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Northern British Colombia Combo Hunts   Moose, Stone Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Goat, Wolf, Elk, Black Bear, Wolverine and Lynx

Come experience an epic, remote, back country mountain hunt not far south of the Yukon border in northern BC’s rugged, but beautiful interior. Most renowned for the excellent Grizzly, Moose and Mountain goat hunting, but Elk and opportunities at species such as Stone Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Wolves and Black Bear are also available. Resembling a safari style hunt, consider pre-purchasing tags for several species, nearly all of which have overlapping seasons. Different species can be harvested in place, or in addition to your primary quarry for a $3500 trophy fee. Stone Sheep and Grizzly hunt base rates are well priced, with harvest fees in place only being applicable upon successful harvest.

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Manitoba Moose Hunting  USD$9,695 

Hunt trophy Canada Moose in north eastern Manitoba’s remote boreal lake country! A luxurious fly-out 5-star fishing lodge serves as Base camp, but most hunts take place from a serious of outpost cabins situated on nearby lakes. Peak-rut, boat-based moose hunts are typically conducted by calling and glassing old burns, open wetlands and river mouths. Fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye and Arctic Grayling can often be had while searching for trophy moose, and an excellent shore lunch rounds out this remote, northern wilderness experience. Moose hunts are 7 days, or consider a 14 day Moose/Caribou combo, all based out of Thompson Manitoba.

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Caribou Hunting Packages  $9,995 2x1

Experience hunting Central Barren Ground Caribou amidst the fall colors in the endless tundra. Many are unaware of the incredible caribou hunting opportunities in Manitoba Canada, northwest of Churchill – polar bear capital of the world! With few licenses issued annually, chances at Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young animals are ever present. Two bull caribou tags are available per hunter, as well as the option of adding barren ground black bear for the price of the license to this exciting week of spot & stalk hunting! Wolves can be harvested under the authority of any unused big game tag at no additional costs. Should you tag out early, lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling or snow geese and ptarmigan can all be pursued from camp.

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Moose Hunting

Moose HuntingGlobal Sporting Safaris often gets asks what North America trophy is the toughest to obtain? Inevitably one of the toughest is a big moose.  There are only a few places in North America where hunters can hunt moose let alone take a trophy.  The two main species our team of consultant focuses on are the Canadian Moose and the Alaskan Yukon Moose.  These hunts often base out of remote tent camps.  Rarely will you find an outfitter that has a high concentration of trophy moose.

Moose for the most part are solitary animals.  They do however come to a call during the rut.  If you have never seen a monster bull charge into the call you have not experienced one of the most exciting events in nature!

Our Canadian Moose hunts are very successful.  We offer hunts for Canadian Moose in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.  We offer our Alaskan Yukon Moose hunts in both Alaska and The Yukon.

In general, most moose hunting seasons are very short and our focused around the rut.  In Alaska most hunts take place between September 1st and the 20th.  Canadian hunts tend to start in early September and run through Mid-October.

If you’re thinking of arranging a moose hunt you need to start planning now for this fall.  Many of Global Sporting Safaris top outfitting partners have their hunts filled a year, sometime two in advance.

Please contact one of our Professional Consultants for all the details.