Water Buffalo

Australia Water Buffalo Hunting Starting at $8,500  2x1

Hunting in Australia

Our outfitter has exclusive hunting rights on a huge tract of land in the NT of Australia spanning nearly 1,000,000 acres. With such a vast unpressured area the water buffalo numbers are higher then ever before tallying into the thousands. The past 10 years the property has only run archery hunts typically hosting about 12 archers per year. Our buffalo are less skittish due to the low hunting pressure, compared to what can be experienced in the Arnhem lands. These are wild free ranging water buffalo we offer 100% success rates on shot opportunities at trophy buffalo. Our Archery average over the past 10 years is 95 SCI, with buffalo over 100 SCI harvested annually. The biggest Australian Water buffalo to be harvested off the property scored an impressive 128 SCI. Our all inclusive 2X1 Water Buffalo hunts are priced at $8,500 USD which entails 6 full days of hunting, and includes the charter flight from Darwin Australia to MacArthur River where airport pickup is provided. Also included is hunting of hogs and wild dogs (dingo’s) as well as barramundi fishing in the river systems and billabongs found on the property.

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Rusa Deer Hunt in New Caledonia July to Sept - 2017 & 2018 $5400 

Rusa Deer Hunting in New Caledonia

Experience incredible free-range trophy Rusa deer hunting at the peak roar on the beautiful South Pacific island of New Caledonia! Inspect as many as 40 trophy stags daily, and see a staggering total of 500 to 2000 Rusa deer each day while out hunting! Our experienced outfitter stands behind 100% success rates over the last 15 years with trophy stags ranging between 30-40+ inches. These are some of the largest on record.  Situated near Fiji, this semi-tropical island offers a diverse landscape of agricultural land mixed with mountainous country, dotted with thick patches of timber, open fields, mangrove swamps and steep river bottoms.  New Caledonia is well known for producing top quality stags and arguably the world’s finest free range Rusa deer hunting experience. Hunt spot & stalk in a 2×1 guiding ratio in combination with vehicles, predominantly on private ranches where we have exclusive access. Trophy Rusa deer are this outfitters specialty but be sure to inquire about exciting combo opportunities for Sambar, Hog & Fallow deer in Australia, or Tahr and Chamois in New Zealand while already in the South Pacific.

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