With so many Illinois whitetail hunting outfitters competing for your business, it can be difficult to choose between one or the other. After all, not every outfitter is created equal. If you’re looking for a great whitetail hunt, you can rest assured that this outfitter, with its world-class whitetail territory and year-round staff devoted to creating the best deer habitat possible, is one of the best.

With several thousand acres situated between the basins of the Illinois River and the Mississippi in Pike County, Illinois, this outfitter offers a combination of perfect deer habitat and excellent whitetail genetics that produces enormous trophy bucks. Their full-time staff includes a whitetail manager and assistant manager in addition to their guides and support staff. All year long the staff is out scouting bucks, planting food plots, and maintaining trail cameras. Their strict management of the hunting grounds ensures a great age structure, providing the best trophies possible. This is one of the most dedicated whitetail outfitters in the country.



Unlike some outfitters, this one doesn’t allow its guides to hunt the land you’ll be hunting. Their land is purely for their paying clients, meaning that the best of the bucks will be yours for the taking.

The land has been carefully monitored and cared for over several years to allow bucks to fully mature. Most of this Illinois whitetail hunting paradise has been under management for at least ten years, and some of it for more than twenty!


Illinois’s extremely short gun hunting seasons (only about seven days a year) and long archery season (October through mid-January) make it perfect for bow hunters. Every member of the staff is an enthusiastic archer, and you couldn’t ask for better guides or grounds for bow hunting. With such a limited number of deer brought down by gun hunters each year, you’ll have unbeatable opportunities to bag the trophy of a lifetime.


This outfitter firmly believes that the better rested you are, the better you’ll be able to hunt, so you won’t be stuck in a sleeping bag here! You can count on warm beds and great food every day of your hunt.



This outfitter is determined to make your hunt as enjoyable, memorable, and successful as possible. They choose to work with only a small number of hunters each year so that they can provide each one with a near-perfect hunt. The result is that the majority of hunters who hunt with them once come back to hunt with them again—and most of them reserve a spot for the next year before leaving! The facts are plain: these outfitters live up to their promises.

Whitetail Slam:  If you are participating in the Whitetail Slam, the Illinois Whitetail deer hunted by the outfitter in this area will qualify for the Northern Woodland Whitetail.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Illinois whitetail hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.


50% of the total fees are due upon reservation of hunt dates, with the remaining balance due 75 days prior to date of arrival.

Hunt Duration – Archery

6-Nights & 5-Days October 1-5; $2,550

Hunt Duration – Archery

4-Nights & 3-Days Mid-October; $1,650

Hunt Duration – Archery

6-Nights & 5-Days Oct. Pre-Rut; $2,550 to $3650

Hunt Duration – Archery

6-Nights & 5-Days November Rut; $3,950

Hunt Duration – Archery

6-Nights & 5-Days December & January; $1,950

Duration – Muzzleloader

4-Nights & 3-Days November Firearm; $4,200

Duration – Muzzleloader

5-Nights & 4-Days December Firearm; $3,350

Duration – Muzzleloader

4-Nights & 3-Days Muzzleloader Season; $2,450

Duration – Muzzleloader

4-Nights & 3-Days Late Season Doe; $750

Hunting Methods

Tree Blinds


See above


5-Star Lodge


Includes Guides, Meals, and Accommodations

Not Included

Hunting licenses, tips

License & Permits

Your consultant or the outfitter will assist you in procuring proper licenses.

Travel Specifics

St. Louis, Missouri – 80-miles NE of St Louis
Chicago, Illinois – 275-miles SW of Chicago
Kansas City, Missouri – 357-miles NE of Kansas City
Springfield, Illinois – 78-miles SW of Springfield
Quincy, Illinois – 50mmiles SE of Quincy
Hannibal, Missouri – 40-miles SE of Hannibal

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