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Ocellated Turkey Hunts Campeche, Mexico $3400 per Hunter.

There are only two (2) species of turkey in the world; the North American wild turkey [Meleagris gallopavo] (divided into 5 distinct sub-species) AND the Ocellated turkey [Meleagris ocellata]!

Even though the Ocellated turkey is the smallest of the turkey species (10-12 lbs.), it is without a doubt the most unique and eye-catching of all the turkey species and sub-species, truly the most beautiful bird of them all, with their colorful and iridescent plumage!

Click the Ocellated Turkey Hunts link for details or call Damon Engle at 888-580-4868, Ext. 709.

Wyoming Archery Antelope Hunting starting at $1,495 (2019 Sold Out)

This landowner’s pronghorn hunting trips for bow hunters last five days. Due to the pronghorn’s flighty nature and the difficulty of closing in on them in the wide-open spaces they call home, these hunts are performed from permanent or pop-up blinds positioned over waterholes in some of the best locations of the ranch. As an un-guided hunt, you’ll spend all of the hunt alone.  The land owner will show you the property and locations of the blinds. With no distractions, you’ll be able to focus entirely on picking your trophy and taking the shot.  The land owner will also give you a map to local meat processors and taxidermists if you wish.

2019 Pricing: SOLD OUT
 Pricing:  5-Day Un-Guided Pronghorn Bow Hunt $1,495

Click the Wyoming Archery Antelope Hunting link for details or call Derek Amadio at 888-850-4868, Ext. Ext. 705.

Argentina Big Game Hunting

Andalen Lodge is seated at the middle of the beautiful Quehue Valley of the La Pampa Province, Argentina. With the special Argentinean charm, atmosphere and landscape, the Andalen ranch, covering up to 10,000 acres, is a popular spot known globally for hunting game ranging from the Red Stag, Blackbuck Antelope, Wild Boar, Mouflon, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Water Buffalo, Feral Goat, Dorset Ram, and Feral sheep.

The Andalen lodge permits a group of 2 to 7 hunters weekly on a program of an all-inclusive hunting and other personalized getaway services, with a lot of history and hunting stories to be experienced from the culture-rich location.

Roe Deer Hunts in Poland Starting at $1600 for a 5-Day hunt

Hunt Trophy Roe Buck and Red Stag in Poland
5-Day Hunt starting at $1600

~ Hunt wild, free-ranging trophy Roe Buck in south western Poland, May-Sep
~ No unexpected costly trophy fees *FLAT RATES* hunt the biggest bucks you can find!
~ Additional Roe Bucks ($500 each) – Trophy Red Stag available Sep ($1450 each)
~ 5-day Sep Combo Special – x1 each: Roe Buck, Red Stag, Russian Boar – $5150
~ Luxurious dining & accommodation – 1×1 guiding , spot & stalk or stand hunting
~ All inclusive from Wroclaw or Poznan via Warsaw – Now Booking for 2016 & 2017

Click the Roe Deer Hunts in Poland link for details or call Adrian Skok at 888-850-4868, Ext. Ext. 706.

Colorado Elk Outfitters Starting at $3,500

Colorado Elk Outfitters

If you’re looking for a fantastic Colorado elk hunting experience at an affordable price, then this is the outfitter you’re looking for. Featured on numerous hunting shows, their excellent track record and breathtaking hunting grounds—located along Colorado’s famous Grand Mesa—are hard to beat. They’re also more than happy to take on bow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters alike. Note: Call Derek for special pricing for kids under 18 accompanied by a paid adult.

Click the Colorado Elk Outfitters link for details or call Derek Amadio at 888-850-4868, Ext. Ext. 705.

Argentina Dove Hunting

Argentina Dove Hunting

San Luis is popular with Doves and is the biggest roosts in the whole of central Argentina. Its landscape of vast Calden woods and soft hills as well as huge cornfields complement each other to provide support and food and be the perfect habitat for millions of Doves.

Capalen Lodge is the top dove shooting destination in San Luis, Argentina, with a lot of other attractions and features to serve as the perfect getaway. Hunting takes place in a natural environment setting with rivers and cornfields, surrounded by the typical San Luis landscape of soft hills and Calden Woods.

New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunts $5,000 1x1

New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunts

This outfitter offers guided mountain lion hunts with top-notch hounds backed up by experienced houndsmen. They have more than 10 years of experience and will give you the best possible odds of a successful hunt. New Mexico no longer has a closed season on mountain lion—you can go after them whenever you please, so long as you have a license. However, we recommend hunting between December and February because the snow makes finding tracks much easier. This outfitter prefers to schedule hunts on an on-call basis to ensure that the weather cooperates. If that doesn’t work, they can reserve dates for you instead. This is one our favorite hunts because the scenery looks so pure with the landscape covered in white. It is a bit physically demanding—be prepared for walking in snow and rough terrain.

Click the New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunts link for details or call Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-4868, Ext. Ext. 702.


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