Mountain Goat

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Mountain Goat Hunting in British Columbia

British Columbia offers incredible locations for mountain goat hunting: wild, pristine mountain lakes that can only be reached by plane, surrounded by slopes heavily populated by trophy-class billies. For those who enjoy hunting the north, this is paradise.

The Quarry

Mountain goats make beautiful trophies. Both billies and nannies have nearly pure-white coats, beards, and curved black horns. Billies are larger, standing about three feet tall at the shoulder and weighing up to 300 pounds.

Because both sexes look so similar, it’s often difficult to identify whether a given animal is a billy or a nanny. Our guides are practiced experts at identifying the sex of the target, but since this is a major concern on any mountain goat hunt, many hunters like to be able to see the difference for themselves. After all, in order to allow the species to continue reproducing quickly and to get the best trophies, it’s important to know how to figure out which is which.

One of the major indications of gender is horn shape: the horns of a billy are thick at the base and grow close together, while those of a nannie are thinner and spread more widely apart. The horns of males gradually arch backwards, resulting in a greater overall curve by the end. A female’s horns are mostly straight, but end in a sharp, sudden curve, similar to the chisel end of a crowbar. Trophy-length horns on a male are about 9-10½ inches long.

A surefire way to identify sex during a mountain goat hunt is to observe urination: a male will stretch, while a female will squat. If you are unsure about your target, this is the best way to ensure that you’re bagging a billy.

In some areas, British Columbia’s mountain goat hunting season lasts from August through October, but the best hunting is done from mid-August to mid-September. Hunts usually last six days.

The Hunt

Goat hunts must be done at high altitudes, generally at heights of over 5,000 feet. Many mountain goats can be found much closer to sea level, but these are almost always nannies and kids. The biggest males are found at the highest altitudes.

These are spot-and-stalk hunts, generally done by searching mountains from nearby hills until a prize billy is spotted, then ascending in pursuit. People who are physically fit have the highest chance of succeeding, as this can require a significant amount of hiking. It can be a challenge, but the experience is well worth it.

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