Hunt the former Tecomate Ranch in south Texas on more than 5,000 acres carefully managed to produce some of the largest native deer in the state. Trophies over 200” are possible every season with a ranch record scoring close to 241”. Bucks in the 150” to 170” range are abundant with excellent opportunity at 180” and larger giants. Incredibly, there are more bucks than does on this property.

With the help of Texas Parks and Wildlife a high perimeter fence was erected more than a decade ago, and since that time the deer on the property have remained 100% wild, native deer—no deer farm transplants and no genetic manipulation.


Hunters should fly into McAllen or Harlingen, Texas, where they will be picked up by the outfitter and driven approximately two hours to the ranch. Flying into San Antonio and renting a car is a third option. The drive from San Antonio is approximately three and a half hours. Once at the ranch travel is by 4WD vehicle. Lease hunters will have 4WD Jeeps to use at any time they wish to hunt.


The ranch consists of multiple buildings and bunkhouses that can accommodate large parties if necessary. Hunters will have their own room, most with ensuite bathrooms and showers with electricity, heaters, AC and TVs. Cell service is fair to good.



Expect sendero-style rifle hunting from elevated box blinds and tripod stands. There are many areas and blinds to choose from, most allowing for shot distances as far as hunters are comfortable.

Expect to arrive 30 minutes before shooting light and to hunt until late morning or until the activity has slowed before returning to the ranch house for lunch and a nap, with the evening hunt resuming in the mid-afternoon. Hunters have the option to hunt all day long, which is recommended during the December and January rut.

Most of the ranch vehicles have corn-dispensing feeders that aid in drawing high numbers of deer into the Senderos. Corn and supplemental food plots are managed year-round to sustain the highest trophy quality possible.

Additionally, this property boasts some of the largest numbers of javelina we have encountered on any hunt. The purchase of a $315 nonresident hunting license allows for a harvest of deer as well as up to two javelinas. Predator hunting is free of charge and excellent. Most hunters will have the opportunity to harvest bobcat during their stay. In Texas, completion of a hunter safety course is required for every hunter born after September 2, 1971.


Whitetail hunts begin early in November of each year, with prime rut during the months of December and January. This qualifies for Texas’ extended season, allowing clients to hunt through the end of February.

Duration of Hunt

Packaged hunters have the flexibility of choosing their own hunt dates and duration. Unique to this destination is the opportunity for clients to return as they wish throughout the season, within reason, at no additional cost. Observers are complimentary if accompanying a packaged hunter.

Texas Hunting Lease Option

Lease hunters will enjoy incredible pricing far below the market average for native deer hunts. Lease hunters are allowed one trophy buck of any size plus one management buck scoring up to 160”. Approximately half of the ranch property is allocated to lease hunters so that there will be no interference with package hunters. Lease hunters will also enjoy complimentary accommodations throughout the season as well as the use of one 4WD Jeep.


140″ to 149″


150″ to 159″


160″ to 169″


170″ to 179″


180″ to 189″


190″ to 199″


200″ to 209″


210″ to 219″


220″ to 229″




Quail Hunting


Texas Hunting Lease Option

Includes one buck of any size plus one management buck up to 160.  $11,500

Non-hunting Observer


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