Kodiak Bear Hunts on Kodiak Island $18,000 per hunter plus license, tag and charter


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Kodiak-Bear-Hunts-webIf you won’t settle for anything less than the biggest bears in the world, then don’t settle for anything less than a Kodiak bear hunting trip. Home to the only browns known to match the polar bear for size, Kodiak island is the indisputable capital of trophy bear hunts.

You’ll be hunting the draw-only areas that offer the best odds possible of encountering the biggest bears—9-9½ feet is considered average on these hunts, and ten-footers have been taken. You can count on this guide to deliver results: his last five years have seen a 100% success rate.

The Draw

You can choose to go Kodiak bear hunting in the spring or the fall. Spring tags are extremely competitive, and the odds of getting a tag are about 50%—sometimes lower—so if you want to take part in this hunt you should apply as soon as possible. Fall tags are less competitive, and odds were as high as 80% for some areas in 2009. If you make a deposit and do not get your tag, you can opt to take a refund or to apply for a future season.

Kodial-Island-Brown-Bear-HuntingGetting There

After flying to Kodiak you’ll be met at the airport by the guide. He will take you to the lodge, where you’ll spend the night if your flight arrived late. If you arrive early enough in the day, you’ll head out immediately for the camp on a two- to three-hour boat ride. The outfitter may set up a base camp on the beach before leading you on a hike into the mountains to set up your main camp.

The Hunt

Alaskan law forbids flying to a destination by bush plane and hunting in the same day; taking the boat instead allows you to start hunting immediately. If you arrive early enough on the first day, you’ll be hunting before night falls.

Your mountainside spike camp will be located directly in the best glassing location for the area you’re hunting. You won’t have to trek out into the woods each day—simply walk outside and keep an eye out until you and your guide spot a bear. Once you find one, it’s time for the stalk.

Most hunts last ten days, but the outfitter is willing to negotiate shorter or longer trips. Being in good shape is recommended but sportsmen in virtually any physical condition can be accommodated.

Kodiak-Brown-Bear-HuntingWhat’s Included

Except for the flights to and from Kodiak and the costs of licenses and tags, all normal hunting and transportation costs are included in the price.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Kodiak bear hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

Hunt Duration

Hunts are ten days.  Please allow twelve to thirteen days for this hunt.

Hunting Methods

Mainly spot and stalk.


1×1 hunt $18,000 plus charter which is approximately $,1000 to $1,500.


Fall hunts take place in late September and early October.  Spring hunts take place in April and May. Call for availability and current season dates.


Wilderness tent camps.


Meals, lodging, professional guide service, in-field transportation, trophy preparation.

Not Included

Hunting license $85.00 bear tag $500.00 and charters.

License & Permits

Outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses.

Travel Specifics

Fly to Kodiak, Alaska where you will be met by the outfitter.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 702.