Whitetail Deer

Texas Whitetail Hunts Starting at $4,500 

Hunt the former Tecomate Ranch in south Texas on more than 5,000 acres carefully managed to produce some of the largest native deer in the state. Trophies over 200” are possible every season with a ranch record scoring close to 241”. Bucks in the 150” to 170” range are abundant with excellent opportunity at 180” and larger giants. Incredibly, there are more bucks than does on this property.

With the help of Texas Parks and Wildlife a high perimeter fence was erected more than a decade ago, and since that time the deer on the property have remained 100% wild, native deer—no deer farm transplants and no genetic manipulation.

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South Texas Whitetail Hunts 1x1 4-Day Hunt Combo $3,400 

Experience a classic Whitetail hunt in the Hill Country of southwest Texas! Hunt trophy whitetails on an intensively managed privately owned 6000 acre low-fence ranch surrounded by prime habitat. All hunts are 4 days – 5 nights in duration and professionally guided.  In addition to boasting healthy populations of Whitetail deer, free-ranging Axis & Fallow deer, Aoudad, Black Buck, Catalina Goats, Rio Grande Turkeys and Hogs all utilize the ranch at least seasonally, and exist in good numbers. Free-ranging exotics can be hunted year round and can be added to your whitetail package for the makings of a classic, free-range Texas safari!

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Iowa Whitetail Hunts Zone 4 Trophy Iowa Whitetail Deer Bow $4500 Gun $5000

Iowa has been consistently producing trophy whitetails, and is responsible for an incredible number of Boone & Crockett class bucks entered into the record books. Here you might arguably find some of North America’s finest free-range bow and late season gun hunting for giant trophy whitetail bucks. Our outfitter operates in some of Iowa’s best big buck country, annually producing many fantastic whitetails, and hosts a number of whitetail hunting TV shows with much success.

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Montana Whitetail Hunts Starting at $3,100  

This outfitter provides clients with access to the absolute best Montana whitetail hunting grounds to be found: a concession in Kootenai National Forest in the state’s northwest corner. While many other areas in Montana have seen populations damaged by disease and unforgiving winters, leading to decreased opportunity rates and trophy quality, the deer in the far northwest of the state have steadily increased in number. With the Rocky Mountains shielding them from the disasters that have befallen their cousins, the national forest status protecting their habitat, and the limited hunting pressure in the area, these deer continuously grow in both abundance and impressiveness.

An elk combo license for bowhunters costs $851. For rifle hunters, a deer/elk combo license costs $1001, while those who only want to hunt deer can get their license for $597.

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Illinois Whitetail Hunting   

With so many Illinois whitetail huntingoutfitters competing for your business, it can be difficult to choose between one or the other. After all, not every outfitter is created equal. If you’re looking for a great whitetail hunt, you can rest assured that this outfitter, with its world-class whitetail territory and year-round staff devoted to creating the best deer habitat possible, is one of the best.

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Kansas Whitetail Hunts Starting at  $3250 

Kansas whitetail hunting has produced some of the best trophy bucks in the country, and this outfitter is one of the best in the state! With its permit-only hunting policy, huge expanses of land with extremely low human population densities, and large-scale agriculture, it’s a paradise for whitetails.

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South Dakota Whitetail Deer Hunting  $2,950 

There are outfitters offering whitetail hunting all across the country, but few can rival the South Dakota whitetail deer huntingexperience and the expertise offered by this outfitter. Providing forty thousand acres of carefully-managed land and skilled in guiding rifle, bow, and muzzleloader hunters alike, you can count on them to put you in range of a truly trophy-worthy whitetail buck.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Kansas-Whitetail-Deer-Hunt-250Whitetail deer populations have never been higher!   That’s great news.  The other great news is that whitetail hunter numbers are also booming.  Many hunters are taking up bow and muzzleloader hunting in order to extend their hunting season.  With that in mind big trophy whitetail deer are still hard to come by!  Global Sporting Safaris is constantly searching for the latest and highest quality whitetail hunts period.

The Global Sporting Safaris team of professionals specializes in free-range monster bucks.  We have the finest outfitters in top trophy
producing areas like; Alberta, Saskatchewan, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois and Mexico.  A sleeper state for trophy bucks with a bow has to be South Dakota.  We can arrange a first class hunt for you there as well.  If chasing trophy whitetail’s is your addiction please give us a call.  Our teams of outfitters and consultants have been featured on many of today’s top magazine’s and TV shows.

If you are participating in the Whitetail Slam, we can help. Most of the the white-tailed hunts offered below qualify for the Whitetail Slam.

The hunts above are just some of our many whitetail hotspots. Please contact one of our professional consultant to arrange your Whitetail Deer hunt of a lifetime.