An exciting hunt for screaming sika stags in an off-the-radar sleeper location: west-central Ukraine! Experience hunting what might be the largest free-ranging Manchurian sika stags anywhere, with excellent success rates and trophy quality in this ALL-INCLUSIVE, 1×1, airport-to-airport package with FLAT RATE trophy fees! No fear of exponential sliding scale trophy fees, penalized with a hefty bill upon scoring a trophy stag. The English-speaking outfitter offers personal care, and interpreters are provided if necessary. Rifle rental, all transportation, and licensing are also included, as well as veterinary certificates, allowing clients to return home with their trophies at the end of the hunt! Trophy quality is maintained at an exceptionally high level, with the tradeoff being only very limited availability, reserved for a maximum of up to 6 hunters annually.

Red stag hunts are also offered as flat-rate standalone or in combination packages. To any hunting package, bonus red stags, roe deer, and wild boar can also be added as targets of opportunity. Kiev is the destination city, which makes for quick, easy, and affordable travel. Upon arrival, be greeted and shuttled by the outfitter personally. Don’t miss out on this great and very limited opportunity. A deposit secures your spot for a future hunt!


With it has only recently become available, Global Sporting Safaris is pleased to now offer this unique, exclusive, and completely wild and free-range trophy Manchurian sika hunt in Ukraine. Also known as Dybowski’s sika, these sikas are the largest of the many subspecies, and mature stags reach weights of up to 500 lbs on the hoof. They make a variety of vocalizations, of which the most notable is a loud scream during the rut.

The species is indigenous to China, Korea, and Russia, but is largely extirpated from its native range and now mostly restricted to the Ussurri province in extreme eastern Russia. There the species was recently listed as locally endangered and a hunting ban imposed. Fortunately, during the Soviet era, some sika were transplanted, and Ukraine now boasts one of the few huntable free-range populations. Here the sika have now been established for several decades, and trends are showing an increasing population and exceptional trophy quality, with the biggest stags stretching the tape at 35+ inches!

In Ukraine, the sika hunting season is long, spanning from the beginning of September to the end of December. The rut can vary slightly but tends to commence at the beginning of October or occasionally as late as the end of the month. This is the most exciting time to hunt big sika stags!

Hunting tactics will vary according to the season. For most, the favored time of year to hunt would be the rut. At this time of year, calling combined with spot & stalk strategies is the most used, similar to red stag hunting during the roar when individual stags can be targeted, betrayed by their piercing screams. The stags are distracted and can be quite vocal, but noisy ground cover can make stalks challenging. In the late-season tactics change to more time spent in high seats over food sources, but covering ground in vehicles and closing the distance with a crafty stalk is also certainly used. Trophy sika packages are 4 days, all-inclusive, and 1×1 guided with trophy fees for 1 unlimited size sika stag, priced at $4950.


Other species that can be taken, either in combination with a sika hunt or as targets of opportunity, include red stag, roe deer, and wild boar. Red deer is offered as a standalone 4-day, all-inclusive, 1×1 guided hunt with trophy fees for 1 unlimited size red stag priced at $6000. Peak timeslots might range from mid-September to early October. Availability is also limited to ensure quality hunts and excellent trophy quality. The outfitter has many 10kg+ red stag trophies to his credit, and some of the larger stags tip the scales at 12kg+! Red stag can also be booked in combination with sika for a flat-rate trophy fee of $4500, and extra hunting days can be added for only $250/day. Additional trophy fees incurred while hunting are only invoiced upon return from Ukraine and payable within 90 days.


Specialty, standalone roe deer hunts are offered and Ukraine certainly produces some great bucks! All-inclusive, 4-day, peak-season spring or summer rut roe deer hunting packages sell for only $1500 and include 1 buck of any size. Additional roe deer of any size can be added to this package for only $550 each. However, while on a sika or stag hunt, treat this species as a bonus target of opportunity, as it is not the best time to hunt roe deer. Add a roe deer to any hunt in Ukraine for $550 for a low-risk combo hunting opportunity. Any extra trophy fees incurred while hunting only need to be paid within 60 days of returning from your hunt in Ukraine. No need to bring lots of extra cash, just in case…


Commonly taken as a target of opportunity while on any hunt in Ukraine, specialty, standalone wild boar hunts can also be organized. Peak season ranges from early May through August in addition to the winter months. Add a wild boar of any size to any other hunt in Ukraine as a target of opportunity for a trophy fee of $750.

