Acclaimed as “Musk Ox Capital of the World” there is good reason to visit the southern shores of Victoria Island via Cambridge Bay if you are looking for a trophy specimen. The island is home to an estimated 40,000 Musk Ox, 30,000 of which reside on the southern half of the island. Identified as the Greenland variety of Musk Ox by Safari Club International, our outfitter is responsible for essentially 100% success and the two of the current top 5 SCI Record book entries. Overall most Musk Ox taken would qualify for the P&Y or SCI Record book. Fairweather summer hunts as well as spring and fall hunt options all exist to suit your preference. Consider combining a fall Musk Ox with Arctic Island Caribou while on location. Our outfitter is also responsive for 6 of the top 10 SCI record books Arctic Island Caribou including the current No. 1. Arctic Wolf is a target of opportunity while hunting in Nunavut and can be added as an incidental species for a trophy fee. Aside from the hunting, it’s exhilarating to experience the true Arctic and Inuit culture. Hunt 1×1 with your Inuit guide, and come to appreciate their comprehensive knowledge of the environment and wildlife, ingenuity, and survival skills. It takes incredible mental and physical strength, stamina, patience, courage, and tracking skills to be an effective local hunter and consistent family provider. Hunting is such a way of life today as it was generations ago, which is where these skills and knowledge have been passed down from. Come for a trans-cultural, Arctic hunting experience of a lifetime, all for a very competitive price of $8650.


Summer Hunts– Enjoy a trophy Musk Ox hunt under fair weather conditions. Spend the week with your licensed guide who is an experienced local Inuit hunter and trapper, learning about his culture while he teaches you about the region’s land and wildlife. All hunts are spot & stalk with near 100% success rates during the beautiful but short-lived arctic summer. This is a great opportunity to avoid any snow or colder weather such as can be experienced on our spring and fall Musk ox hunts. This is also the time of year to experience rutting Musk Ox and witness bulls batting over breeding rights among the scattered harems.  This is a good season to benefit from the, at times, meager land features and have the best odd using archery tackle. Bulls can be distracted while rutting and interference from bulky layered winter clothing while using a bow not an issue on summer hunts. Trophy quality and hides are also both in excellent condition. These 6 day 1×1 trophy hunts are out of Cambridge Bay Nunavut on the southern shores of Victoria Island and are priced at $9650 + 2.5% government tax + Non-resident Hunting license ($65) & Musk Ox Tag ($577). Arctic Wolf is available as a target of opportunity on these hunts for a trophy fee ($3,250) upon harvest and the cost of the $65 license & tag (approx $180)

Spring & Fall Hunts – Spring hunts might be the most iconic and traditional of all our Musk Ox hunts, and success rates, especially with a rifle have been essentially 100%. Navigate the landscape by snowmobile in search of the Musk Ox herds where you are sure to encounter a number of mature trophy bulls. In the wide-open landscape the animals are typically spotted from great distances. Using the terrain features, hunters are typically able to close the distance on foot to roughly 200-300 yards and into effective shooting range, but harvest rates are very high with archery as well. Odds at scoring on a bonus Arctic Wolf wearing his finest winter coat are highest on these hunts, and available for a trophy fee upon harvest, and the price of the tag. Spring Musk Ox hunts are 6 days, 2×2 for $9650, while fall hunts are 5 days 2×2 for $8650. Both are out of Cambridge Bay Nunavut on the southern shores of Victoria and do not include + 2.5% government tax + Non-resident Hunting license (USD$65) & Musk Ox Tag (USD$577). Arctic Wolf is available as a target of opportunity on these hunts for a trophy fee ($3,250) upon harvest and the cost of the $65 license & tag (approx $180)


Regarded as the smallest and some of the prettiest of all the caribou sub-species, Arctic Island Caribou can be stark white, and over smaller with a more compact build. They are identified as a hybrid between Peary and Central Canadian Barren Ground varieties. Arctic Island Caribou are hunted from mid-October to mid-Nov and can be booked as a caribou the only hunt, or combined with our fall Greenland Musk Ox hunts. This is a great opportunity for hunters working towards the North American 29, Super 10, or that simply looking for a good combo hunt.  Examining the SCI record book, our outfitter is responsible for a number of the top ten Arctic Island entries including the current all-time No. 1! All hunts are out of Cambridge Bay Nunavut and feel confident with exceptional pre & post-hunt logistics with onsite staff at the Edmonton Airport in Alberta. Caribou only hunts are 2×2 guided and are all-inclusive priced at $8950. Our 2×2 guided combo hunt is priced at $13,950 + Hunting license, Musk Ox ($577), and Caribou tag ($315).


Combinable to all our Nunavut hunts for the cost of an incidental trophy fee and the price of the tag, a wolf let along a true Arctic Wolf is a rare and usually once in a lifetime opportunity for any lucky big game hunter. Tallest and longest of all Wolf species they are often pure white with striking yellow eyes. Success rates and certainly pelt primness are best on spring and fall hunts. If an Arctic wolf ranks high on your bucket list, consider a hunt in Nunavut for the opportunity. Trophy fees for Arctic Wolves are $3,250+ Hunting License and Wolf Tag (approx. $170).

