Musk Ox - Barren Grnd

Nunavut Musk Ox, Caribou and Grizzly Bear Hunts  Starting at $13,500 

Nunavut Hunting 

Experience hunting majestic hers of Barren Ground Musk Ox, Central Barren Ground Caribou or Barren Ground Grizzly in the harsh, but breathtaking, arctic Nunavut Territory!  Our reputable has produced has produced a reliable track record of both success rates and trophy quality over the past few seasons.  Over 50% of our Musk Ox bulls qualify as B & C Record Book animals!  Musk Ox options range from Spring hunts in late April, to fair weather Fall hunts in late August/early September.  Consider combining these Fall Musk Ox hunts with Central Barren Ground Caribou.

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NWT Barren Ground Musk Ox Hunts Boone & Crockett Hunt $20,000 1x1

This is that once in a lifetime musk ox hunt for giant, record book animals. The hunt is based out of a 5-Star Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Lodge on NWT’s famous Great Bear Lake, having with it all the amenities. Access different hunting areas on a daily basis by means boat or Turbo-Otter floatplanes to remote corners of the lake, where trophy Barren Ground Musk Ox can then be glassed from strategic vantage points on this exciting spot & stalk hunt. Similar to previous seasons, this outfitter experienced 100% success in recent years, with all Musk Ox well exceeding the all-time Boone & Crockett minimum score of 105. Average bulls go around 110-115, but some stretch the tape into the 120’s, ranking them among the world top, all time specimens!  We limit our Musk Ox harvest to only 4-6 bulls annually!

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