Mountain Lion

New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunts  $5,000 1x1

New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunts

This outfitter offers guided mountain lion hunts with top-notch hounds backed up by experienced houndsmen. They have more than 10 years of experience and will give you the best possible odds of a successful hunt. New Mexico no longer has a closed season on mountain lion—you can go after them whenever you please, so long as you have a license. However, we recommend hunting between December and February because the snow makes finding tracks much easier. This outfitter prefers to schedule hunts on an on-call basis to ensure that the weather cooperates. If that doesn’t work, they can reserve dates for you instead. This is one our favorite hunts because the scenery looks so pure with the landscape covered in white. It is a bit physically demanding—be prepared for walking in snow and rough terrain.

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Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting  $4,950 1x1 

Idaho mountain lion hunting is one of the top choices for sportsmen pursuing North America’s top predators. With a high ratio of skull length to body weight, cougars in this state offer better-than-average chances of winning you a place in the record books.

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