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Alaska Hunting Trips: Starting at $11,000

best-moose-hunting-in-alaskaThis outfitter, one of the very best we have found, is also one of the most experienced in Alaska, operating in the pristine and game-rich Wrangell Mountains. The main lodge from which most hunts originate is only 65 miles from the Yukon border. Their outfitting operation began as a family-run business more than 50 years ago and over the last five decades they have remained one of the most honest, ethical and successful in the industry. The outfitter is not only a highly experienced bush pilot with thousands of hours of Alaskan flying time but also an A&P certified mechanic who owns and operates the aircraft used in each hunt. Because of this, clients who hunt sheep, moose and interior grizzly will not be dependent on third-party flying services, nor will they pay any charter fees during their hunt. Additionally, clients and their guides will be relocated to alternate areas when needed and at no extra cost.

Clients who hunt Dall sheep, moose, interior grizzly and coastal brown bear will be accompanied by some of the most experienced guides in the industry, with most having more than 15 years with this outfitter.

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunts: $19,000

alaska-dall-sheep-huntsThe Wrangell Mountains support some of the highest sheep densities in all of Alaska. Super Cub aircraft are most commonly used on this hunt to charter clients and their guides into remote country. These planes, equipped with tundra tires, give access to more than three dozen landing locations scattered throughout the territory. After flying into the field, all hunting is conducted on foot and by spot and stalk. Clients should expect to hike five to 10 miles per day while climbing upwards of 500 to 1,500 vertical feet on steep and loose terrain. With that said, hunts will be planned to minimize the amount of physical effort required and most clients will harvest their ram within four to five days. Altitudes are generally under 7,000 feet. Shot distances average 200 to 400 yards.

It is common to see rams each hunting day. Legal trophies must be eight years of age, full curl, or broomed to be legally hunted in this unit. To date, every GSS client who has booked this hunt has had shooting opportunities on mature rams. Rams in this area average eight to ten years of age with 34” to 37” horn length with 13” bases. The two largest trophies taken in recent years each measured more than 40”.

Alaska Moose Hunting: $18,000

alaska-moose-hunting-tripsThis area is one of the few hunting units in Alaska that remains open through September 30th well after most hunting units in the state have closed. This extended season allows clients to hunt the very last week of September and at the peak of the moose rut. Only four moose hunters are taken annually and most are scheduled during the last 10 days of September from the 21st to the 30th. Moose hunters will fly into the field from the main lodge for a 12-day schedule and 10 full one-on-one guided hunting days unless specified otherwise. Calling and spotting from vantage points are the primary methods of hunting and most hunters will have shot opportunities on mature bulls averaging 60” in antler width with trophy sizes ranging from 55” to more than 70” taken on past hunts. Moose hunting is not as physically demanding as sheep hunting; however, being in good physical condition is still recommended. It is advisable to book more than a year in advance for this hunt, as the limited number of available spots do fill up fast. Shot distances are rarely far and can be extremely close when bulls are receptive to calls.

Alaska Interior Grizzly Hunting: $11,000

alaska-grizzly-bear-hunting-tripsInterior grizzly hunts are offered in the Wrangell mountains during the month of June and again in September. Spot-and-stalk using vantage points is the primary method of hunting. The terrain can vary and physical fitness is very helpful for going after a bear once spotted. Interior grizzlies are smaller in size when compared to coastal brown bears, averaging close to six feet with trophies as large as nine feet taken, yet they offer a much better value and tend to have prettier coloration. Success rates are high as only one GSS client has returned without having a shot opportunity on a mature bear. Camps are set up in pre-scouted areas and relocation to new areas, if necessary, is included at no additional cost.

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear Hunts: $18,500

grizzly-bear-hunting-trips-alaskaCoastal brown bear hunts are offered during the month of May. Unlike the hunts offered in the Wrangell Mountains, clients will need to fly to Anchorage and on to Cordova before chartering to the hunting area on the coast near Katella. Bears average 8.5′ to 9.5′ in size, and occasional giants measuring over 10′ have been taken on past hunts. Anyone hunting on the coast of Alaska may see extreme changes in weather and clients should expect long days of glassing with their guide. Mobile tented camp accommodations are used and 12-day schedules with 10 full hunting days are standard. Due to strict airspace regulations in this area, clients may be subjected to third-party charter flights that average $300 to $400 each way.


Twelve small cabins, grandfathered into this area before it became a National Park, are used frequently. These cabins, built by the outfitter’s father, are rustic and offer only basic amenities, yet they provide for a dry, comfortable retreat with wood-burning stoves, ideal after a physically demanding day of hunting. The remaining two dozen locations utilize tented camps equipped with cots, cook stoves, etc. Clients will return to their respective camps each evening and only need to take with them day packs with personal hunting items each day during the hunt.

Alaska Hunting Schedule

dall-sheep-huntsMost hunts include a twelve-day schedule. Expect to fly into the field, weather permitting, on day one of the hunt after arriving at the main lodge. Ten full hunting days with one-on-one guiding will follow with a return to the main lodge on day 12 (unless clients harvest early). Clients must be aware that each relocation to alternate areas will result in the loss of one hunting day as Alaska regulations prohibit hunting on the same day that one has been airborne.  Meals and accommodations at the main lodge are included for the duration of the scheduled hunt.

Getting There


Clients will need to fly commercially to Anchorage and stay the night at a hotel. The following morning, a rental car is needed to drive from Anchorage to the main lodge. The drive takes 5–6 hours and is very scenic, and the directions are easy. Under normal weather conditions a small 2WD car will suffice, as the road surface is paved up to the last 45 miles of the journey, where the road turns to gravel. The rental car can be left at the main lodge for the duration of the hunt. Morning departures from Anchorage are recommended so that clients can check their rifles at the outfitter’s 100-yard range, load their gear into the aircraft and fly out into the field the same day to meet their guide.

Coastal brown bear hunters will need to fly to Anchorage and on to Cordova before chartering to camp near the cost of Katella. No rental car is needed.

What’s Included

alaska-moose-hunting-guidesTen days of hunting, all bush flying from base camp into the field and relocation to new areas if necessary (with exception of the coastal brown bear hunt), main lodge meals and accommodations before scheduled fly-out and after hunt, one guide per hunter, meals, camp equipment, and trophy care are all included in the price.

Not Included

Non-resident hunting license and locking species tag, commercial flights to Anchorage, AK, rental car from Anchorage to main lodge and return, domestic flight to Cordova (brown bear only), optional trophy shipping and/or expediting, and voluntary tips are not included in the price.
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2017 Pricing

Dall Sheep Hunts


Alaska Moose Hunting


Coastal Brown Bear Hunts


Interior Grizzly Bear Hunts


Non-Hunting Observer (Field)

$3,000 including bush flights

Non-Hunting Observer (Lodge)

$170 to $250 per night

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Alaska Dall Sheep, Moose & Grizzly Bear Hunt Terms of Booking

Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in our Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot.  In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.  All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 75 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early.   See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

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