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Argentina Duck Hunting Near Buenos Aires   

Argentina Duck Hunting near Buenos Aires

The San Juan Lodge area in Buenos Aires is an attractive spot for duck hunting in Argentina because of its wealth of water and lagoons, marshes and unique landscape, which make it an important habitat for a variety of duck species in Argentina, such as the Black-headed duck, White-faced Whistling-duck, Brazilian Duck, Yellow-billed Pintail, Speckled Teal, Rosy-billed Pochard, Ringed Teal, Silver Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Red Shoveler, and White-cheeked Pintail.

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Argentina Duck Hunting Starting at $3500 

Argentina is home to various species of duck, many of which are unique only to the Southern Hemisphere. Parana Sunrise Hunting and Fishing Lodge, being South America’s top wing shooting location, is visited by Duck Hunting enthusiasts from all over the world for delightful experience and incredible Duck Hunting adventures.

The trophy duck hunting collector will find an amazing thirteen (13) different species of South American waterfowl available.  Depending on the time of year, duck hunters have the opportunity to bag; Speckled teal, Ring teal, Cinnamon teal, Silver teal, Brazilian teal, Red Shoveler, Southern Widgeon, two species of Whistling tree duck, White Cheeked pintail, Yellow Billed pintail, Rosy-billed Pochard and Black-headed duck.

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Argentina Duck, Pigeon, Dove, Perdiz & Fish Combo 5-Nights, 5-Days $4,550 

Argentina Duck, Dove & Perdiz Hunting in the Entre Rios Province at Los Laureles

Duck hunting starts early in the morning. Breakfast, consisting of coffee, toasts, jams, bacon and eggs, etc., is served at 5:00 AM. Duck hunting goes on until 9:00 AM, when you go back to the lodge to relax, freshen up, take a siesta and get ready for lunch: a starter course with salads and fruit, a main course of beef, chicken, pork or seafood, and a great dessert, all served with coffee, wine, beer, soft drinks or bottled water.

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Argentina Pigeon Hunting Starting at $1,675 per hunter

Argentina Pigeon Hunting

The South Pioneers hunting lodge, Dos Plumas, is located North of the San Luis Province, and is hunter’s port of call for exceptional bird hunts in Argentina, with the best of pigeon and dove combined shooting programs as well as the finest services like in no other. The Dos Plumas is a unique spot where hunters can get a feel of the typical Cordoba dove shooting and the famous Paraguay Pigeon hunting, combined under one enjoyable package!

The doves and pigeons exist together on some fields, but can be found uniquely at some other hunting fields depending on period. The Dos Plumas Dove & Pigeon hunting program therefore means you will experience both the pigeon hunting spots and the dove spots or spots where both species are mixed. Usually, hunting time will be distributed equally for the shooting of each of the birds during your visit, whether on the same ground where the birds are mixed or at separate grounds.

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Argentina Dove Hunting   

Argentina Dove Hunting

San Luis is popular with Doves and is the biggest roosts in the whole of central Argentina. Its landscape of vast Calden woods and soft hills as well as huge cornfields complement each other to provide support and food and be the perfect habitat for millions of Doves.

Capalen Lodge is the top dove shooting destination in San Luis, Argentina, with a lot of other attractions and features to serve as the perfect getaway. Hunting takes place in a natural environment setting with rivers and cornfields, surrounded by the typical San Luis landscape of soft hills and Calden Woods.

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Dove Hunting in Argentina Starting at $1185 .

Sierra Brava, North of Cordoba, is a constant annual attraction spot for hunters to enjoy record setting dove shooting. It is one of the world’s greatest dove roosts, with top personalized services and legendary hospitality; delectable meals and first class wines; top-notch accommodation; as well as highly professional and cordial staff, all available at a low-priced package. The Argentinean dove hunting lodge is the most rated and top ranked on Trip Advisor, and became the first hunting lodge outside of the US to be affiliated with the reputable Beretta’s Trident Program in 2010.

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Free Dove Hunting Report   

Learn about Argentina Dove Hunting from the experts at Global Sporting Safaris. This free report will walk you through each month of the Season. Learn when the best weather is in Cordoba. Learn why you would want to hunt the Sunflower Harvest. Interested in breaking a personal or World dove hunting record? We’ll tell you the best month to go. Learn when the busiest months are and what months to get the best package deals.  It’s all revealed in this free report.

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Argentina Dove hunting is known as the best South America dove hunting in the world. The estancia’s we represent are strategically located on the best dove hunting roosts in Cordoba with many drives just 5-10 minutes from the lodge. Don’t waste your day traveling 60-90 minutes each way with other Cordoba dove hunting trips.

Our Dove hunting lodges are situated within the Cordoba agricultural area on tens of thousands of acres consisting of rolling hills, crop lands and streams. Multi-thousand acre roosting/nesting sanctuary areas are located on these properties, with an estimated 30 million doves inhabiting the area for 12 months per year. Thousands of acres are planted in corn, wheat, sunflowers and sorghum annually which, together with the roost/nesting area described above, provides the perfect habitat to hold birds on these properties.

We offer many types of Estancias for your group of dove hunters; Economy, Small Private groups or Luxury. The choice is yours! Click on the links above for more information on Argentina Dove Hunting.