This outfitter offers Javan rusa deer hunting on one of the world’s most breathtaking island paradises: the African island of Mauritius. They will guide you on the trail of both trophy stags and Indonesian wild boar against a backdrop of white sand beaches, coral reefs, and mountainous rainforests.  At the end of your hunt, a luxurious stay in a 5-star resort awaits you.


This outfitter was the first on the island to specialize in spot-and-stalk Javan rusa stag hunting. Over the past decade, they have guided more than 1,000 deer hunters, including both bow and rifle hunters.

All 60 of Africa’s largest Javan rusa stags in the SCI books were taken by this outfitter’s clients. These hunts break records.

The hunting estate covers 10,000 hectares of plains and rain-forests scattered across four locations. You’ll see an astonishing number of deer during your hunt, and most hunters succeed after just one or two afternoons of hunting.

Your “base camp” will be an incredible resort and spa located just minutes from the hunting area. Rest assured that you will get a chance to enjoy those beautiful beaches!

The hunt lasts just two days of your seven-day stay. Most hunters choose to begin with a relaxing morning and lunch at the resort, followed by a hunt lasting for the rest of the afternoon and continuing until the shooting light fades. You can also choose to hunt in the mornings—a good option if you want to be more selective or hope to bag a boar in addition to your stag.


The Javan rusa deer (Cervus timorensis russa) hails from the southeastern islands of Indonesia. It shows remarkable adaptability, flourishing as an introduced species across much of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It thrives in primary forests, and hunts in such areas are the most thrilling.

Although the native herd in Indonesia has declined over the years, reaching such a point that the species is now listed as vulnerable, it has actually overpopulated a few areas. Mauritius is one of those places.

The Dutch imported the first deer of the species to Mauritius in the 17th century. They kept them confined in a park, but a storm eventually brought down the fence. The deer quickly made the island’s forests their home.

50 years later, it became obvious to the people of the islands that they had too many deer on their hands. Ever since then, hunters have kept the population in check. This allows the otherwise-endangered species to thrive without further threatening the delicate native ecosystem of Mauritius.

Javan rusa deer have done so well here that it has helped repair the damage to populations on their native island of Java. Several pairs were exported back to their homeland in 1989. One could say that Mauritius has turned into an unsinkable Noah’s Ark.


A better question would be “Why NOT hunt in Mauritius?” This island nation is exactly what it seems like: an unparalleled paradise. It is home to the third-largest coral reef in the world and more than 90 miles of white sand beaches. You’ll also breathe truly rarefied air—Mauritius scores as the nation with the second-best air quality in the world according to the WHO.

The inland rivals the coasts for beauty. Staggeringly steep volcanic mountains dominate the vista, with lush valleys in between. The lowlands alternate between bustling cities with an exotic blend of cultures and nearly untouched wilderness.

The people of Mauritius are just as much of an attraction as the islands’ wilds. They have a unique culture and cuisine, both featuring strong French, British, Indian and Chinese influences. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation also ranks the nation as the best-governed in Africa on such factors as safety and human rights.

When you aren’t hunting, you’ll have no shortage of things to do. Enjoy some spectacular sportfishing, visit some of the best golf courses in the world, or simply breathe in the incredible air and look out on the unforgettable sights.


With the hunting areas just 10 to 40 minutes from the resorts, you won’t have to worry about camping in the woods and eating out of your backpack. You’ll get to experience some of the best bars, restaurants, and beaches on the island.

We offer two different Javan rusa deer hunting packages for the same price of €5,490* (approximately $5,900 as of spring 2015). Both cover seven days’ stay for two adults.

*Prices may change slightly depending on the season.


This package includes three meals a day at preselected restaurants on the resort (you choose from one of three options for lunch and dinner). This includes drinks. You also receive meal credits for a wide range of restaurants and one 3-course meal at the famous Chateau da Bel Ombre. Beverages include a variety of beers, wines, fresh local juice, aged whiskey, and more.

Other perks at Heritage Awali include free golf on a championship golf course (equipment rental not included), a back massage, live music, free Wi-Fi at two bars, access to the Seven Colours Spa village, and activities for children and for teens. Play volleyball on the beach, go snorkeling or even get in some waterskiing.

We highly recommend Heritage Awali for hunters who prefer to have everything taken care of so they can focus on enjoying their stay.


At Heritage Le Telfair, you will have access to almost all of the same features, including the use of the 18-hole golf course and Seven Colours Spa. If possible, Le Telfair is even more luxurious than Awali—which is already a five-star resort. The rooms where you’ll spend your nights are positively opulent. You will even have a butler service.

This package includes breakfast and dinner at the resort (drinks not included). The outfitter will provide other meals during your hunting days.

We recommend Heritage Le Telfair for those who feel more adventurous. Spend your days wandering the islands, then come back to stay in some of the finest accommodations available anywhere.


~ Airport transfers.
~ Seven days of accommodations, as described above, for two adults.
~ Transportation to and from the hunting areas.
~ 2 half or full hunting days—more can be provided if necessary, but this is almost always enough to get a Javan rusa stag.
~ Rifle rental and ammunition.
~ Hunting permit.
~ Guide services.
~ Taxes and trophy preparation for one stag of up to 34 inches.


~ Small game hunting for up to 10 pheasants, one each of grey francolin, guinea fowl, and the hare, up to two red partridges, and unlimited pigeons. Includes free use of a hunting dog. Ammunition costs €1 per cartridge on these hunts.
~ Taxidermy and shipping: €150 per skull and/or €200 for a salted skin.
~ Brown pig hunting for €610 per day.
~ €250 for the slaughter of a brown pig.
~ Short gilt-head sea bream and tuna fishing trip for €300.
~ Half-day fishing trip for €450, plus approximately €70 for taxi services.
~ Full-day fishing trip for €550, plus taxi services and €10 per person for a picnic lunch on the boat.
~ Additional nights at the resort for €340 to €440 depending on the time of year.


~ €1,200 for stags measuring more than 34 inches.
~ €250 per brown pig.
~ Gold medal brown pig: €2,350.
~ Gold medal abnormal trophy: €1,850.


The outfitter offers hunts from January 5 to December 21. February and March are cyclone season, so we recommend avoiding these months. June through November offer the best chances to harvest a trophy deer, and driven hunts are available from June through September.

Winter and early spring—June through November—are Mauritius’s dry season. Rains stay relatively light and temperatures hover around the 70s and 80s.

The fishing is at its best between October 15 and the end of March. Those who want a combination hunting and fishing trip should aim for that prime spot between October 15 and the end of November. This provides the best combination of fantastic fishing, good weather, and great hunting.

Javan rusa deer hunting in Mauritius is one of the best luxury hunting experiences in the tropics. From the exceptional quality of the outfitters to the 5-star accommodations, it leaves nothing wanting. This could easily become your favorite vacation of all time.

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