Golden Dorado

Golden Dorado Fishing near Buenos Aires City Two People per Boat $850 per day 

San Pedro, located a short distance from Buenos Aires (less than 2–hour drive), is a Delta with hundreds of streams and channels and is home to countless species of fish and game. The wilderness here is abundant with birds, turtles, capybara and even alligators. Join our fun and adventurous tour to Buenos Aires for an incredible experience of fly-fishing of various fishes such as Golden Dorado, tararira, and piranha, in a surrounding of a unique landscape.

The Golden Dorado of South American freshwater is widely regarded as the most challenging native freshwater game fish of the region. It resembles the salmon but has a radiant, golden-hued body, weighing up to 10 pounds (although the world record is 70 pounds), with razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws. The Golden Dorado is an exceptional swimmer and does not thrive in the ocean nor succumb after spawning.

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Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing Starting at $2,760 

In Corrientes on the Parana River there is a region between Itailbate and Yahape and it is one of very few places in the North East part of Argentina where you can still fly fish Dorados.

The landscapes of the Parana River both include both rough and clear water and also have many geographical traits, islands and wide stone bed riffles. This area has been transformed in the best destination to do some Golden Dorado fly fishing.

The upper Parana River is a huge system that is tail water sitting around 70 KM underneath the Yacireta Dam. Since it is a tail water, unique to this river compared to other Argentina rivers, the water is typically pristine and clear. Since this river is so unique that better you are and more fly fishing skills you have you will most likely have the catch of your life. The reason why is it so difficult to cast out for while you are Golden Dorado fishing is because it is all by sight so you must keep an eye on all stumps, rocks overhangs and along the banks of the river. Commonly the Dorado that is caught are anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds but many times we see fishermen catch 25 pounders on a good day.

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