Setting & Conditions & Basic Equipment

Summer Hunts – Beautiful, remote, open, and expansive are some words that come to mind while on location during our fair-weather summer Greenland Musk Ox hunts. The landscape on southern Victoria Island sports endless gently rolling hills of barren tundra. While appearing flat at first, series of ridges and wrinkles in the terrain offer plenty of land features to either hide wildlife or conceal hunters’ approach. Game is usually spotted at long distances and closed in by foot. The daytime temperature on the southern portion of the island during the summer season typically ranges from a comfortable 35-45°F. Biting insects are not an issue and expect windy conditions much of the time. The appropriate dress would consist of layered clothing which can include polypropylene next to skin top & bottoms as needed. Camouflage pants and a fleece vest, sweater or jacket, capped with a wind and waterproof camouflage Gortex jacket. Sunglasses are helpful along with good all-terrain waterproof footwear such as Muck Boots, a quality set of binoculars, range finder, day pack, and perhaps some shooting sticks.

Spring & Fall Hunts – Expect longer dark hours, snow, and colder overall temperatures, but extremes could range from -15 to +15°F. Plan and pack for cold weather appropriately with suitable external and insulating layers. Consider big over mitts and small shooting gloves underneath in a two-layered system, as well as a balaclava and toque or stocking camp and ski goggles for cold and windy snowmobile rides. Consider good socks, winter boots, and toe warmers as well. Mild weather can roll in roll suddenly causing you to shed layers appropriately to keep warm and dry.


Experience a true week out on the Arctic coast during the brief but beautiful summer. Stay in basic plywood cabin style hunting camps. At times, modular tent camps are deployed or even the use of small traditional Inuit hunting camps belonging to the local hunters and trappers are arranged for, all dependant on the location of the Musk Ox herds at that time.

Getting There

Unlike many Musk Ox hunts, getting to the hunting area has been made extremely simple and cost-effective. Clients must first get themselves to Edmonton Airport in Alberta en route to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Once in Edmonton however the outfitters’ itinerary & porters step in covering all the details of your hunt including substantial savings of 30-60% on all your Arctic travel by allowing the outfitter to book them for you. Flights to the Arctic can be quite costly, but take advantage of the outfitters’ promotions & experience nearly half price (between Edmonton & Cambridge Bay) when compared against standard rates.  Upon arrival to Cambridge Bay there is an exciting 4-6 hour boat ride along the remote Arctic coastline to the hunting areas, located along the southern coast of Victoria Island.

Getting Your Trophies Home

On this hunt you are both able to and encouraged to take trophies home with you directly as excess baggage. You will require a Nunavut Wildlife Export Permit, which is available at no cost once a Conservation Office inspects and registers your harvested animals in Cambridge Bay. This then allows your trophies to accompany you while in your possession during travel. This is the most cost-effective method and also allows you to use your personal taxidermist to do the work if that is also your preference. Should you wish to have our taxidermist do the work in Edmonton that can also be arranged.

Should you be fortunate enough to harvest an Arctic wolf, or choose to purchase a Wolf pelt from a local Inuit hunter, you will again require a Nunavut Wildlife Export Permit but hides and skulls are subject CITES export regulations, and so they must be left with a Canadian Taxidermist. He will obtain the CITES export permits which are subject to a small government fee and approximately 60 days processing time. Musk Ox or Caribou do not require CITES export permits and can thus accompany the traveling hunter home while in his possession as additional checked luggage.


6-Days 1×1 Trophy Greenland Musk Ox (mid-August to early September) $9650
6-Days 1×1 Trophy Greenland Musk Ox (late April to early May) $9650
5-Days 2×2 Trophy Greenland Musk Ox (late October to early November) $8650
5-Days 2×2 Arctic Island Caribou (late October to early November) $8950
5-Days 2×2 Trophy Musk Ox & Caribou Combo (late October to early November) $13,950

6-Days Non-hunting Observer for $4,950 (Summer)
5-Days Non-hunting Observer for $3,950 (Spring & Fall)

License and Tag fees (USD$):

~ Nunavut Non-Resident Hunting License (USD$63.00)
~ Greenland Musk Ox Tag (USD$577.50)
~ Arctic Island Caribou Tag (USD$315)
~ Arctic Wolf Tag (Approx. USD$180)


~ Round trip itineraries and all transportation between Edmonton AB, and Cambridge Bay, NU
~ Complete 1×1 hunts and services of a licensed guide
~ All transportation while in the hunting area – typically by boat & fuel costs
~ Personal snowmobile rental during your hunt (when required)
~ All accommodations, Meals and camping gear required during hunt
~ Trophy preparations for taxidermist (skinning, caping, salting & horns)

Not Included

~ Travel to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
~ 2.5% Government Sales Tax
~ Nunavut Non Resident Hunting License (USD$63)
~ Tags – Musk Ox Tag (USD$577), Caribou (USD$315) Wolf (USD$180)
~ Arctic Flight booking fee (USD$245)
~ Arctic Wildlife Research Fund & General Admin Fee (USD$415)
~ Extra Baggage, Shipping of trophies or Taxidermy
~ Gratuities to guides and camp staff
~ Pre and post hunt travel and accommodations between Cambridge Bay NU

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