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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters

Adrian Skok Big Tuna FishingExperience battling one of the largest, hardest fighting and sought after big game fish species that will test the limits of even the toughest fishermen and fishing equipment the like! Overwintering in the Gulf of Mexico, these Giant Bluefin Tuna annually migrate and concentrate along Prince Edward Island’s northern shores to feed on the abundant supply of Herring and Mackerel. Studies show these are a separate population to the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna. Average weight ranges between 650-700 lbs, with a number of larger fish often exceeding 1000 lbs! The world IGFA record is a local Tuna weighing in at a whopping 1496 lbs! Shark fishing is an exciting bonus to a day on the water. Feast on fresh eastern Canadian seafood during your stay such as oysters, mussels, lobsters, cod and halibut from excellent catered accommodations or included restaurant dining. On rough weather days, of when seasons overlap, consider exciting side ventures such as Steelhead and trout fishing in the summer, as well as Black Duck and Canada Goose hunts on salt-marshes or cultivated fields in the fall. Ample activities also exist for non-fishermen or family on this quaint resort island. Larger groups and corporate getaway opportunities are also invited. Seasons range from August to mid October for these exciting 3-7 day all-inclusive packages!

Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Along the PEI CoastTYPICAL DAY – Wake up in your exclusive beach house on the seashore, or at one of Canada’s top rated Inn’s in preparation for an exciting day of giant Bluefin Tuna fishing! Meet your Captain at the boat shortly before dawn each morning, either walking distance or a short drive from your lodgings.  Your Captain hold the necessary Commercial Fishing Permits, so no licensing is required of you for recreational Tuna fishing. Simply board the vessel and make your way out to the fishing grounds. This can range from inside the 1 mile marker or up to 20 miles offshore each day to ensure you are fishing the best locations. The first order of duty is catching enough bait and chum for the day by hand-lining jigs for Mackerel or Herring – which can be exciting enough in its own right. Blue Fin Tuna Fishing SeasonThe volume of bait will astound you. Once rigged and on location the primary fishing techniques include drifting with live bait & kite fishing, chumming, trolling, searching with sonar, and most exciting of all, hand-feeding. When concentrations of Tuna are at their peak and cooperative, there is nothing more exciting then tossing a Mackerel mere feet from the gunnels, and witnessing Bluefin’s between 500 to 1000+ pounds devour the bait in front of you, one after another. Once the perfect fish has been identified and timed, a rigged mackerel is fed to the giant tuna and game on! Upon hook-ups, average fight times range from 45-60+ minutes, and can be fought from a chair, free-handing while standing or with the rod fixed to the gunnels. This is a unique, carefully managed catch and release fishery. The Captain’s are licensed commercial Bluefin Tuna fishermen, who at their discretion harvest 1-2 fish annually to meet their quotas. Expect to release your fish however, with a legal maximum of two Giant Bluefin Tuna caught & released each day. A very successful fishing venture could see fishermen done and back at the docks as early as noon, otherwise lines are usually pulled around 5pm.

Bluefin Tuna CharterSHARKS – Shark fishing seasons commence in September, at which point they can be specifically targeted if desired. Species available primarily include Blue Sharks, with opportunities to catch Porbeagle and Mako as well. Techniques are predominantly chumming, and usually caught offshore.

CAPTAINS – Our licensed and accredited sea Captains are 4th generation commercial fishermen and inhabitants of the island, with a combined 60+ years of local experience fishing Giant Bluefin Tuna. A well know and reputable fishing family in PEI, they are local fishing charter pioneers and in part developed the recreational tuna fishery.  There are many Tuna charters available on PEI, but very few maintain long term operations with steady, repeat success and clientele. Our outfitters and Captains are the best in the business!

Bluefin Tuna Fishing ChartersFLEET – The fleet includes, four Transport Canada approved 45ft fiberglass vessels, fully equipped with modern electronics, bathrooms, kitchenette and a heated wheel house.  All fishing tackle, bait and equipment is provided by the outfitter, as well as lunch and complimentary soft drinks while fishing.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Season

With its red soil, white light houses, rolling hills and fertile seas, Prince Edward Island is the quintessential north Atlantic with a rich Canadian heritage and traditions. The island is a resort destination, booming in the summer months with much to see and do. Conditions on the water range from glass calm to rolling seas, and especially late in the season, expect at least one poor weather day.

