $3,500

Red Stag - Silver

271 1/8 to 300 Points SCI – Silver:  $4,500

Red Stag - Gold 1

300 1/8  to 320 Points SCI – Gold: $5,500

Red Stag - Gold 2

320 1/8  to 340 Points SCI – Gold: $6,500

Red Stag - Gold 3

340 1/8  to 360 Points SCI – Gold:  $8,500

Red Stag - Gold 4

360 1/8  to 380 Points SCI – Gold: $11,000

Red Stag - Gold 5

380 1/8  to 400 Points SCI – Gold:  $15,000

Red Stag - Platinum 1

400 1/8  to 420 Points SCI – Platinum: $20,000

Red Stag - Platinum 2

420 1/8  to 440 pts SCI – Platinum: $25,000

Red Stag - Platinum 3

440 1/8  to 460 Points SCI – Platinum:  $30,000

Red Stag - Platinum 4

More than 460 Points SCI Platinum Plus:  Price on Request


$1,650 Any Size

Water Buffalo - 1

Up to 81 Points SCI Bronze: $4,000

Water Buffalo - 2

81 1/8 to 87 7/8 Points SCI Silver: $5,000

Water Buffalo - 3

88 to 96 Points SCI Gold: $6,500

Water Buffalo - 4

96 Points or Larger SCI Platinum: Price on Request

Axis Deer - 1

Up to 122 Points SCI Bronze:  $3,500

Axis Deer - 2

122 Points or Larger SCI Silver:  $4,500

Fallow Deer - 1

Up to 191 Points SCI Bronze:  $3,500

Fallow Deer - 2

191 1/8 – 213 Points SCI Silver: $4,500

Fallow Deer - 3

213 Plus Points SCI Gold: Price on Request

Dorest Ram


Jacobs 4-Horn Ram


Feral Goat


European Mouflon


Wild Boar


Dove Hunt Add-on


Big Game hunting License


Wingshooting License


Government Tag Fee (per animal)


Trip Gallery:

Bow Hunting for Red Stag in Argentina

Nico Catena with Red Stag

Red Deer Bow Hunts in Argentina

Red Deer Hunting in Argentina

Red Stag Bow Hunts in Argentina

Red Stag Hunt in Argentina

Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

Red Stag Hunts in Argentina

Trophy Class Red Stag at Andalen Lodge

Trophy Class Red Stag Hunts in Argentina

Argentina Bow Hunting Blind

Argentina Bow Hunting for Red Stag

Argentina Red Deer Hunting

Argentina Red Deer Hunts

Argentina Red Stag Hunting

Argentina Red Stag Hunts

Argentina Trophy Red Stag Hunts

Axis Deer Hunting in Argentina

Axis Deer Hunts in Argentina

Argentina Bow Hunting for Blackbuck

Blackbuck Hunting in Argentina

Blackbuck Antelope

Bow Hunting for Blackbuck in Argentina

Argentina Blackbuck Hunting

Argentina Blackbuck Hunts

Argentina Bow Hunting for Water Buffalo

Argentina Water Buffalo Bow Hunt

Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting

Argentina Water Buffalo

Argentina WaterBuffalo Hunts

Bow Hunting for Water Buffalo in Argentina

Bow Hunts for Water Buffalo in Argentina

Trophy Water Buffalo Hunts in Argentina

Water Buffalo Hunt in Argentina

Water Buffalo Hunting in Argentina

Water Buffalo Hunting in Argentina

WaterBuffalo Hunts in Argentina

Argentina Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow Deer Bowhunting in Argentina

Fallow Deer Hunting in Argentina

Fallow Deer Hunts in Argentina

Fallow Stag Bow Hunts in Argentina

Fallow Stag Hunting in Argentina

Fallow Stag Hunts in Argentina

Fallow Stag Hunts in Argentina

Fallow Stag Hunts in Argentina

Andalen Lodge Place Setting

Andelan Staff

Argentina Asado

Enterence to Andalen Lodge

Estancia Andalen Dessert

Estancia Andalen Dinner

Estancia Andalen Living Room

Inside Andalen Lodge

Pablo Mazza on right starting an Asado

Red Stag Chandelier at Andelen Lodge

Spot and Stalk Hunting for Red Stag

Staff and Hunters at Andalen Lodge

The Bar at Andelan Lodge

Andalen Lodge Bedroom

Jacobs Four Horn Ram hunts in Argentina

Nico Catena with Jacobs Four Horn Ram

Ram Hunting in Argentina

Ram Hunts in Argentina

Feral Ram Hunts in Argentina

Bow Hunting for Wild Boar in Argentina

Bowhunting in Argentina

Wild Boar Hunting in Argentina

Argentina Red Stag Hunt Terms of Booking

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~ Checks and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~ Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be signed and returned.
~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 90 days prior to your hunt date
~ All hunts are in US dollars
~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early
~ See our Terms & Conditions for further details.