Kansas whitetail hunting has produced some of the best trophy bucks in the country, and this outfitter is one of the best in the state! With its permit-only hunting policy, huge expanses of land with extremely low human population densities, and large-scale agriculture, it’s a paradise for whitetails.


Kansas is full of favorite deer food sources. The massive farmlands are full of corn, wheat, and other grains that make life easy for deer, allowing them to reach larger sizes and populations than areas where food is scarcer. CRP fields provide perfect bedding areas and additional food sources, and the various creeks, streams, and rivers round out a perfect habitat. Add in the fact that hunting doesn’t begin until after the rut has already started to wind down, and the result is big bucks, year after year.

Your Kansas whitetail hunting trip will take place on the tens of thousands of acres controlled by the outfitter, located in the state’s famed Southeast region on the edge of the Ozarks. The terrain in this area ranges from tallgrass prairie to the rocky Flint Hills. Deer population density is off the charts, averaging an incredible 30 per square mile. It doesn’t get much better than this!


You’ll be hunting from blinds, towers, or stands placed in the best locations possible. Both archery and rifle hunts are available, and both include five full days of hunting.

Archery hunting here has a high success rate and several advantages—if you apply early, you can get a shot at some of the much-envied rut hunting dates. The biggest buck ever taken here, grossing more than 200 points by Boone and Crocket, was bagged by an archery hunter. Rifle hunters have the advantage of the highest success rate, always coming close to 100%.

Every year, bucks are taken in this area that scores more than 140 points Boone and Crocket. The Pope and Young top ten non-typical list is dominated by bucks taken in Kansas, with more than half of the entries coming from this state. If you want a real trophy whitetail, there are few better locations.


This outfitter has just built a brand-new lodge on the location of their old camp, so you’ll be resting in comfort every night. Meals and lodging are included in the price but permits and licenses are not.

Whitetail Slam: Are you entering your deer in the Whitetail Slam? The Kansas White-tailed deer pursued by the outfitter in this location qualifies as the South Central Plains Whitetail.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Kansas whitetail hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

Hunt Duration

5-full days of hunting.

Hunting Methods

Ground blinds, tree stands and towers.

Archery Rate

Archery Season (1st hunt) 5-Days $3250
Archery Season (2nd hunt) 5-Days $3750
Archery Season (3rd hunt) 5-Days $4000
Archery Season (4th hunt) 5-Days $4000
Archery Season (last hunt) 5-Days $3750


Waterfowl and Varmint hunting are available once you have taken your buck.

Muzzleloader Rate

5 Days $4250

Muzzleloader Season [4 hunters needed to offer this hunt]
Late Sept. and early October. Hunts are 5 full days of hunting.


Waterfowl and Varmint hunting are available once you have taken your buck.

Rifle Rate

First Hunt $4750  (4-Days)
Arrive November 29th. Hunt November 30 thru December 3.
Depart Sunday morning December 4th

Second Hunt $4750  (5-Days)

Arrive December 5th. Hunt December 6 through December 10th.
Depart Sunday morning December 11th.


Waterfowl and Varmint hunting are available once you have taken your buck.


Archery hunts take place in October and November/Rifle hunts are in early December. Kansas opens firearms season the Wednesday after Thanksgiving each year.


New first-class lodge.


Professional Guides working hard to put you into a position to take a quality animal.  Quality stands and blinds placed in “up-to-date” prime locations.  Transportation to and from your deer stands up to twice daily.  Field dressing and transportation of your deer to camp or to the local processor.  Food and lodging on our ranch property.

Not Included

Kansas Non-Resident Hunting License ($97.50 in 2016), needed for both Deer and Turkey hunts.  Deer Tag ($442.50), needed only for hunting Deer (16 and older).  When the Deer Tag ($442.50) is purchased online there are fees of $14.28 making the total $554.28 when the non-resident hunting license is included.  Kansas Non-Resident Youth Annual Hunting License (under 16) ($42.50 in 2016).  Deer Tag ($117.50) Nonresident Youth White-tailed Deer Permit. (15 and under).  Kansas Non-Resident Youth Annual Hunting License (under 16) ($42.50 in 2016).  Turkey Tag Since 2010: ( Non-resident 2 Bird Combo) $87.50 if purchased before March 31. After March 31 nonresident turkey permit is $62.50 and second turkey tag $32.50. (Non-resident youth Spring turkey tag is $12.50), needed only for hunting Turkey.  Airport pickup, taxidermy services, shipping your meat or antlers, alcohol, tobacco, gratuities.

License & Permits

The outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses.

Travel Specifics

Fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and drive to camp.  We will provide directions.

Additional Info

Note: Application for your deer tag must be submitted to Kansas Wildlife and Parks between April 1st and April 29th, 2016 or apply by phone 620-672-0728.

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