Elk - Rocky Mountain

Montana Elk Hunting Starting at $3,300 2x1  

Rather than the enormous herds of elk found in other areas, this locale contains several small groups, usually with no more than a dozen in any one. While this does make it more difficult to be selective about your trophy, the low hunting pressure here makes that much less of an issue. It also makes it easier to call in bulls with bugling. Finally, since these small groups have so few individuals listening and watching for predators compared to the big herds, it’s less likely that they’ll notice your approach. Overall, the small groups give the hunter a distinct advantage.


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Texas Elk Hunts 1x1 $5,500 plus unlimited free Hogs & Predators

Elk Hunting Texas

A unique Elk hunt in the Texas Panhandle! Experience high success rates for bulls scoring in the 300-350+ inches taken each year from a multi-generation, self-sustaining population of elk, residing on a 21 square mile fenced estate. Typical rut hunting tactics apply from September to mid October. Later in the season glassing, coupled with safari style truck/jeeps are employed to cover territory seeking the elusive herds. Seasons are generous, the terrain is challenging, but only 5-10 all-inclusive spots are available each year. Call and book today to reserve yours!

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Colorado Elk Outfitters Starting at  $3,500  

Colorado Elk Outfitters

If you’re looking for a fantastic Colorado elk hunting experience at an affordable price, then this is the outfitter you’re looking for. Featured on numerous hunting shows, their excellent track record and breathtaking hunting grounds—located along Colorado’s famous Grand Mesa—are hard to beat. They’re also more than happy to take on bow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters alike. Note: Call Derek for special pricing for kids under 18 accompanied by a paid adult.

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