What to Expect on a Caribou Hunt

Posted on Sep 26, 2016 by Rick

Caribou Hunting Packages

Canada Caribou HuntThe caribou hunt has been performed by humans for millennia—scientists have found complex hunting structures used for taking caribou that date back 9,000 years.  Stalking these magnificent beasts through the tundra and taiga connects us to the primeval instincts of our Ice Age ancestors and can bring out the born hunter in anyone.

Here’s what you should expect from your Caribou Hunting Packages:

Caribou hunting stands out from most other hunts for one big reason: they travel in herds the size of a small country. While you’ll probably never come across an entire herd as one contiguous group, you may see thousands of caribou at once. It’s also common to run into numerous smaller groups.

Whatever the case, you will almost always have at least one shot on a good bull, and you will probably get the chance to choose a real trophy.

Finding the caribou can take a few days. While there are plenty of them out there, the vast plains and forests of the taiga leave plenty of space for them to hide in.

Central Barren Ground Caribou HuntingThe hunt usually begins by working your way to high ground along a migration route. You’ll then spend plenty of time glassing your surroundings. Top-notch optics are strongly recommended—you may be able to see for miles on some of these hunts, and a caribou, a porcupine, and a grizzly bear may all look the same from these distances.

Once you locate your quarry, you will have to get within shooting range. You can expect a challenging stalk—those wide-open spaces that made it easy for you to spot your prey will also make it easy for your prey to spot you.

Caribou don’t have the sharpest senses. Just remember that if they DO spot you and spook, they’ll leave you choking on dust.

Sometimes, you and your guide will be able to identify where the caribou are headed and move to intercept them at an ambush spot. Other times, you may have to move to them while they’re bedded down or grazing, darting from one piece of cover to another until you’re in range.

WL_Caribou1You should expect to take long-range shots. Caribou hunters need to feel comfortable about hitting a target at 200 yards, and it certainly won’t hurt if you can hit your mark at 400.

At these ranges, you’ll do well to use a flat-shooting rifle with high-powered optics. It doesn’t take a ton of firepower to take down a caribou. A .270 should do the job just fine, and will make it easy to land your first shot and recover quickly for a second.

Before packing your .270 and calling it good, though, consider other possibilities on these hunts. All of our outfitters will let you combine caribou with other big game like bear and moose. Think your entire trip through before choosing your firearm.

Good Caribou Hunting Outfitters will land you multiple trophies and twice as many great stories to tell. If you’re a good shot and in decent shape, it could easily provide more bang for your buck than any other big game hunt in North America.

Contact Adrian Skok at 888-850-4868, Ext. 706 for details and booking information.  Watch our Caribou Hunting video here.

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