Mule Deer - Rocky Mtn.

Southern British Columbia Combo Hunts Shiras Moose, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Mountain Lion, Lynx & Black Bear  

Hunt with a Global Sporting Safaris exclusive outfitter in beautiful British Columbia’s Southern Interior for a diverse roster of desirable trophy game species! The Okanagan Valley is well known for trophy Elk, Shiras Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Wolves, Black Bears, Lynx, Bob Cat, Merriam’s Turkey and some of the world’s largest Mountain Lions – all available in this picturesque sub-alpine region. Access the remote hunting area using 4×4 trucks & ATV’s or Snowmobiles, all from the conform of log home style accommodations and gourmet meals. Enjoy 6+ full-days of 1×1 guiding and options for several combo-hunt opportunities! Elk, Moose and Deer hunts are conducted spot & stalk style, while Bears, Mountain Lion, Lynx and Bob Cat are pursued and treed with teams of hounds. Wolves are available and are generally targets of opportunities, but exist in healthy numbers due to the abundant prey species.

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Alberta Mule Deer Hunts 6-Days 1x1 $7,900 

Experience some of the finest peak-rut trophy Mule deer hunting with guaranteed rifle tags in excellent units across central Alberta! Our Outfitters deer hunting areas are all privately owned, both in the foothills and prairie habitats.  Each day cover vast expanses of rolling farmland, filled with brushy coulees, sloughs & creek bottoms among patches of thick timber home to good number of Mule and White-tailed deer. Our outfitters strive for quality and have a 170+ inch standard, knowing full well much larger deer inhabit the area. Trophy Mule deer in the 180-200+ inch range are encountered and can be harvested each season. With the help of the  local ‘Chinooks’ warm air currents, quality forage and cover in the region, Mule deer  trophy quality remains excellent. Winters have been severe across Canada, but Mule deer tend to over winter better than whitetails.

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