Georgia Quail Hunting

Posted on Oct 01, 2016 by Rick

Georgia Quail Hunting

best-south-georgia-quail-huntingAt our recommended Georgia quail hunting plantation, you’ll find an old-fashioned sporting experience. Veteran guides lead the way while energetic dogs flush birds out from the cover of fields and pine forests.

You can choose to spend just a single day and night at this lodge, and book with as few as two hunters. It makes a perfect destination for a father-son weekend. Non-hunters can also stay for less than $200 per day, so if not everyone in your family is as enthusiastic about hunting as you are, they can still come along and enjoy the lodge’s great dining and cozy atmosphere. You can build your trip around this hunt or simply book it as one more attraction on your tour of the South.

The outfitter forbids alcoholic beverages until the hunt ends, making it even more family-friendly and safe. You will be able to relax knowing that common sense prevails here.

Quail Hunting in Georgia

georgia-quail-hunting-plantationsPlanning a corporate bird hunting retreat? With room for up to 15 people in the lodge, there’s plenty of room for you and your C-suite or direct reports. Spend your time in the field getting to know each other as friends, then turn to business in the evening. It’s a fantastic way to foster esprit de corps and creative approaches to troubleshooting.

If you aren’t running a business, you can still take advantage of the size of the lodge. Get all of your friends together, take along some favorite relatives, and set a date. It’s an event that everyone will talk about for years to come!

You don’t have to deal with one-and-done bag limits when you go quail hunting in Georgia. You can take 12 birds over the course of a full day in the field. It’s a perfect number—enough that you get to enjoy plenty of time on the hunt, but not so much that you will feel the need to push yourself hard and fast.

south-georgia-quail-huntingAt the end of the day, the lodge offers the perfect setting in which to unwind. With the hunt complete, you can enjoy the full, complimentary bar and have good conversations with your fellow shooters over scotch and martinis. Follow that up by heading to the billiards room to engage in a little friendly competition or to simply watch others play while you sink into one of the overstuffed couches or armchairs.

If you’re looking for a quieter way to spend your evening, you can always take your drink outside and watch the light disappearing over the water, or you can simply sit by the fireplace with a good book. You’ll also have Wi-Fi access and satellite TV.

The food is the sort of Southern cooking that people sing songs about. An award-winning chef prepares everything, and you can count on him to deliver delicious and satisfying meals.

This is the ultimate Georgia quail hunting experience, and suitable for hunters ranging from beginners to experts and at any level of fitness. Find details about the outfitter here or call Dick Kennerknecht at 888-850-4868, Extension 700

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