This is that once in a lifetime musk ox hunt for giant, record book animals. The hunt is based out of a 5-Star Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Lodge on NWT’s famous Great Bear Lake, having with it all the amenities. Access different hunting areas on a daily basis by means boat or Turbo-Otter floatplanes to remote corners of the lake, where trophy Barren Ground Musk Ox can then be glassed from strategic vantage points on this exciting spot & stalk hunt. Similar to previous seasons, this outfitter experienced 100% success in recent years, with all Musk Ox well exceeding the all-time Boone & Crockett minimum score of 105. Average bulls go around 110-115, but some stretch the tape into the 120s, ranking them among the world’s top, all-time specimens!  We limit our Musk Ox harvest to only 4-6 bulls annually!

Uniquely, your GSS consultant is one of the Musk Ox hunting guides for this outfitter, and upon booking would assist you through every aspect of planning and travel, and if possible will offer to be your guide on the hunt. This reaffirms the definition of trust as and confidence in your success when considering such as hunt.  Few places on earth offer you similar chances of harvesting a true giant B&C scoring Musk Ox bull then on this hunt – all while enjoying 5-Star luxury during pleasant August conditions in a gorgeous wilderness setting north of the arctic circle among interesting people from around the world!


This is a hunt like no other. Each morning you and your hunting partner will board a floatplane to access the immense hunting area. Boats are cached at several locations across the huge arctic lake, from which you and your guides will base the days hunt. The coastline is patrolled and glassed from a boat in areas that have long produced trophy Musk Ox. These Musk Ox are the main-land barren-ground variety, known as the “Sahtu” population, grow to be the largest in them anywhere. You are sure to impress at the sheer size of these animals once they are spotted from boat and moved in for a stalk. The herds’ number from 12-40 animals and are carefully examined to identify the oldest and optimal bulls. Musk Ox can be notoriously difficult to judge and your guide will be vital in choosing the correct animal. When successful, the bull is caped and quartered, brought back to the boat, then plane, then back to the lodge to be processed, packages, and prepared for the taxidermist. Whether the day’s venture is successful or not, you will not be spiking out on the land, rather returning to 5-star amenities each night in anticipation for the next day. The weather is lovely, the scenery fantastic, the experience is priceless. To top it off this Musk Ox hunting package comes with trophy Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling fishing that made the lodge famous in the first place included at no cost upon tagged out. Flyouts for trophy Arctic Char are also available.


This hunt is north of the Arctic Circle. The lodge is located on an island where the landscape is a mix of loose barrens or scraggly black spruce trees. This time of year the insects are largely done, the fall colors are just beginning and temperatures hover around the freezing mark – perfect for spot and stalk hunting. During your hunt, expect to see a number of big, bull moose, barren ground Grizzly’s, loons, cranes, eagles, and the resident wolf pack near the camp. Get some great photos on the nightly “wolf tours” for some up-close encounters. This is truly one of a kind northern experience!


For its remote setting, this is a truly a 5-Star experience in the sub-arctic offering all modern amenities. Wi-Fi internet is available throughout most of camp. Your personal cabin has a complete bathroom, lounge, and sleeping quarters, as well as a screened-in, bug-proof porch at the water’s edge overlooking the beautiful arctic landscape. Expect daily laundry & maid service, fantastic chef-inspired meals daily, and a fully guided experience in every respect. The main lodge offers a fine dining room, bar, games room, library, and a sitting area with an incredible view. This is a great place to exchange outdoor adventures in the evenings and recoup for another exciting day ahead with sportsmen from around the world.


Fly to Yellowknife NWT Canada where a porter from the lodge will meet you and any fellow Musk Ox hunters, shuttling everyone to either a different air charter to the main lodge, or hotel for an overnight stay.  Should your flight schedule keep you overnight, Yellowknife is a unique interesting northern city that much to see and do for the day. The main lodge on Great Bear Lake is approximately one hour north of Yellowknife by air, where you land at either the floatplane docks or maintained landing strip behind camp. The entire process from Yellowknife to the lodge is hassle-free and only adds to your northern Adventure in the North West Territories!


Like with many Canadian hunts your big game tag will also double as a 30-60-day export permit, meaning that you hide, horns, and meat can accompany any US hunters back home over the border provided in their possible. This constitutes either driving from Yellowknife or as extra checked bags if flying. Options also exist to use our Canadian taxidermists to do one of two things. Firstly they can permit, tan the hide, and prep the horn shipping them to you or your taxidermist of choice. The second option is having them do the complete work and ship you the final product direct to your door.


7-Days All-inclusive 1×1 Trophy Barren Ground Musk Ox Hunt (late August) USD$20,000

~ Air transportation between Yellowknife and the main lodge
~ All meals and accommodations during the hunt
~ All air transport into the field to access hunting areas
~ 1 guide per hunter and with a hunting license, Muskox tags & fishing license
~ All field handling, care, and packaging of meat and trophy during
~ Air transport of meat and trophy to Yellowknife
~ Any trophy Lake Trout fishing from the main lodge after your hunt 

Not included:
~ Pre or Post hunt accommodation and travel to Yellowknife NWT
~ Trophy fees paid in Yellowknife to Conservation Officer (CDN$350)
~ Applicable Goods & Services taxes (5%)
~ Gratuities for guides and hospitality staff

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