Sitka Blacktail Deer

Kodiak Island Mountain Goat Hunts 2x1 Hunts starting at $9,500 

Hunting on Kodiak island has never been better with mountain goat and Sitka blacktail deer populations exceptionally strong in recent years. This outfitter’s success rates to date of 100% on goat and deer hunts are evidence of this. Decades of experience will ensure clients that they will be with one of the very best operators on Kodiak and every legal effort will be taken to maintain client satisfaction on every hunt. Due to the remote location far from the Kodiak road system, tags for goat and deer can be purchased over the counter and by easy registration allowing clients to plan their hunt without the uncertainty that comes with permits in other areas issued by Alaska’s unpredictable random draw.

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Kodiak Bear Hunts starting at $11,500 1x1

This outfitter offers three guide use concessions on the east side of the island near Ugak bag. One is a registration area which can be obtained online or over the counter. The remaining two areas are by draw, each averaging around 66% draw odds. Alaska currently does not offer any point system; therefore, all tags are selected by random draw. The application period is from November 1st to December 15th and May 1 to May 31st. Clients will be assisted through the draw process by the outfitter.

Deer tags are over the counter with a limit of three per person. One locking tag is required per each deer harvested and tags must be purchased in advance.

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Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting in Alaska Yacht Based Hunt!  

Sitka deer hunting is a great opportunity that far too few out-of-state hunters take advantage of. These beautiful deer make excellent trophies, and when you hunt with this outfitter, you hunt the coastline by yacht, giving you access to your hunting grounds under nearly any and all circumstances—and, of course, a very comfortable “camp!”

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