To Outfitters & Lodge Owners Seeking A Booking And Hunting Consultant Agency

As an established booking and hunting consultant agency, Global Sporting Safaris is always looking for new and exciting destinations and world-class hunts to offer the avid hunters and fishers we serve. If your business offers excellent locations, experienced guides, great service and high opportunity rates, then GSS is interested in representing it.

If you’re based in North America, we’re currently looking for more outfitters who offer hunts for the following: any species or sub-species of deer or sheep, mountain goat, brown and black bear, mountain lion, elk, caribou, upland birds, and waterfowl. Globally, we are most interested in outfitters based in Europe and Asia.

Upon deciding to represent your business, GSS will get to work marketing it, doing everything we can to bring in new clients for you. Of course, this will require an investment of time, effort, and money on both our part and yours.

In order to provide the best representation possible of the hunting and/or fishing trips you offer, GSS will need to send a hunting consultant to see, in person, the way you operate, the people who work for you, and the accommodations you offer. The outfitter must be willing to take the consultant along at no charge.

Please take note that this isn’t a free vacation we’re asking for—it’s a necessary step in marketing your business the best we possibly can. We need to see firsthand that you live up to your claims, and we have to learn what really sets you apart. We take our clients’ trust extremely seriously and doing this will allow us to sell your sporting adventures effectively and confidently. Also note that this does come at a cost to our own business in the form of travel expenses and time; it’s an investment on both ends. We share the costs at the beginning, and we’ll share the profits for years to come.

If you’d like to work alongside Global Sporting Safaris and its hunting consultants, then please fill out the form below. You’re more than welcome to contact us with any questions you may have and we are happy to provide a list of references upon request. We look forward to hearing from you!



Rick Kennerknecht
President & CEO
Global Sporting Safaris, Inc.

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