Rainbow & Brown Trout

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Some fishing destinations must be experienced to be believed. Nowhere is this truer than in southern Patagonia when fishing the famed “Jurassic Lake.” With a seven-pound average and monster rainbows surpassing 20 pounds caught virtually every week of the fishing season, no other body of water on planet Earth can produce the abundance of double-digit trophy rainbows, and this special destination refuses to disappoint. Any angler willing to travel thousands of miles to fish underneath the shadow of the Andes Mountains will be rewarded with what is arguably the world’s best trophy trout fishery and a fishing experience they will never forget.

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At the Patagonia, fishing seasons last from mid November up to the end of April. November and December are the most ideal period for fishing because temperature is pleasant and the rivers are high and adequately oxygenated, resulting from the thawing temperature. In January and February, the water level drops, and the days are hotter and longer. During this period, light wader boots and clothes are recommended for fishing, so also is the use dry flies. In March and April, the water levels drop, with possibilities for wade fishing. In this period, the big trout start swimming upstream in preparation for winter hence fishing becomes subtle and highly beneficial. The vegetation also becomes majestic and multicolor as autumn begins.

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