We fish Giant Bluefin Tuna from late summer to early fall when the fish are most concentrated and accessible, providing best fishing opportunities. Each season is slightly different. In August, expect warm and pleasant weather with little chance of rain. Temperatures hover around 80+F and typically call for shorts and sandals. The bite is good and Tuna are consistently caught on a daily basis. In September, conditions become cooler and the seas rougher. Fishing tends to get better however. In Oct the weather becomes worse but the fishing can be incredible. Sail times while searching for schools of Tuna can lengthen as they cruise and hunt shoals of baitfish.

Giant Bluefin Tuna FishingFishing for Bluefin Tuna

A variety of local accommodations can be arranged to meet your needs, desires or group size. Accommodations will be determined by the outfitter however, based on party size, proximity to the best fishing locations, logistics and availability.

One popular option is staying at one of Canada’s top 25 rated Inns, where accommodation and restaurant dining are included in your package price. This is a 5 star, all inclusive Inn with a seaside view and all amenities, accommodating a maximum of 16 guests.

Other options include large private beach houses with oceanfront views that are secluded but close to all amenities near both the North and Eastern harbors where the charters will be based from.

Big Tuna FishingNear the Northern harbor, a rustic & newly renovated oceanfront beach house overlooks the mighty Gulf of St Lawrence, and is within walking distance to your chartered fishing boat. Dining is fully catered, and the house comes with a complete kitchen should you wish to do some cooking yourself.  This beach house has 4 bedrooms and sleeps 10, typically booked for parties of 6-8 fishermen.

Near the Eastern harbor, enjoy private accommodation with an excellent beach at your doorstep, or wade the sandbars and pick oysters, clams and mussels after a day of fishing. The house sleeps a maximum of 10 guests, typically booked for parties of 8 or more. High speed Internet, Satellite TV, Canoes and a tennis court are all included. The package is complete with fully catered dining, but a complete kitchen is also available should you wish to do some cooking yourself.

PEI Tuna ChartersGiant Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Travel – Clients can fly to Charlottetown International Airport in Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada where they will be greeted with porter service. Transportation from Charlottetown is provided by the outfitter, but the majority of clients prefer to rent vehicles for flexibly and sightseeing activities. Many North American clients drive direct to PEI from home, which is connected to the mainland by the Confederation Bridge.  Fishing will be conducted from the North and Eastern regions of the island dependent on Tuna concentrations.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing CharterBaggage – No restrictions.  In August shorts and sandals are typically worn, while in October, rain gear, a hooded Sweater and rubber boots are recommended. Ensure you remain warm and dry. Rain gear is always a good idea.


3-days – All Inclusive – Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing – Aug – Oct – 2016/17 – USD$2,850

5-days – All Inclusive – Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing – Aug – Oct – 2016/17 – USD$4,750

7-days – All Inclusive – Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing – Aug – Oct – 2016/17 – USD$6,650

*Prices  are per person based on a party of 4+. For less than 4 person parties, increase by 10%


PEI Bluefin ChartersPick-up and drop-off porter service between Charlottetown International Airport & lodgings.
Transportation to and from the harbor each fishing day, if necessary.
Professional guiding by Captain and first mate/deckhand
All accommodations and either catered breakfast & dinner or restaurant dining
Complimentary lunch, soft drinks served while fishing
Referral and assistance with taxidermist of replica fish mounts

Not included in the cost

Government Taxes
Tips and gratuities,
Pre and post trip accommodations and travel

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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Terms of Booking

Clients to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking.
50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your time slot.
Checks and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards).
Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.
Final 50% payment is due no less than 60 days prior to your fishing date
All prices are in US dollars.
Total costs of the package and dates are fixed. There will be no refunds for any fishermen choosing to leave early.