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There are only two (2) species of turkey in the world; the North American wild turkey [Meleagris gallopavo] (divided into 5 distinct sub-species) and the Ocellated turkey [Meleagris ocellata]!

Even though the Ocellated turkey is the smallest of the turkey species (11-12 lbs.), it is without a doubt the most unique and eye-catching of all the turkey species and sub-species, truly the most beautiful bird of them all, with their colorful and iridescent plumage!

Adding to the uniqueness of the Ocellated turkey is the fact that it is only found in the Yucatan Peninsula of Old Mexico and small parts of Guatemala and Belize, with the largest concentration of them found in the State of Campeche, exactly where your hunt will take place.


The NWTF, now recognizing the Mexican Turkey Slam in its wild turkey records program, states that for a hunter to complete the Mexican Slam, it consists of the Gould’s, Ocellated, and Rio turkeys being harvested in Old Mexico. Once a hunter completes a Mexican Turkey Slam, he is well on his way to complete the Royal and then the World Turkey Slams. It is noteworthy to mention that the current Top three (3) Ocellated turkeys in the NWTF record book are from the State of Campeche!

Old Mexico has the only abundant and huntable populations of Ocellated Turkey in the world. The outfitter’s staff and guides have the knowledge, equipment, and most importantly, the natural resources necessary, for both the beginner and hardcore turkey hunter, to have a successful hunt.

The hunters usually arrive on Sunday the new lodge built-in 2012, the hunt begins on Monday and ends the following Friday.

A typical hunting day starts with a wake- up call at around 4:30 a.m., hunters will be treated with a light breakfast with coffee, juice, fruit, cereal, and toast, then they will start the journey on 4X4 vehicles to the hunting areas and hunt until noon, (a box lunch is provided for snacks in the field) then return to camp for lunch, at around 1:30 p.m. The hunters will return to their hunting areas at about 3:30 p.m. and hunt until dark and return to camp for supper at about 8:00 p.m.

The outfitter provides one guide for each hunter (1X1) and one 4X4 vehicle for 2 hunters and their guides.

The pristine agricultural habitat, the abundant population of birds, and the Ranch guide’s experience all come together in a formula for certain success on your Ocellated Turkey hunt of a lifetime!

In addition to the Ocellated turkey, you can also find the following species available for hunting in the State of Campeche:

  • Brown Brocket deer
  • Collared peccary
  • Coati

Contact us today for more information by filling out the request form at the bottom of this page.

See our Ocellated Turkey Videos at:

Hunt Duration

Arrive Sunday, Hunt Monday thru Friday, Depart on Saturday.

Hunting Methods

Ground Blinds and spot and stalk.


$3,300 per Hunter. Non-Hunter rate is $750.

Additional Turkey

$1,200 if available


February 15th through the end of May


New Lodge with Pool built in 2012.


1 (one) Ocellated Tom, 1 (one) turkey tag, Lodging in tent camp, All meals, Refreshments in the field, Field care and packaging of trophies, Guides, Transportation to and from the Ranch and the airport, Hunting license and visa, USFWS trophy import forms. CITES Permit $200.

Not Included

Travel overnight expenses that you may incur in before and after your hunt, If you fly into the Merida airport you will have an additional $300 charged to your hunt, Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies, Tips (They are customary and, of course voluntary, for guides, cooks and staff).

License & Permits

Outfitter will apply for your CITIES permit which is not included in the cost of the hunt.

Travel Specifics

Destination airport is Mérida (MID) where you will be met and greeted by Yukkutz Hunting staff, then driven to camp in reliable vehicles.  The ETA to camp is 4 hours. You will need to fly in the day before and overnight at the Americana which is not included in the cost.  Hotel is around $100/night.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 702 or Cell: 307-259-9603.



Global Sporting Safaris now offers you a world-class trophy Brocket Deer hunting in Campeche, Mexico. This is the perfect hunt for the international hunter to combine with an Ocellated turkey hunt, as they are also plentiful in this area.

Our Outfitter is one of the best for trophy class Brocket deer hunts, leasing thousands of acres of rich agricultural land teeming with native wild-life; you will not find a better region for your Brocket deer and Ocellated turkey hunt. These exclusive deer hunts are fully guided and all-inclusive. The outfitter builds food plots and uses trail cameras. Your area will be pre-scouted before you arrive. Only a few hunts per year to maintain trophy record book class deer. Hunters usually arrive at camp on Sunday and the hunt begins on Monday and ends the following Friday.

You will stay in a lodge built in 2012 just 11 miles from the hunting areasThe menu is international fare and includes steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, salads, and of course, turkey! All beverages are included with bottled water, soft drinks, beer, and domestics spirits.

A typical hunting day begins with a wake-up call around 4:30 am. Following a light breakfast of coffee, juice, fruit, toast, and cereal; you will start your journey on 4×4 vehicles to the hunting areas and hunt until noon (box lunch and /or snack for mid-morning is provided), then return to camp for lunch at around 1:30 pm. The hunters return to their hunting areas at about 3 pm and hunt until dark and return to camp for dinner around 8 pm. One guide per hunter is provided and one 4×4 vehicle for 2 hunters and their guides.

