Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting 10-Days with 6-Days Hunting 1x1 for $7,495


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Kyrgyzstan Ibex HuntingYour Kyrgyzstan ibex hunting adventure will be conducted in the Tien-Shan mountain range, very close to the Chinese border south of lake Issyk-kul. To reach the hunting grounds hunters must travel 15 or more hours by 4WD vehicle after arriving in Bishkek.

A staff of 8-10 will prepare meals and trophies, and provide all transportation and guiding services from arrival in Bishkek to departure. The hunting camp is a ranch-style cabin with comfortable heated rooms with single beds and bedding. The food is traditional Kyrgyz soups, rice dishes, etc. and very plentiful. Hunting camp is located at an elevation of 10,500 feet.

The typical itinerary consists of ten days in Kyrgyzstan with as many as six actual hunting days. All hunts are guided one on one; however, hunters may have two guides each if the staff is available. All hunting is conducted by horseback. Each morning hunters and their guides will ride from camp before sunrise, returning to camp each evening. All hunting is performed with spot-and-stalk methods.

Wolf and an additional ibex may be added to an ibex hunt.

Kyrgyzstan Ibex HuntWhat to Expect

Mid-Asian Ibex are very plentiful in this region. Most hunters will see hundreds of animals with multiple opportunities at mature trophies and many hunters harvest their animals within two hunting days. Trophy size will average 40-42” on animals 8-10 years old with the possibility of larger animals. Body sizes are very similar to North American mountain goats and shooting distances will vary from 200 to more than 400 yards in calm to windy conditions at an altitude of 11,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level.


Ibex Season

Hunts may be booked from September to late November and again during the months of January and February. Hunters should expect to be gone 12-14 days with approximately 10 days in Kyrgyzstan and as many as six actual hunting days. 

Best Time to Hunt

September and early October offer the most pleasant temperatures and the easiest access by horse. During late October and November hunts, hunters will experience snow and colder temperatures; however, animals are typically grouped in larger numbers and often found at lower altitudes during these weeks. Winter hunts in January and February will be cold with delayed travel to and from the hunting grounds, but this may be the best period for those looking for an exceptional trophy or those with limited physical ability.

Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting in KyrgyzstanPhysical Requirements

Hunters need to be in good physical condition due to the extreme ruggedness and altitude of the hunting area. Although most travel is by horseback, moderate to heavy climbing may be required. Diamox is recommended for altitude sickness for those traveling from sea level or those with existing lung problems.

Duration of the Hunt

Expect a twelve- to fourteen-day itinerary including international travel with approximately ten days in Kyrgyzstan.


Most hunters will fly from Chicago to Bishkek through Istanbul. It is recommended that you spend the first day resting in Bishkek before starting the 15+ hour drive to the Kyrgyzstan ibex hunting grounds the following day. After arriving at the hunting camp, hunters will have five to six hunting days before returning to Bishkek. Hunters should expect two days in Bishkek to prepare trophies and documentation for return flights.

What’s Included

Airport pick-up and drop-off services, all food and accommodations once in Kyrgyzstan, all transportation in Kyrgyzstan, guiding services, trophy fee for one animal of any size, trophy preparation for return flights, firearm import permits, ibex hunting license and export permits included.

What’s Not Included

Excess baggage fees, any before- or after-hunt accommodations, trophy fees for additional animals, gratuities to guides and staff and international airfare to Bishkek are not included. Turkish airlines offer the most convenient, direct and firearm-friendly service to Bishkek.

Horseback Hunting in KyrgyzstanGuides

Although a translator will be present in camp most hunting guides speak very little English. They are, however, able to communicate well enough during the hunt. Most of the guides have worked for the outfitter for a number of years, know the area very well and are very experienced horsemen. They are hard-working, polite, and committed to their hunter’s success. Most hunts are conducted on a 1×1 basis; however, two guides may lead one hunter if the staff is available.

Rifle Recommendations

Flat-shooting rifles that may be used at ranges in excess of 400 yards are recommended for ibex. Rifles in the .30 caliber range are the most popular. All firearm information including make, model, serial number, caliber and quantity of ammunition must be submitted to the outfitter prior to departure to secure the necessary firearm import permits before arrival. The outfitter DOES NOT have reliable rifles for hunters to use!

Hunting in KyrgyzstanTags and Licenses

Permits and government taxes are included in the cost of the hunt. All paperwork for export is arranged and provided by the outfitter. No CITES permit is currently required for the importation of mid-asian ibex (Capra Siberica) into the United States.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Kyrgyzstan ibex hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

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Hunt Duration

Hunts are six (6) days. Please allow for 10 days in Kyrgyzstan plus 2-3 travel days. 

Hunting Methods

Spot and Stalk. Glassing.


$5,995 1×1 plus $1,500 trophy fee after harvest


$3,000 for a second Mid-Asian Ibex tag


September through late November and January through February.


Ranch-style cabin with comfortable heated rooms with single beds and bedding.


See in above desciption.

Not Included

See in above desciption.

License & Permits


Travel Specifics

Fly from Chicago to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan via Istanbul. Here you will be met by the outfitter.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Derek Amadio at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 705 or 307-277-3832.