Come experience an epic, remote, backcountry mountain hunt not far south of the Yukon border in northern BC’s rugged, but beautiful interior. Most renowned for the excellent Grizzly, Moose, and Mountain goat hunting, but Elk and opportunities at species such as Stone Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Wolves, and Black Bear are also available. Resembling a safari-style hunt, consider pre-purchasing tags for several species, nearly all of which have overlapping seasons. Different species can be harvested in place, or in addition to your primary quarry for a $3500 trophy fee. Stone Sheep and Grizzly hunt base rates are well priced, with harvest fees in place only being applicable upon successful harvest. Choose 10, 12, or 14-day packages which are horseback/backpack style from tent camps. Hunters must get themselves to Fort St John, or occasionally Prince George BC, and from there a charter flight will bring you to base camp. Prime timeslots fill quickly and to maintain excellent trophy quality availability is quite limited. 10 day 1×1 guided hunts for 1 species such as Moose, Mountain Goat, or Elk start at $8500.

British Columbia Moose Hunts, Mountain Goat Hunts, and Elk Hunts.

Choose between 10, 12, and 14-day hunting packages which can include fees for either one or two species in the base price. Mountain Caribou may also be available, and you can always add an additional animal for a trophy fee of $3500. Tags for various species must all be pre-purchased however and in your possession while hunting.  Arrive to base camp by charter flight (approx $1000 round trip) likely from Fort St John. Continue on horseback to remote tent camps, at which point the hunts are conducted on foot – or occasionally by boat. Best Elk & Goat hunts are mid-late Sept, and prime moose rut hunts tend to occur around late Sept and into early Oct.  Black bear, Wolves, Wolverine or Lynx are also available at no additional hunts on all fall hunts for only the price of the license if pre-purchased and like Mountain Caribou should be viewed as targets of opportunity.  Grizzly Bear and Stone Sheep combination hunts are also possible.

Stone Sheep

A unique opportunity in this hunting territory is chances at a beautiful stone sheep. We will honestly say that this is only a marginal Stone sheep area, but rams are encountered annually. For this reason, however, a special pricing system fall back plan is in place with this unique package. For a base price of only $12,500 experience, a 14 day 1×1 Stone Sheep hunts, and only if successful with a legal trophy ram does an additional fee of $12,500 apply! With today’s sheep hunt prices, any savvy hunter knows this package is excellent value with far less risk. To sweeten the offer, should you not be successful with a Stone Sheep, a Moose, Mountain Goat, or Elk could be taken in place of the Stone Sheep for no additional value. Additional animals could also always be taken for a trophy fee of $3500 + the price of the tag. Your Stone Sheep tags will be priced at roughly $650. Combining with a Grizzly is also possible if tags are available, and if successful is subject to a $5000 trophy fee. Either way, no one is going home empty-handed from this hunt.

BC Interior Grizzly Hunts (and bonus Black Bear)!
Our outfitters’ specialty might very well be big Grizzly Bears with as much as three decades of experience and many successful rifles and archery hunts. Allocated only 5 tags annually, this is a limited hunt but can be conducted in either spring or fall. The month is Sept is a preferred time to consider a hunt.  These packages are 10 days, 1×1 guided, and includes a bonus Black Bear! This hunt is priced at $9000 and only upon successfully harvesting a Grizzly is the hunt subject to a $5000 trophy fee. Other species such as Moose, Mountain Goat, and Elk can be taken in place of a Grizzly for no additional cost, or combined for $3500 each + the price of the tag. Grizzly tags are roughly $1000 + $1000 government royalty fee. Success rates, trophy quality, and combo hunt potential and overall experience are all excellent.

Accommodations – Base Camp Vs Hunt Camp

Enjoy staying in a comfortable lodge-style log home on the shores of BC’s largest inland lake nestled in a sub-alpine mountain valley. Every comfort of home including WIFI is available while staying at this post & beam log home in addition to hot and cold running water, electricity, and heating. Hunters will either have sleeping quarters to themselves or shared with other hunters in their group. Enjoy a comfortable common area to unwind and as well as a full kitchen where you will enjoy hearty home-cooked meals.   There is one road servicing this region, which is a long remote drive, however, and so the outfitter has offered to at times personally fly hunters to base camp using his own plane direct to the lodge from either Fort St John or Prince George BC.

White hunting, however, use horses to access remote but comfortable tent camps made up of prospector style modular tents. Generators provide electricity, and camps are complete with propane stoves and cots. Hunters must provide their own sleeping gear, however.

Getting There

Hunters are to get themselves to Fort St John BC (or occasionally Prince George) where you will be greeted by the outfitter or his staff who will then fly you direct to the lodge. A charter flight fee of $600-1000 (budget $1000) will apply to cover fuel expenses. Fort St John BC is serviced by several smaller commuter airlines, typically from hubs such as Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, or Edmonton. Depending on what time flights arrive or depart, you may require overnight accommodations before or after your hunt.

Luggage – It is encouraged to pack no more than 50 lbs of clothing and equipment in a soft duffle bag to facilitate transport on bush planes. Large rigid suitcases are cumbersome and may not fit well in smaller aircraft. Key items of equipment include a sleeping bag and a good pack.

Exportation – Wolf pelts cannot travel home with you and will fall subject to CITES permitting.  The taxidermist will apply for an Addendum Letter from the British Columbia Provincial government which will permit US Fish and Game to accept the hides into the United States. There is an administrative fee for approximately $50 dollars and the process takes roughly 60 days. At this point, the BC taxidermist can do the work himself or will tan the pelts (to keep them from spoiling in transit) and ship them to you or your preferred taxidermist


~ 10 days 1×1 (1 Specie) Moose, Goat, Elk or Caribou (Mid August to Mid October) $8500
~ 12 days 1×1 (2 Species) Moose, Goat, Elk or Caribou (Mid August to Mid October) $10,500
~ 14 days 1×1 (2 Species) Moose, Goat, Elk or Caribou (Mid August to Mid October) $12,000
~ 14 days 1×1 Stone Sheep (Mid August to Mid October) $12,500 (and $12,500 upon harvest)
~ 10 days 1×1 Grizzly & bonus Black Bear September $9000 (and $5,000 upon harvest)

~ Trophy Fee for additional animal $3500 ($9000 for Grizzly) + price of tag

Tag Prices ($CDN): Moose ($262), Mountain Goat ($367), Elk ($262), Mountain Caribou ($241), Stone Sheep ($651), Grizzly ($1083), Black Bear ($189), Wolf ($52), Wolverine ($42), Lynx ($42)


All accommodations and meals during your hunt
Professional guiding and all transportation during your hunt
Actively scouted hunting locations, pack horses, a wrangler & tent camps
Hunting opportunities for Stone Sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Mountain Goat & Caribou, Elk, Black Bear &Wolves
Field dressing, skinning and trophy preparations for the taxidermist

Not included in the cost

Round trip charter flight from Fort St John direct to base camp ranging from $650-1250
Government Taxes (5%)
BC Hunting Licensing ($189) and tags for various Big Game species (prices vary)
Shipping and handling of the trophy to the taxidermist
Tips and gratuities to guides & lodge staff
Pre and post-trip accommodations and travel from Prince George BC

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