Whitetail Deer

Southern British Columbia Combo Hunts Shiras Moose, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Mountain Lion, Lynx & Black Bear  

Hunt with a Global Sporting Safaris exclusive outfitter in beautiful British Columbia’s Southern Interior for a diverse roster of desirable trophy game species! The Okanagan Valley is well known for trophy Elk, Shiras Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Wolves, Black Bears, Lynx, Bob Cat, Merriam’s Turkey and some of the world’s largest Mountain Lions – all available in this picturesque sub-alpine region. Access the remote hunting area using 4×4 trucks & ATV’s or Snowmobiles, all from the conform of log home style accommodations and gourmet meals. Enjoy 6+ full-days of 1×1 guiding and options for several combo-hunt opportunities! Elk, Moose and Deer hunts are conducted spot & stalk style, while Bears, Mountain Lion, Lynx and Bob Cat are pursued and treed with teams of hounds. Wolves are available and are generally targets of opportunities, but exist in healthy numbers due to the abundant prey species.

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Anticosti Island Deer Hunting  Starting at $4,090 per hunter

Anticosti Island Hunting

You will hardly ever encounter another person during your hunt. Only a handful of people, mostly government employees, live here. You might occasionally come across another guide and hunter, but it’s more likely that you’ll go your entire trip without seeing anyone else outside of camp. This outfitter has private access to 800 square miles of this northern paradise. You will experience a true wilderness here, with no fences, few signs of humanity, and only the outfitter’s own roads breaking up the island’s natural beauty. If you choose to hunt alone, you can go an entire day without so much as hearing another human being. Anticosti Island also offers a uniquely high chance of getting in the record books right now. SCI only recently determined the deer here to be a new subspecies. As a new category, the historic competition is light, making the previous records easier to beat. This outfitter claimed the #1 SCI record in 2008 with a buck that scored more than 146”. Requests that the Boone and Crockett club also recognize this subspecies have been sent in as well.

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Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting October through December  $4,595 

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting

Saskatchewan. Known as the land of giant typical’s and home to the current world record – unbroken since the early 1990’s. There are few places on earth where your chances are better at connecting with a completely wild, free- range, mature trophy Whitetail buck. When looking at the record books one area shines and seems to be responsible for consistently producing many of the provinces most impressive deer. This is west-central Saskatchewan’s forest fringe region, specifically, the Meadow Lake area. Here the perfect combination of habitat, timber harvest, agriculture and inaccessibility allows deer to thrive and reach their mature potential. The Province allows baiting and your outfitter maintains an impressive number of pre-baited and scouted locations, strategic across his allocated area. Shed hunting, trail cameras and in the field scouting provides results and this lodge has many top-end record book bucks to its credit. Largely repeat clientele with nearly 30 years in operation, with many TV episodes and articles showcasing many successful hunts, this is the preferred outfitter by the North American Hunting Association. Only three hours north of Saskatoon with airport pick-up, and aside from purchasing your license in camp, this all-inclusive package.

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Alberta Whitetail Hunts 2x1 $3,750 or 1x1 $5,500

Alberta Whitetail Hunts

Global Sporting Safaris is pleased to introduce new hunting opportunities in Alberta Canada! Come join us in the heart of east central Alberta for a deer hunt of a lifetime. Our Outfitters whitetail hunting area is nearly all privately owned, filled with creek bottoms and patches of thick timber amongst rolling farmland that deer inhabit. The whitetail bucks in this hunting area average 140 with opportunities at 170+. A typical day of hunting whitetails includes driving rural country roads and glassing known deer hangouts. Couple this with sitting in high traffic areas or funnels throughout part of the day as recommended by your guide.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Kansas-Whitetail-Deer-Hunt-250Whitetail deer populations have never been higher!   That’s great news.  The other great news is that whitetail hunter numbers are also booming.  Many hunters are taking up bow and muzzleloader hunting in order to extend their hunting season.  With that in mind big trophy whitetail deer are still hard to come by!  Global Sporting Safaris is constantly searching for the latest and highest quality whitetail hunts period.

The Global Sporting Safaris team of professionals specializes in free-range monster bucks.  We have the finest outfitters in top trophy
producing areas like; Alberta, Saskatchewan, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois and Mexico.  A sleeper state for trophy bucks with a bow has to be South Dakota.  We can arrange a first class hunt for you there as well.  If chasing trophy whitetail’s is your addiction please give us a call.  Our teams of outfitters and consultants have been featured on many of today’s top magazine’s and TV shows.

If you are participating in the Whitetail Slam, we can help. Most of the the white-tailed hunts offered below qualify for the Whitetail Slam.

The hunts above are just some of our many whitetail hotspots. Please contact one of our professional consultant to arrange your Whitetail Deer hunt of a lifetime.