Hunt Duration

The hunts are five days. Please allow for 1 day on the front end for travel.

Hunting Methods

Ground blinds, spot, and stalk on game trails.


5 day, 1×1 hunts for $5,500 per hunter.


Early February to late May


New Lodge with swimming pool built-in 2012.


Meals, accommodation in a tent camp, professional guide service, ground transportation from/to Campeche or Merida (+$300US) airports, hunting license, tags, trophy care, and preparation.

Not Included

Tips & gratuities, trophy taxidermy, and shipping, expenses before and after your hunt.

Additional Game Available and Trophy Fees (including tags)

Ocellated turkey……………………….. $1,000 US
Coati……………………………………….$   400 US

License & Permits

See above

Travel Specifics

Fly to Campeche or Merida airports, where Outfitter will meet and greet you. If you fly into Merida you will probably have to overnight there and drive to camp in the morning. ETA to camp is 2 hrs from Campeche and 4 hrs from Merida.

Additional Info

For detailed information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-HUNT, Ext. 702.


The newly added Mexican Gulf Coast Whitetail Deercategory in Safari Club International consists of the Mexican deer of the whitetail subspecies O.v. veraecrucis that are distributed mainly along those regions in the states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz, in Mexico, that border the Gulf Coast.

These deer have medium-sized bodies and usually have small racks that are not too heavy and have short and slender tines. The inside spread of these racks is approximately 6–9 inches. On average, a mature buck will measure about 4.8 feet long, 2.4 feet at the shoulder, and will have a tail around 7 inches long.  Their coats range from light brown to grey and help them camouflage themselves by blending into their surroundings. Their small racks are designed to help them flee into the dense tropical forest at the first alert.

These deer are only found south of the border, in Mexico, and the main area of distribution is the coastal southern part of the State of Tamaulipas, the State of Veracruz and the small State of Tabasco. Their natural habitat consists of the tropical deciduous forests and the tropical rainforests of these areas. They are located where the weather is predominantly tropical: warm and with high humidity.

Global Sporting Safaris offers 3-day hunting expeditions for these beautiful tropical deer in the State of Veracruz, where our Outfitter will have you at the Ranch and ready to hunt in about 1½ hours after the airport meet and greet. A modest, but dry and warm cabin is where you will rest. You need to bring a sleeping bag and your favorite pillow on this hunt. A towel, your toiletries, rain gear and insect repellent are also must-haves. Since this hunt takes place in a dense tropical forest setting, it is very recommendable that you bring light to medium hunting camo clothes. However, since the average temperatures during deer season will be highs in the upper 70s (F) and lows in the low 50s (F), you should also pack a medium-weight jacket in case the weather turns cooler in the evenings.

The hunting takes place over natural ground blinds close to water holes and over game trails. You will also be spotting and stalking for deer where fields border dense tropical forest. After breakfast, the hunt goes on during the early morning; at noon, you will come back for a siesta and a delicious lunch of local fare before heading out for the evening hunt. Finally, you’ll come back to camp for a good dinner before the tropical day is gone. Refreshments and bottled water are provided in the field during your hunt and trophy care and prepare provided as well. Guiding is normally 2×1, but if you would like to hunt 1×1, it can be arranged for a small additional fee.

This outfitter’s ranch boasts a substantial population of Gulf Coast whitetail deer and additionally you will also find a healthy population of beautiful axis and Sika deer that thrive in this region. Another excellent trophy you may encounter on this hunt is the rare white-lipped peccary. Both of these additional species may be added to your hunt on a trophy fee basis. Other small games you are bound to run into on this hunt include agouti, armadillo, rabbit, coyote, hare, coati, paca, and the more common collared peccary.

If you are crossbow or bow hunting you will have no trouble at all bringing your weapons into Mexico and will not need any permit for them. If you want to rifle hunt, we need to make arrangements with the outfitter, or our Mexico agent, in order to provide you with a rifle for a nominal fee.

The deer season in the State of Veracruz runs from the 30th of November until the 24th of February of each year, with prime time for Gulf Coast whitetail deer being in mid-February.

Hunt Duration:  Hunts are four (4) nights and three (3) days on a 2×1 Hunter to Guide ratio depending on weapon choice.

Hunting Methods: Mainly spot and stalk and in brush blinds.

Rates:  $3,497 for the Gulf Coast Deer hunt.  Additional animals on a trophy fee basis: White-Lipped Peccary $3,500; Axis Deer $1,250; Axis Doe $300; Sika Deer $1,000; Collared Peccary $350.

Rates – Non-hunter: $650 for the duration of the hunt.

Accommodations:  Rustic cabins.

Includes:  Guide, transportation to your hunting location, hunting license and tags, meals, and care of trophies and meat in the field.

Not Included: Gratuities, travel expenses before and after the hunt, taxidermy, and shipping of trophies.

Travel Specifics:  Fly to Veracruz, where the outfitter will meet you.

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