Setting & Conditions

Ukraine is a large, ecologically diverse and fertile farming nation bordering several European countries as well as Russia to the east. Kiev is the capital city and centrally located in the country. Our hunts occur 3 to 5 hours south or southwest of Kiev. The region is rural and is comprised of forest fringe and mixed woodlots along rich, rolling farmland. The outfitter’s hunting concessions boast healthy populations of game in an area where most trophy hunting is quite overlooked.

During the red and sika stag roars, temperatures are quite mild, with mornings and overnights hovering around the freezing mark. Late-season hunts, however, can see plenty of snow and winter temperatures, so appropriate cold-weather equipment is needed to stay warm and effective during the hunt. Be sure to bring thermal layers, a winter hat and gloves.


With regards to accommodations, hunters will stay in comfortable houses or cabins located right in the hunting areas. No wasted time commuting! The lodgings are not necessarily luxurious but have all the amenities and creature comforts one would expect, and they suit the hunts perfectly. Meals are home cooked, and you’ll enjoy fresh, hearty, local cuisine prepared daily. If booking alone, expect to share the camp with another hunter and your outfitter/guide nestled right in the hunting area for maximum time afield.

Getting There

The destination for all our Ukrainian hunts is the capital city of Kiev. A visa is not required for North American and EU citizens. Overall, the commute is relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive. Typical connection cities and hub airports can include London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Frankfurt, and Istanbul. Upon booking a hunt in Ukraine, consider planning pre- or post-hunt European sightseeing activities. Or even combine two separate hunts in another nearby European country during prime hunting periods to maximize your European experience & travel. These are excellent packages for which to consider bringing a non-hunting companion or observer along.


Due to the current administrative difficulties of importing a rifle into Ukraine, the outfitter has already incorporated a firearm rental into each hunter’s sika or red stag combo package. The outfitter is able to provide hunters with good.30 caliber rifles crowned with quality optics for no additional price.

Getting Your Trophies Home

Hunters may fly home accompanying their trophies from Ukraine with appropriate documentation if they wish. A veterinary certificate is prepared for each hunter by the outfitter, with only a $50 processing fee. Should you choose to leave your trophies in Ukraine, they can be prepared for export and shipped to your home address or a taxidermist of your choice.


4-day, all-inclusive 1×1 guided trophy Manchurian sika deer hunt – 1 Sept – 31 Dec – USD$4950

4-day, all-inclusive 1×1 guided trophy red deer hunt (no size limit) – 1 Sept – 31 Dec – USD$6000

4-day, all-inclusive 1×1 guided trophy roe deer hunt (no size limit) – May & August – USD$1500

*Note: Wounded or unrecovered game either terminates your hunt or is subject to the estimated value of the trophy fees according to your PH, should you wish to keep hunting.

Combination Hunts & Upgrades

– Additional roe deer (no size limit) – $550

– Additional wild boar (no size limit) – $750

– Combine with 3-day red stag – $4,500

– Additional hunting day – $250/day

– Non-hunting observer welcome – $200/day


~ Round-trip, airport-to-airport itinerary shuttle service from Kiev
~ All guiding and transportation during packaged hunt
~ Accommodations and meals during the hunt
~ All government licenses, fees & taxes
~ English-speaking guide or interpreter to accompany each hunting party
~ Quality rifle rental
~ Field preparation of trophies

Not included:

~ Travel to and from Kiev, Ukraine
~ Any pre- or post-hunt hotel accommodations
~ Gratuities to your guide
~ Taxidermy or trophy export
~ Export documents / veterinary certificate ($50)
~ Alcohol

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