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Theron African Safaris

For the true sportsman, a Theron African Safari is about more than seeking the highest quality game.  It’s about escaping the everyday world and rediscovering a new sense of tranquility.  Enjoying the majesty and untamed beauty of nature.  Testing your inner strength and rising to the challenges that only big game hunting can offer.

What sets us apart from other African hunting Safari operators is the vast knowledge and experience of our professional hunters, the unmatched quality of our concessions and our attention to detail that ensures you of a successful journey that you will long remember.  We have an exclusive bow and rifle hunting area in Gauteng of 60,000 acres and another 60,000 acres in the Limpopo Province. Our hunting concession in Mozambique is 18,000 aces and in Botswana we have 30,000 acres and another concession of 150,000.  Whether you are traveling alone, with a hunting partner or your family, we go above and beyond to offer you the trip of a lifetime that few have ever had the opportunity to experience.

Gerrie Theron

Since 1999, we strive to offer our clients an unforgettable hunting safari and value for your hard-earned money.  Gerrie Theron has a 90% success rate in hunters that return every year to relive this awesome experience.  We pride ourselves in our hospitality and utmost professionalism towards our guests.  Theron African Safaris has a proud tradition to have over 80% rating animals pursued and animals harvested.

Gerrie Theron has hunted with his clients in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique and has extensive knowledge of the African Bush and Big Game hunting.

Gerrie believes in the spirit of fair chase in all of your hunting endeavors and our stance on conservation through hunting is evident by the abundance of game in our hunting areas.  Long after you have left, you will still recall the warm welcome, professionalism and hospitality extended to you on your hunting safari and you will return soon.

Africa Flight Arrangements

We highly recommend that you use a travel agent who not only specializes in African travel, but also has the knowledge and experience to handle the special arrangements required for hunters.  Our recommended travel agents know which ports you can travel through with firearms and which ports require extensive paperwork even if you are just making a connection.  Although you are free to choose whom you please, we recommend Steve Turner in the United States.  In addition to being highly experienced with Africa travel, he is also available if you experience any travel delays or need to reschedule your flights.  Steve can also help with your SAPS 520 Rifle permits.  You can contact Steve at:

Steve Turner, Travel with Guns:  (210) 568-9603.  Email: Web:

Insurance: Travel & Medical Insurance is highly recommended.  We recommend Coastal Plains Outdoors.  One policy covers both Trip Cancellation and Medical Evacuation Insurance at one low rate.  No need to purchase two separate policies any more.  Three travel insurance policies are available; standard, cancel for business reasons and cancel for any reason. Contact Travers Davis at 800-664-0222 or Cell at 843-384-2903 for a free quote or to bind a policy.

Transport: Your trip fee includes pickup and drop off at the Polokwane International Airport.  The airport code is PTG.  The drive from Polokwane to the lodge is approximately 2 hours.  Helicopter charters to the lodge’s private helipad are available at an additional cost.  Inquire for a quote.

Gun Fees:  We recommend the services of a rifle concierge service to prepare your SAPS520 firearms import license.  This fee usually runs about $150 plus/minus $25.  Dangerous and Plains game rental rifles are also available for $50/day plus the cost of ammo.

2017 Plains Game Trophy Fees
Species South Africa Mozambique Botswana
African Wild Cat $900 $900 N/A
Baboon $175 $175 N/A
Blesbuck, Common $595 N/A N/A
Blesbuck, White $1,245 N/A N/A
Bushbuck $1,350 $1,350 N/A
Bushpig $900 $900 N/A
Caracal $1,130 $1,130 N/A
Civit $1,020 $1,020 N/A
Duiker $455 $455 $455
Eland (Cape) $3,165 N/A $3,165
Gemsbuck (Oryx) $1,500 N/A N/A
Giraffe $3,955 N/A $3,955
Hartebeest (Red) $1,640 N/A $1,640
Hyena (Spotted) $4,410 $5,085 N/A
Impala $455 $560 $560
Jackal $85 $85 $85
Kudu (Less than 55") $3,275 $3,390 $3,390
Kudu (More than 55") $3,955 $4,070 $4,070
Kudu (More than 60") POR N/A N/A
Monkey $85 $85 N/A
Nyala $3,220 $3,335 N/A
Roan $10,700 N/A N/A
Springbuck, Common $750 N/A $750
Sable (up to 40") $7,900 N/A N/A
Sable (over 40") $8,500 N/A N/A
Serval $900 $900 N/A
Steenbuck $455 $455 $455
Tsessebe $2,825 N/A N/A
Warthog $510 $510 $510
Waterbuck $2,235 $2,485 N/A
Wildebeest (Blue) $1,355 $1,695 $1,695
Wildebeest (Black) $1,355 N/A N/A
Zebra (Burchell's) $1,500 $1,640 $1,640
2017 Dangerous 7 Trophy Fees
Species South Africa Mozambique
Cape Buffalo (to 40") $12,015 $14,410
Cape Buffalo (40" to 42") $14,580 $15,710
Cape Buffalo Cow $5,085 $5,370
Crocodile $8,475 POR
Elephant POR POR
Hippo $8,475 POR
Leopard POR POR
Lioness POR POR
Daily Rate Mileage
$220/day Plus Travel Expenses

Theron African Safaris Terms:

Trophy fees are payable in full before departure from South Africa.  Credit cards are subject to a 3.75% administration fee.  Checks are not accepted in Africa while on your trip as they can take 45-60 days to clear.  Lots of cash is not recommended for security reasons. Projected trophy fees may be paid in escrow to Global Sporting Safaris prior to departure.  There is an $80 wire transfer fee associated with this service.  Any unused amounts will be returned to client by Global Sporting Safaris, Inc. check.

Fluctuation of the South African Rand (ZAR) against the US Dollar may affect pricing.  The prices on this page are subject to change at any time and without notice.  Some animals may be subject to availability, quota or location.  Prices above are for safaris taking place in 2017.  Safaris is 2018 may see an increase in price.  Cape Buffalo bookings require a deposit before arrival in Africa.  Any animals shot, wounded (blood found in any amount) and lost are considered as harvested and subject to the trophy fees list on this page.  We will do our best to recover the animal but there is no guarantee.  With the exception of Cape Buffalo, the daily rate for Dangerous Game may be higher and will be quoted on request.

The standard daily rate includes Professional Hunter/Guide, food, lodging, local beer or wine, soft drinks, purified water (from the cooler in the land cruiser), trophy preparation and transportation to and from the closest airport to the hunting area.  Hard liquor and any bar tabs generated will be added to your trophy fee bill at the end of your trip.

A 50% deposit of the total daily rate or package deal and is due and payable upon the confirmation of your booking.  The balance is due 90 days prior to arrival.  Payment for any additional trophies harvested are due on the last evening of your safari.  Deposits are not refundable but may be moved to another date pending availability with a $250 fee.  You may also gift your deposit to another hunter.

Any Safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful direction and advise of the safari operator be followed. Global Sporting Safaris and Theron African Safaris accepts no responsibility for death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any persons, loss, theft or damage to property occurring during a visit (or visits) to areas or resorts under our control, whether allegedly due to the negligence of any of servants or agents, or arising from the use of any facility supplied or made available by us.  All hunters and observers will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to arrival.